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Uchitel to 'The View' -- Broadcast It If You Mean It

12/11/2009 8:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel -- Tiger's alleged mistress #1 -- appreciates the apology from "The View" for calling her a "hooker" ... but the show's written apology ain't enough.

Rachel's lawyer, Gloria Allred, wants "The View" to air the apology on the show -- or it doesn't count.

Rachel threatened to sue "The View" over Joy Behar's joke on Thursday's show: "Yeah, you-ka-tell she's a hooker." The show has already issued a written apology ... but Gloria says the mea culpa needs a mic.


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This skank has some nerve!!! Karma is a BITCH! let's see this skank apologize to Mrs. Tiger Woods! The nerve!!!!!!!!

1779 days ago

Witch Kate    

Well let's see he paid for her flites to Australia and her hotel bill in exchange for services rendered, isn't the the CORRECT TERMINOLOGY? She was paid for her services, doesn't slut mean FREE?

1779 days ago


This SKANK is delusional! She is whoring around with married men and it appears anyone else, with her fake boobs bouncing and ass in lycra and she DEMANDS an on-air apology! Please! She got three million dollars off Tiger, she needs to go away now, her 15 minutes of fame are over, she has been a tramp and will now be a tramp who blackmailed millions from a married man she screwed. There is NO more to say, she says it all, she is a TRAMP, Whore and Blackmailer. Oh, there are many more names that fit this piece of crap human, but I just cannot waste a minute more on this tramp. Go Away Rachel.

1779 days ago


Joy Baherd should keep her mouth shut.She wasn't funny and it wasn't okay. Most people don't spend their time reading and commenting on TMZ and aN apology is needed..Go Gloria and Rachael..Why Joy has her own show on HLN is not understandable. She probably won't last long...

1779 days ago


Why apologize to the low life skank? If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it's probably a ......

1779 days ago

Bye-Bye Ellen....    

Res ipsa loquitur.........

1779 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I hope Joy comes back on Monday and says...

"Sorry for calling Rachel Uchitel a hooker, I was wrong. What I meant to say was no-good homewrecking WHORE!!!"

She's got alot of nerve to demand an apology, she should be apologizing to Elin Woods.

Now quit looking for publicity, skanky slut!!

And go away Gloria ambulance chaser...

1779 days ago


She wants them to bend over just like she did.

1779 days ago

buh-bye weiner party!    

After reading these comments of Joy Behar's vile followers, I would fear for my safety if I was this poor woman. How is it that we allow hatemongers like Behar to spew such sick hate speech across our public airwaves?

The public needs to stand up to bullies and hatemongers like Joy Behar. Her constant hate speech is indecent and incendiary! Gloria Allred ought to sue the pants off of Behar and ABC.

1779 days ago


Gloria should know the written word MEANS MORE!!

1779 days ago


Gloria Alred will be on Joy Behar's show soon.
And yes her client is a hooker. Who is kidding who?

1779 days ago


Joy just needs to correct her presentation by saying I meant to say "it is my opinion and my belief" YOU-CAN-TELL is a hooker. People are entitled to their opinions and their beliefs and don't have to apologize for them

1779 days ago


Why doesn't she just admit that she will have sex with anyone for money, get herself a website, and tell us what her hourly rate is? Is this the first sex-for-money lowlife that this celeb lawyer has handled?

I'm betting that OJ Simpson would like to arrange a conjugal visit with Rachel and is willing to pay her asking price.

1779 days ago


Why don't you apologize to Elin you horsed faced whore?? Hooker's too good of a word for you. You're a cheap slut that goes around screwing married men. David Boreanz/Tiger. You make me puke.

1779 days ago


well i don't know what to call all this hookers that tiger went out with they all know that he was married so why even go out and let the world know that they were banging him, it's all about the 15 min fame and publicity they can get and of course lets not forget the money, so all you bitches shut up and leave it alone you whores damage tigers family........ well tiger has a fault too but this women whore needs to let go of their illusion that they will be mrs woods someday.

1779 days ago
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