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Sarah Palin: I'm No Mad Hatter!

12/17/2009 2:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin now says she meant no disrespect to Senator John McCain by blacking out his name on her visor, claiming she -- like Clark Kent with his clever disguise -- just wanted to go unnoticed.

Sarah told POLITCO, "I am so sorry if people took this silly incident the wrong way ... so much for trying to be incognito."

So Palin -- who wears many hats -- would have us believe A) the visor could transform her into an ordinary, anonymous soccer mom as she frolicked with her now-famous family in Hawaii and B) blacking out the name of the Presidential running mate whose campaign staff trashed her was an innocent gesture, devoid of motive.

Nice hat trick, Sarah.


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TMZ, still working hard to make her look bad. It is such a shame that your staff doesn't have the talent to write a story without slanting it. Tells me you can't afford better. Harvey whatcha doin' with the money?

1741 days ago


My goodness TMZ, you are obsessed with her. I would think you were busy, photographing drunk actress and their underwear, or chasing fender benders. You do not know the meaning of journalism.

1741 days ago


If she wasn't trying to make a political statement re: McCain then she could have chosen a hat without his name blacked out. Come on, there is a plethora of other sunvisor hats that she could have chosen. At least we know she's got the politician lying down to a hat.

1741 days ago


Maybe it was the only visor she could find, and thought the McCain logo would attract attention. She wore it to the beach, it's not like she wore it to a book signing...

1741 days ago


Her "MEAN BITCH" always comes out...just go away.....

1741 days ago


Poor liberals, someone needs to tell them they won the Nov elections over a year ago. Lighten up on the campaign bashing. Get to work on the problems that face the nation.

1741 days ago

Shorter GOP: "Leave Sarah alone!"

1741 days ago


Palin is nothing more than a media wh0re. she knew what she was doing would garner her more attention. She's a millionaire now. She doesn't need to be wearing a recycled visor from the election. She just wants the attention and the people who are dumb enough to keep supporting this woman should go jump off the bridge to nowhere.

1741 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Does she lie??

Of course she does - everything out of that hypocritical woman's mouth is a lie.

Do a little research - she got where she is by stabbing others in the back. First, the mayor of Wasilla, then the Governor of Alaska, and now John McCain.

1741 days ago


I have no idea about her but...
The stuff I take to the beach is stuff I expect to get wet, full of sand, sunblock and basically ruined. Using a year old campaign visor fits that bill for me. She probably tossed it when she got back to her room. I mean look at her, does she look like shes trying to dress for success? Shes on vacation with her family. Do you get all showy when you hit the beach?

1741 days ago


Wow, is this the BEST you could come up with to try and smear her?
I know, I know, how dare she oppose same-sex marriage...who else would do that...oh, wait...OBAMA OPPOSES IT TOO!

1741 days ago

Matthew Payne    

Is the USA so desperate for a woman in leadership that they have to put up with this lady?

1741 days ago

J C    

Non issue

1741 days ago


You're telling me TMZ is obsessed. I posted a comment yesterday calling out the writer for saying she was "shilling" her book. My post was removed! Apparently, leftists only believe in freedom of speech if you agree with them. I created a fake email address just to post this! My 2nd attempt to post yesterday was unsuccessful.

Leave Sarah Palin alone. She's accomplished more in her life than the TMZ person obsessed with discrediting her.

1741 days ago


She'd Make A Great Porn Star :)

1741 days ago
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