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Nike to Tiger: We'll Await Your Return

12/12/2009 10:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nike has a clear message for Tiger Woods -- hurry back.

Just hours after Tiger announced his indefinite break from golf, his biggest sponsor was already talking about his triumphant return.

TMZ spoke with a rep for Nike, who told us, "Tiger has been part of Nike for more than a decade. He is the best golfer in the world and one of the greatest athletes of his era. We look forward to his return to golf. He and his family have Nike's full support."

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What company wants to associate with a COWARD who can't face the consequences of his actions.

1777 days ago


sumtingwong--get a life--it's none of your business to start with---he owes you no explanations--jerkoff...poke noser..lol

1777 days ago


Everytime I put on my Nike shoes, shirts or shorts to workout I think of how disgusting their main spokesperson is. I don't want to be reminded of Tiger anymore that I have to. DROP HIM or I will drop you and I have always been a loyal customer!

1777 days ago


"There is no grading system for sin, IDIOT. No sliding scale. CHEATING IS CHEATING. I assume you're basing your morals on the BIBLE (otherwise, take your hypocritical butt elsewhere). The same BIBLE that says ONLY GOD judges, we must FORGIVE, and everything else self-righteous bastards like you love to throw in people's faces. Oh, and for the record, it wasn't only one woman with Jordan, but I wouldn't expect you to know that because you obviously didn't give a damn about his wife like you do Tiger's. So yes, I do think you are a racist. Can't help (and don't give a damn) if the truth hurts. "
LOL. I am not TALKING ABOUT SIN, IDIOT. I simply said doing it repeatedly is worse than doing it once. There is a sliding scale, a scale of... is doing something 10 times worse than doing it once (or twice, ha ha ha) ? Yes it is.
I am not religious, so take you ASSumptions elsewhere. Wow, what a pathetic loser you are to go on a rant against a religion when I said absolutely nothing about it. Feel better now?
I don't see how I can possibly be racist from anything I/you've said. Clearly, you are just trolling. I am using common sense and um... math.
If you do not get the concept that doing something over and over and over and over and OVER is worse than doing it once, then what can I say. Get some scales, call one side Tiger and one side "omg what about Juanita!!!11" and put a weight at each side for each mans "transgressions" and maybe it'll help you understand when the tiger side goes flying downwards and stays there.

PS - you don't need to be Christian to have morals or do the right thing. Just FYI. Ha Ha Ha at you.

1777 days ago


I remember the abuse very well and the entire world hated our guts for it, but what the hell does that have to do with Tiger treating women like pieces of meat? It's very obvious that you're a man or you would understand that an affair or even two is way different from Tiger's serial behavior and hatred toward women.

Posted at 10:30PM on Dec 11th 2009 by AZ

It's simple really... Did you protest the government or boycott any American products? If you didn't and you now wish to boycott Nike, that is hypocrisy. I can't stand convenient morality and selective outrage. As for Tiger's serial cheating, if he hated women, as you claim, he would have been a rapist or abuser. Simply having an insatiable appetite for sex does not make him "hate women". It makes him an addict, (ironically like all the smokers who commented about him). Sure, he needs help and therapy, but I would hardly say that makes him a predator or hater of women. So, yes, I am a man, but you know what? You're obviously a woman, as evidenced by your "men are the devil for everything they do" feminist position.

1777 days ago



Thanx for the Nike info. I just let them know I'm Adidas now due to their Tiger support.

Great to have you and others that give us info that might make a difference!

Take Care!

BTW: If you sign up to receive Adidas emails you can get some awesome prices and they ship quickly.

1777 days ago

Betty Chain    

Golf needs Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods revolutionized golf as we know it. My 84 year old mother watches golf when he plays. I bearly watch baseball, but I watch Tiger play. My sons play golf because of Tiger Woods. Golddiggers who marry professional atheletes should know what to expect. He covered for her attempted murder so she should play a little "Stand By Your Man" if just to keep the gravy train running. Play Golf Tiger. That's what you do!! Don't deny us fans your greatness because of embarassment. Kobe didn't stop playing basketball and the endorsements came back because of what he can do in the court.

1777 days ago


What about forgiveness?

1777 days ago



1777 days ago


Tiger married too young, to the wrong person.
Two wrongs don't make a right, and he should give the ex-nanny the heave ho and take care of his kids.
If there were episodes of domestic violence that have been mentioned, as well as physical abuse on both their parts, they should split for the kids sake. Can you imagine the tension and the distrust and the walking on eggshells? If Elin physically injured him and he is covering up, then the situation is still way too volatile. What woman in her right mind with self respect would stay? You can say what you want but it's all about money and that is sad. What is sadder still is that this woman is restricting the greatest golfer from playing his game at the peak of his performancew. Is that love, or retribution, or is it hate?

1777 days ago


Earth to Elin... He doesn't like you and that's why he slept with all of those other sluts. But I suppose that if you spend some intimate time together (indefinitely) that it will make things go away:) and it will bring the family together again.

1777 days ago


A tiger doesn't change his stripes....LOL. I can't believe I just said that.

I guess Nike cares more about money than values and morals. While a lot of what's being said has yet to be proved, it's obvious Tiger was cheating on his family. Nike should go about this with a little more character than pretty much saying "No matter what Tiger does, we want him to keep making money for us." I guess there might not be any women executives at Nike. At least I hope not.

1777 days ago


We don't crucify every other man and woman that cheats in the world, why would we do it to this man? We don't take away their jobs! And yet we are so obsessed with celebrities and people who have more than us that we have to find any excuse to bring them to their knees. We're all just jealous!

Who cares? He cheated - who hasn't?

1777 days ago


...let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone... John 8:7

1777 days ago

Leno Rules    

Boycot Nike. I'm not buying from them again. My $500 purchases from them a year won't amount to much, but if those that feel like I do, maybe it will make a difference. Nike chose to support someone who cheats on his wife with hookers, porn stars and then pays them off with my money indirectly (millions) - that's money that could have gone somewhere a lot more useful.

1777 days ago
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