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Tiger Woods Mistress #4 -- Intoxicating Behavior

12/15/2009 2:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has finally obtained photos of the mysterious 4th Tiger Woods affairess -- Julie Postle -- and judging by her hair, skin color and liberal use of the tongue, she definitely seems to be Tiger's type.

Postle -- a VIP host at Roxy nightlcub in Orlando -- claims to have had a two year affair with the golfer during his marriage to Elin Nordegren.

And as we first reported, Postle also claims Tiger used to tell her that his marriage to Elin was purely "for publicity."


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So sick of Tiger's attention whoring skanks whining about bad publicity and people calling them whores - they ARE whores!

1737 days ago

who dat    

Interpretation of Mr. Brightside:

The key in this song is its title. By calling himself Mr Brightside, the speaker is commenting on how he is incurably optimistic - he always looks at the bright side of any given situation.

The song is about his propensity for getting overly involved emotionally with women he has only just met, and suffering heartbreak when his love proves to be unrequited. His "destiny" is to continually experience such heartbreak because he always opens up his "eager eyes" to the next possible paramour.

To get into a closer reading, look at the first stanza:

Coming out of my cage
And I've been doing just fine
Gotta gotta be down
Because I want it all

Here, he is freeing himself from the emotional restraint that was protecting him from having his heart broken and allowing himself to become interested in a girl. The "all" that he wants refers to true love, the kind that you can only get if you are willing to give the entirety of yourself to someone else.

It started out with a kiss
How did it end up like this
It was only a kiss
It was only a kiss

Here, he's wondering how he's gotten to the point that he cares so deeply about her after just one kiss - the answer is because he allowed himself to invest that kiss with meaning that for her was not there.

The next couple stanzas basically tell the story of him seeing this girl that kissed him once hanging out with other guys - and because he feels so strongly for her, he becomes deeply jealous/angry. It's sort of like a situation where two people made out on a dance floor one night, and the girl felt like she was just having fun whereas the guy thought there was actually a connection.

Where we get the best crystallization of Mr Brightside's true nature and motivation is in the following stanza:

But it's just the price I pay
Destiny is calling me
Open up my eager eyes
'Cause I'm Mr Brightside

Here, we should be getting that the "price" he pays is the intense feelings of jealousy, rage, and heartbreak that come from his penchant for getting too attached too fast. He asserts that it is out of his hands, that this pattern of behavior is simply part of his core personality by referring to it as his "destiny." His eyes are "eager" for the next girl that he will fall for, which is sure to happen because he is the perpetually optimistic "Mr Brightside" - always looking for and ready for love.

1737 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    


1737 days ago


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1737 days ago


She looks like his type; fake blonde, nasty, easy and disgusting. Don't these women have families who are disgusted by their behavior? I would be embarrassed if any of these girls were related to me.

1736 days ago


Classy...boy Tiger really knows how to pick em.

1736 days ago

Juliana B.    

she's kinda fugly (f**kin ugly). I believe she photo shopped these and also if you notice they don't seem to be taken the same night either. she and the other skanks should get their acts togther and get some damn class. I'm so sick of these types of girls out there.

1736 days ago


Is it me or are young girls today always trying to look slutty in their myspace, twitter, facebook pics. I know girls think times have changed and you can do whatever you want with your body but the way all of Tiger's sluts are getting slammed in the media and the public shows that times haven't changed much at all. Funny thing is, Elin Woods is a million times prettier and classier than all of these women combined. These hos will have their 15 minutes, but when that's gone, they'll have spent all their sordid money on cheap hair extensions and lip jobs and they'll still be without Tiger, clueless and trashy with no men on the horizon because no one likes a snitch... whereas Elin Woods had the ring, has two beautiful children with Tiger, has a fortune of money coming to her whether she stays in the marriage or not, keeps her class and integrity. She wins in this, not those attention seeking whores!

1736 days ago


Now why doesn't he like women of color?
Does he not like his own heritage?

1736 days ago

Need Publicity?    

Julie looks like the first girl on Tiger's list that could be wife material. Except for all the slutty antics...

1736 days ago


Cheatah Lien Tiger Woody is getting everything that he deserves with his white poor trash seeking self! Asian and African American women are to good for the likes of him!

1736 days ago


All whores!!!! Every one of them. And Uchitel is the biggest whore! Her mother is a socialite in Palm Beach????? Ahhh, hello. I doubt that. Those kinds of apples never fall far from the tree.
I have always been a fan of Tiger Woods. I never miss watching him play golf on tv. BUT if he ever hooks up with that WHORE uchitel, I will never watch him again. I will be forced to root for fat Phil who I can't stand.

1736 days ago


Who says blondes don't have the MOST fun?

1736 days ago


Nice black eyebrows...they go great with the bleached out hair.
Tiger's Mom must be proud.
Only one brunette and no African American women.

1736 days ago
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