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Sarah Palin Reads from the Book of Shatner

12/12/2009 10:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As the old saying goes, "What's good for the rogue governor, is good for the Star Trek captain."

Sarah Palin

William Shatner has been doing inspired readings of Sarah Palin's autobiography "Going Rogue" on "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" -- but last night it was Palin's turn to read from Shatner's.

Neither book is likely to receive a Nobel Prize in the near future.


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Finally! Too funny and not a single Tiger/Golf reference in the bit.

1773 days ago


Can't stand her! White trash indeed. What a MILF though.

1773 days ago


That was awesome. I actually want to read Denny Crain's book now

1773 days ago


I love her shes so awesome! (& still hot)

1773 days ago


Other than her good looks I don't care for Sarah Palin,actually I don't much care for Conan O'Brien but that skit was enjoyable and quite entertaining.

1773 days ago


4 letters - MILF

1773 days ago

The Judge    

I couldn't be more bummed with Conan. By putting Palin on, it validates her - as if she isn't a crazy, self-delusional, stupid and dangerous knucklehead.

1773 days ago


At least Palin calls it the way she sees it. I find this refreshing. No D.C. say-one-thing-then-turn-around-and-do-the-opposite crapola like most Dems (including Obama) and Repubs.

1773 days ago

J C    

There's such an untapped market for conservative's (most of America)entertainment dollar.
No one in Hollywood seems to have an inkling on how to appeal to them ,though.
Eveything coming out of Hollywood seems to be created by people in arrested emotional development.
Here You have a successful traditional American woman who is intelligent and inspiring and people love her.
Like I said,untapped market.

1773 days ago


You go Sarah! We love you! That was hilarious! I am voting Palin for President in 2012! The hope/change thing is NOT working for me.

1773 days ago


Sarah Palin is using up her 15 minutes of fame rather rapidly, milking the few possible extra angles made available in various media, but basically she's no future in mainline politics. The Republican Party needs a massive rejuvination and in the meantime, extremist novelties like S Palin add headlines, but no content. No doubt Palin loves the attention, but her time for a new career will arrive once the serious efforts for the next election begin, so she's better find something worthwhile to do apart from politics, before the Republican Party sees her as an unwelcome distraction and turns on her, and when the Republican Party turns on its own, it's a brutal beast. Watch your back, Palin, you won't be welcome there for more than another year or so.

WE'RE JUST SAYIN...........

1773 days ago


She did a great read!!!! Her timing was great and she kept her voice at the perfect pitch.

1773 days ago

Mike Tyson    

That was too cool.

1773 days ago


I'm a Dem and I pray this woman doesn't run for President, but overall I do like her, and I love how she's handling the abuse hurled at her. She's fiesty !

1773 days ago

You haters    

You Palin haters are so pathetic. You look like a bunch of jealous redneck women. Get over yourselves. I suppose you love Obama and the current state of your country. I suppose his telemprompter speeches impress you. Just shows how idiotic and shallow you are. Take a close look at things. This country is a mess and weaker than ever. Palin left her job as governer to save Alaska from further taxpayer money going to the constant frivilous lawsuits from idiots such as yourselves. Get a life. ..and get real. The constant bashing of this successful woman makes you all show what cheap thugs you are to the core.

1773 days ago
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