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Courtney Love

Loses Legal Control

of Daughter

12/14/2009 4:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love no longer has legal control of her daughter. TMZ has learned a legal guardian has been appointed to care for 17-year-old Frances Bean Cobain.

Courtney Love Loses Legal Control of Daughter
Guardianships of this nature are frequently established when the parent is not capable of taking care of their children.

The guardians appointed by the court are Wendy O'Connor, Kurt Cobain's mom, and Kimberly Dawn Cobain, Kurt's sister.

The guardianship was established on Friday. Courtney Love was not in court.

The guardianship is for both Frances Bean personally and her financial well-being.

The guardians do not have power over the trust established after Kurt Cobain's death.

The guardianship was established after a fairly long period of unstable conduct by Courtney Love. The court proceedings, however, are sealed.

UPDATE: TMZ just spoke with Courtney's friend and lawyer, Keith Fink, who says, "Courtney wants to say she loves her daughter and she's the most important thing in her life." As for the guardianship, Fink says Courtney knows her grandma will take care of Frances Bean.


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Guess what? Frances Bean is more mature and intelligent than most of you, so go worry about YOUR OWN kids. If we agree as a society that drug addiction is an illness then why is it okay to say things like this about a person who is suffering? I hope for the best for both Courtney and Frances. They have been through enough already.

1773 days ago


Whatever...she loves her daughter but she loves her bag of pills more unfortunately. Maybe having to deal with the fact that you killed a music legend is a hard one to live with.

Lets hope Court one day gets off drugs.

1773 days ago


17 years too late! Francis is such a good kid, despite her rough upbringing. I'm glad for her, I wish her a good life...

1773 days ago

Woo Hoo!!!!    

In 8 months Francis will be 18, so why not just emancipate her now? There's no need for her to go back to that unstable mother of hers.

1773 days ago


When a child is 17, the court usually asks them what their preferences are in the matter. Francis most likely told the courts that she wants to live with her grandmother and aunt. Emancipation can be a rough road to go down, especially since they still will not release her trust fund until she's 18. I think she made the right choice and decided that she would rather live a quiet stable life with her grandmother and aunt than live in her mother's insane drug fueled world. The sad thing is, since Francis was the only thing keeping Courtney away from the drugs, this is likely a signal that her days are numbered.

1773 days ago


Combined with being a former addict, Courtney also has bipolar disorder and depression. She recently revealed she was molested by her father when she talked about Britney's dad..She deserves some sympathy too.

1773 days ago


face it, folks, not everyone out there is parental material. I betcha Courtney and Frances will be close forever, just in a different way, other than mother/daughter. And that is ok as long as Frances is cared for and loved by her guardian.

1773 days ago

The Dude    

Uhh...She's 17....damage already done. this should have been done when the child was 3.

1773 days ago


'A long period of unstable conduct'?? What a bunch of crap. It's because her album is due to come out and nobody seems to want her to do well. Which she has proved that she can do, time and time again. Courtney is a survivor, she has survived worse than this. And by the way if anyone ever bothered to read Frances's twitter she was constantly referring to the fact she will be turning 18 next year. Maybe if the whole world wasn't scrutinising them every second they might have a chance. By the way: Kurt didn't get along with his mom which is why he had a Will drawn up stating that if anything should happen to either himself or Courtney, Wendy wasn't the first person he wanted to care for her. Enough said.

1773 days ago

Penny Dreadful    

Dear Courtney Love:

"riotness_99" is a nice alias.

Go away. Please.

1773 days ago

The Truth    

The fact remains that Courtney Love is a bad mother. Period. If the "gay bankers" were able to do this - kudos to them.

1773 days ago


Sounds like Courtney is not fighting this and just says she loves her daughter and knows Kurt's mom will take good care of her. Sounds like she is putting her daughters best interest before her own .. sounds like what a truly loving mother would do. Give her a break.

1773 days ago


uh, yeah. 18 = trust fund dist. more likely wranglings between CL and grandma over FB because of it. FB going with CL @ 12 = manuvering. FB should take TF and high tail to a foreign land... wherever MJ and EP hang out. CL claims in her blog she's 80 lbs so designers will keep sending samples...could be a ruse.

1773 days ago


Courtney Love couldn't take care of a goldfish.

1773 days ago

Woo Hoo!!!!    

Sad thing is that Courtney has blown so much of Kurt's money, Francis will be lucky if she gets a few million by the time she turns 18.

1773 days ago
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