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Video of Shane Sparks' Arrest

12/18/2009 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cameras were rolling when police arrested "America's Best Dance Crew" judge Shane Sparks this morning for alleged child molestation.

Shane Sparks: Click to watch
FOX 11 was there when Sparks, who was also a choreographer on "So You Think You Can Dance," was cuffed at his North Hollywood home and hauled off to Van Nuys jail -- where he's being held on $590,000 bail.

As TMZ first reported, Sparks is charged with 8 acts of alleged molestation with an underage girl.


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just another opinion    

Are you guys idiots or just have lack of listening skills?? If you listen to the video it says the girl was 14-15 (not 10 or under like some of you are claiming) so that makes him 24-25 at the time of the alleged incident. He was born June 25 1969 so do the math people. Not that it makes it ok if the accusations are true but it seems a bit odd to me that the girl is coming out 15 years later and making these accusations. To me that is more on the lines of statutory rape, not molestation. Either way I hope it's not true
:( if it is then he will have to face the consequences. If she is lying then I hope she will have to face charges not only for filing a false report but for also defamation of character. I just hope the real truth comes out, not just the “media truth” so whoever is being victimized will get their justice.

1768 days ago


So You Think You Can Get Away With It

1768 days ago

to little    

Could this turn into another case of identified genitals, are they going to make him strip so they can take picture? Then have a line up of genitals and see if the victim can pick the right one? lol

1768 days ago

Apres Ski    

Why is this girl coming forth now? What's her real motive behind all this . . . besides money???

1768 days ago

millenium dancer    

Shane Sparks really is sick. He DOES prey on young girls. I know this for a fact. Bravo to the girl who finally had the guts to come out with this. I'm so saddened to read comments claiming she's in it for the money and that it was so long ago. Maybe she hasnt dealt with it till now and need to move on. Also prob didnt come forward because she was a CHILD and was scared or thought people wouldnt believe her cause he was "Shane Sparks". This is why people like him get away with it.I hope more girls come forward because she is NOT the only one. Please let Justice prevail.

1768 days ago


#19 Charlie Vegas ----Did it occur to you that TMZ is reporting the celebrity news and that most of the criminal arrests are involving black people ???? I don't think they are being prejudice, just reporting who happens to be in trouble with the law and its pretty clear that its black men who are commiting the crimes. I'm pretty sure if there are white criminals they would also be in the news too...Most of our prisons are majority black and hispanic, thats just a fact, not about race. Just a statistical fact.

1768 days ago


Stop and think for a moment what happened just a little over a month ago. We watched the news in horror as we saw pictures of that beautiful little girl Shanyia being led into a hotel room where she was raped by that monster. Later murdered because he probably didn't know what to do with a scared, screaming little girl who would point the finger at him as the person who raped her. Just remember Shanyia and then ask yourself if this monster deserves any sympathy if he did indeed harm a little 10 year old.

1767 days ago


This happened between 1994 & 1997!?!?! WTF! Why is this girl filing a report on him now if this supposedly happened OVER 10 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Makes you think.

1767 days ago


i think this is the worst thing to be accused of...

1767 days ago


Sorry folks but in '94, he was 25 allegedly messing around with someone UNDER 14. In my book, if this is the case, there is no excuse what so ever. Bottom line, it's child molestation. We are not talking about a 18/19 or even 20 year old with someone who is 15-17. Don't blame the victim, sometimes they repress these things. It is not unusual for a victim to do this. Regardless, if he did this he needs to pay for it.

1767 days ago


castrat the bitch. then give all his money and property to the victim. then 150+ years in the pen so he can have a boyfriend. that would be justice.

1767 days ago


1994?! What's the statute of limitations in CA?

1766 days ago

haaj jall    

What's going on in this country? This whole rape case is full of crap. Why would the police or the county waste their precious time and money pursuing such baseless cases? I don't get it! Why would this so-called woman waited all these years to file a complaint? To me it boils down to money money money since the economy is going down the drain people are becoming too scientific by finding ways and means to extort money from celebrities they encountered.
Isn't that crazy?

1765 days ago


Girls come forward and dont let this happen to other teenage girls! You can remain anonymous! Anyone with info please call Detective John Eum (818)374-0052

1764 days ago


Has anyone ever considered that maybe part of her healing process involves comfronting him and holding him responsible. We have no idea how this incident impacted this woman's life. I'm sure he was just using her to get some poon. A 14 yo is just interested in the attention. Come on people, put yourself in her shoes, not his.

1763 days ago
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