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Courtney to Frances: Don't Be Like Jamie Lynn

12/16/2009 5:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love is using the Internet to blast off about losing legal control of her daughter Frances Bean Cobain -- and in her latest rant, she takes a nasty shot at unwed teenage mother Jamie Lynn Spears.

Courtney just posted the following on her Facebook page:

"theres not a whole lot i can do about it. this is like a hand grenade got thrown into our lives and its not Frances! i am angry at these people not Frances id just prefer she not become Jaimie L Spears, she should go be a writer or an a...rtist wich i support 100% but this is a circus and it pains me cos i know she hates it."

It just gets depressing from there, Courtney followed it up by saying:

"i very much miss my daighter, i know she knows how miserable i am im despairing and so sad, so so sad, but i just want to help her be happy, thats it, get her house and get her school and thats all ive ever wanted."


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tattooed white trash... comments? Smoke some more crack did this to yourself.

1773 days ago


What a feaken hot mess that Courtney is. She should learn to spell before she blogs...

Maybe she should make a New Year's resolution to learn to spell!

Check out the TOP 10 2010 NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS HERE!!!!

1773 days ago


great - take advice from your gold digging, talent killing, drug addicted mother.

1773 days ago



What goes around comes around and Karma is a bitch...

All this news makes me remember the little stories Eldon Hoke AKA el Duce used to tell me about your cash offers, before Kurt was murdered.

I'm surprised they let you keep the money and Kurts daughter as long as they did.

I would not protest too loudly if I were you...

1773 days ago

What part of "I hate you stupid fkn bitch mommy"...don't you understand Courtney.

You are irrelevant. Period. You are a nobody. Never needed to see your sorry ass face EVER.

Talk about riding on a dead man's coattails Courtney.




1773 days ago


Hm... "don't be like Jamie Lynne?"... "I know she hates this too?"... WHAT is the hand grenade? Maybe it's a stretch but anyone think the Jamie Lynne reference is because Frances is pregnant??

Why else would she use Jamie Lynne as an example? Jamie didn't divorce her parents or anything. She lived with her Mom until her baby was born. So what's up with that reference? My money is on Frances being pregnant! Guess time will tell...

1773 days ago


Start your flaming, but this story is too convenient...there is much more going on here that Courtney isnt saying for a reason. I think she is letting her daughter lay in the bed that she made no matter how much it hurts her as a mother.

Is Courtney a trainwreck. Absolutely. But its REALLY odd that this is the 1st time we are ever hearing about her relationship with her daughter. Its really odd that Francis came to NYC a couple months ago and then mom moved here. No...something isnt right here...and I think Francis' team are playing on mom's bad rep to get public opinion in their corner.

You are going to see something in the coming months about Francis and the people around her grabbing for power and money.

Go on haters...but I have experience with famous parents...and if you are reading this Courtney...I say...Team Courtney.

Now bring the hate...I dont care...I have a feeling about this that this isnt Courtney's doing, but once you sue a parent...enough said.

1773 days ago


HMMM, OMG, it's that Tiger again. He's knocked up poor little Jamie Lynne.

Courtney, you are a complete waste of human matter. You've either snorted or shot up everything you've ever had in life.

You are nothing more that a cancer in your daughters life.

1773 days ago


Frances needs to be her mother's guardian and send her back to school.

1773 days ago


hey francis be like jamie lynn..dont be like your mother.

1773 days ago


get her school, get her house... and and she forget... GET HER MONEY

1773 days ago

Tye Tanikk    

Clean up your act, ya BUM.

1773 days ago

margo marie    

Stay out of it paps! you know not a thing about the lives you destroy. and it is SICK!!!! Being a smart out spoken female only gets you called a bitch.

1773 days ago


Courtney, can you say Spelling Bee?

1773 days ago


Wow you people are vile. Like Kurt's family isn't seeing dollar signs as well?? Courtney is messed up but I really believe she loves her daughter, she didn't fight this thing, why hang her more than she has hung herself. Kurt was prize, he used as much if not more than Courtney and frankly if he hadn't killed himself I can only imagine the mess of a life Frances would really have... maybe Kurt saw that too. Sad for everyone involved, there are no winners here.

1773 days ago
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