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Tiger Woods' Caddie: Tiger Has 'A Problem'

12/12/2009 2:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Steve Williams, Tiger Woods' longtime caddie, says that the Tiger scandal has caused strife in his own marriage and that "Tiger has got a problem. And we ... discussed that."

Steve Williams, Tiger Woods

Williams, in his first interview since the story broke, told the Sunday Times of New Zealand, "What people fail to realise is I [just] work for Tiger Woods ... I am not with him 24/7. ... When he is not competing, I am back in New Zealand. I have no knowledge of what he is doing."

And that's the same story Steve told his wife.

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50. Tiger's only "problem" is that he's a man.

THe real problem here is everyone that tried to elevate Tiger to a god and are somehow outraged that he's not. Get the f*ck over it, please.

Posted at 11:23AM on Dec 13th 2009 by tannabgood

Yep! You got that right! These idiots have to elevate all the celebrities to be gods, because they don't recognize the REAL GOD! Just read their comments......they're dumb as bricks! Did you read the one who said “Tiger lied to the WORLD”? What an idiot!!!

1738 days ago


That's BullSheet, how could he not know?

1738 days ago


his caddy is a thug getting a good check to keep his mouth shut - don't worry if tiger has to cut him loose - he'll start to sing about everything

1738 days ago


Tiger is boning anything that walks by and I fail to see the problem. This is every guy's dream. His only mistake was to buy the cow.

1738 days ago


Hey Tiger is 1 - a golfer - and 2 - a player - 3 a husband and father - so he will be back golfing when the season starts up again and he'll also be back whoring around - he thinks he's entitled somehow - he's not about to change either of these lifestyle choices - We're just disillusioned cause he lied to us about being a straight up guy and he's not that - and never will be

1738 days ago

Grandma of Four    

You gotta be kidding! Steve may well be just an employee but right now he is covering his tracks with his wife and the press! My husband worked in the golf industry for 42 years and all the PGA tour shannagins is an open secret...even with Tiger...long before his Turkey Trot in the car! He was very open about his "relationships" and did nothing to hide it. Steve was right at his side during some of the lounge visiting! Can't imagine HOW Elin missed all this! Although, I truly don't think she did. The Thanksgiving texting was just the last straw! Why in the world she would want to stay with this man is beyond me! And, with two small children! Shameful all the way around!

1737 days ago


Talk is cheap. Where are the photos of Tiger and his supposedly girlfriends. With all the paparazzi out there you would think photos would have surfaced. ??? Show me the proof. You can't tell me that Tiger is the only Celebrity that doesn't get photographed.They dog him 24/7 to get pictures. MikeK

1736 days ago


It seem every black man who became a celebrity often end up with a white women never a black women. In the end the white women often brings them down. Why is it a black man can't have a black women next to him when he become famous. ANSWER BLACK WOMEN KNOW HOW TRIFFLING BLACK MEN ARE SO WE LEAVE THE WHITE WOMEN TO BRING THEM AND SIT AND HAVE A LAUGH IN THE END. To all women women bring them down cause they should stick with their own.

1732 days ago


I think what is hilarious about this whole Tiger Woods scandal is how incredibly stupid he is, to be the world's greatest golfer and supposedly razor-sharp businessman.
How much is he worth? Millions, zillions.
So if you are thinking with your other "brain" and just have to get ride of the urge, don't you have enough money to buy a DIFFERENT cell phone from the one you're using jto text/call these whores-in-waiting?
I mean, come on. If you are gonna be a cheat and lowlife--which Tiger is when assessed in the matters of being faithful--go the full route and do it right.
Then again, not surprising.
Yet one more athlete, politician, celebrity, beautiful person who believes they're bullet-proof and won't be caught.
Simply amazing.
And funny as hell.

1732 days ago


It is a shame that someone as "cultivated" as Tiger allows himself to be so concerned and motivated by such a selfish desire as he has allowed himself to be. I assumed that perhaps that he was above that. But it turns out that he is just a common addict. So much for looking to the media for "heroes" and role models. Think about all the people the venerable Tiger has taken down with him...

1708 days ago
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