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TMZ Live: Fist Pumpin' with 'Jersey Shore!'

12/14/2009 7:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation, Pauly D. and Snooki, from "Jersey Shore" were here -- and they were the most charming self-described "Guidos" and "Guidette" we've ever met.

Some of the highlights -- Snooki loved watching the footage of her attacker getting knocked the hell out, the boys blast the Italian group who called the show "offensive," and Harvey learns the proper way to fist pump.

Also -- How they all made it onto the show, "Jersey Shore" Vs "The Hills" ... and how to keep a tan and stay in shape.


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who cares?

1752 days ago


UGH...Harvey...what were you thinking have these people on? I will never get those precious minutes back...

1752 days ago

T Dubs    

Seriously, BENNIES GO HOME! This group of greasy guidos ARE NOT FROM NJ! They just invade the town of sleazeside each year to hang out with other greasy guidos from Staten Island! Stop giving the Jersey Shore a bad name!!!!!! Send the douches back to Staten Island and keep them there.

See even we can't stand them....

1752 days ago


Can someone tell mike w he is an idiot. I watch dexter and jersey shore... And Dexter is a far better show (actual quality in writing, acting, etc.) and it has higher ratings. In fact the finale broke records for ratings on Showtime over 3 million ppl... And yes people do like when harvey talks about it....

1752 days ago


PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE I know its in vain but can't you please stop making celebrities out of people who have NO talent?? Being famous just for being famous is bordering on the obscene. MAKE IT STOP!! YOU (newscasters) DO have the power to stop this.

1752 days ago

Frank Ranu of Ranu's Reviews    

Want to find out about what a real Italian-American that actually lives in the state of NJ thinks about Jersey Shore?

Check out this brutally honest and entertaining review:

1752 days ago



As a Dexter fan (us too) have you seen him in Six Feet Under ? A disfunctional family who live over a funeral home ? One of the best episodes that got us hooked was Season 1 episode 1 (smoking kills) - always a "death du jour" each episode.

1752 days ago


"Harry" should leave the interviewing to someone else on the team... I haven't cringed that much since The Chevy Chase show.

1752 days ago


hmmmm...and you wonder why no one watches TMZ LIVE. It's because you have douchey guest on like the Jersey Squad.

I bet Harvey had a boner with those Jersey boys the whole time...seems like his type. Nice of him to bring along the fish to try and cover his "interest" in the boys.

lol...and I got all that just from the picture, because TRUST I don't watch TMZ LIVE.

1752 days ago

dirty diana    

snookie is lying through her teeth!!! she doesn't even know where Italy is!!! I BELIEVE THE NASTY HOOKER IS HIDING ALOT!!!!!WHAT IS IT SNOOK???? YOUR NERVOUS AND CAN'T EVEN KEEP YOUR NASTY FOOT STILL!!!

1752 days ago


OMG, I liked these kids even more now after this TMZ interview. They are so kool, not even showing off or anything. They should actually be ambassadors for the Italian community!

1752 days ago


People who live at the REAL Jersey shore call it the beach, not "the shore". We actually tease the out of towners and Northern Jersey people that refer to it as such. This pathetic group DOES NOT in any way represent the real people of NJ. They are an insult to us.

1747 days ago
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