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Sarah Palin's McCain Cover Up

12/16/2009 5:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time ever, Sarah Palin used her head to make a searing political comment -- a frontal attack on Sen. John McCain.


The failed Vice Presidential nominee took time off from shilling her book to vacation with her son Trig, daughter Piper and opposite sex spouse Todd, in President Barack Obama's birth state of Hawaii on Tuesday.

But during beach time, Sarah chose to wear a visor from her campaign -- a visor that was emblazoned with the former presidential candidate's name ... that is, until Palin redacted McCain's name with a black marker.


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48. TMZ has nothing better to report besides Tiger Wood's mistresses and "failed vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin," like she had anything to do with McCain's lack of campaining skills, in fact she drew more people to his campaign then even he did....

Posted at 4:05PM on Dec 16th 2009 by Todd

But the only people she drew were stupid people. Kind of like the show "Jackass" draws people.

1709 days ago


Sarah Palin is lovely.

1709 days ago

cheap AND spiteful    

No one can convince me that she did not do this on purpose. How totally tacky and mean-hearted. I wonder how much money her book would have sold if McCain had not honored her to be his VP selection? ... oh riiiiight there would not have been a book nor all those millions she is making off the book. Some of which she could have spent a TEENSY few dollars to buy a new visor!! We get it, Sarah, we get it -- you are a bitch. All those McCain people helping her during the campaign were right - a greedy hillbilly from Wasilla.

As for all the Obama comments? Do you not realize this is something about McCain and Palin??? Do you people always get distracted that easily? Oh, look!! something is shiny over there ...

1709 days ago


Of course it's Palin. Her horns are showing.

1709 days ago


Why am I not surprised? I called out the TMZ writer for the stupid comment about Mrs. Palin "shilling" her book & my comment was deleted. I forgot - leftists only believe in freedom of speech you you agree with what they say. God help the country.

1709 days ago


Classy. McCain was the only reason to vote for that ticket in 2008. Palin was the reason I didn't.

1709 days ago


TMZ you make a living being gossips. So does that make you intellectuals? Not one of you at TMZ could be a Governor of
any state. You are in a low life business. How dare you feel you are superior to her. Go back to running your photogs around trying to get underwear shots of drunk El Lay nobodies. You should really feel superior.

1709 days ago


Hey Obama & the libreals are still blaming Bush for everything, so why not take a jab at chicken ass McCain, the war hero who would not even stand up for his VP choice.

1709 days ago


"68. Mr. Jones--you are death walking. A ditch wouldn't even be good enough for you. Maybe you should go to Africa too?

Posted at 4:30PM on Dec 16th 2009 by Mr. Jone's nightmare"

Death walking huh? Oh snap. You sure got me there. *rolls eyes*

1709 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

She sucks. She is cheap and her feet stink.

1709 days ago


"You are morons. George W. kept this country safe for 8 years."

Right. Except for that one day. You probably remember it. We call it 9/11.

1709 days ago


Sarah YOU ROCK.... everyone else is just JEALOUS.

1709 days ago


Who in hell wants to read her book about whining, blaming others and dismal failures?

Palin leadership motto: When the tough gets going, blame others and get the hell out of dogde. You betcha!!

You can best believe she wore this visor on purpose especially for the paps. Another slap in McCain's face. What a disrespectful dimwit.

1709 days ago


She is a loser and all she wants to do is make that all mighty money. She is douche and her husband is a creep. Her daughters are on the road to becomeing the Kardashians. Just you wait.

1709 days ago


They already have these available online See Them Here...
Whole bunch of other Palin stuff too, could make good presents or gag gifts for your politically inclined friends & family.

1709 days ago
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