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Tiger Woods -- Distracted Husband

12/18/2009 8:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So we've gotten to the bottom of the picture we posted earlier today -- showing Tiger Woods with a woman at a U2 concert in October. The good news -- Tiger was with wife, Elin Nordegren. The bad news, while she was smiling away, he was texting someone.

Tiger Woods -- Distracted Husband

Wonder who was on the receiving end?


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Are we serious here. This piece of sh** boy will be with one of his "favorite" slutty paid-off whores on his yacht set sailing for France or wherever they finally end up. I am so disgusted with this boy, I will never wear Nike nor will I ever buy Nike again or anything else this boy's name and shameless face is attached to. I refuse to be fooled by this hole-humping dog again.

I hope he realizes the position he has put his children in considering they are going to be living in Sweden. Seen many bi-racial children there boy? Yeah, consider that when you roll over onto whatever the flavor of the hour is, OK?

1738 days ago


Not trying to defend Tiger but it see that hand by the cellphone? It looks like some man handing or holding the phone and Tiger is looking at it, not texting.

1738 days ago


Also, anyone notice that the girl in the back kinda looks like Jenna Bush? Or whatever her name is, the daughter hat has blond hair.

1738 days ago


SomeoneSomewhere, I suppose you're a fly on the wall and see everything that goes on behind closed doors and in their marriage? LOL You're probably a guy that has cheated on his wife or wants to cheat and is trying to justify it. Get over yourself and brush the chip off while you're at it.

1738 days ago


Tiger should sue TMZ, this is simply destroying a man's image.

1738 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

He was texting his girlfriend in Fresno. Everyone knows that.

1738 days ago

dr cyclops    

how will tiger ever be able to swing a golf club again without
someone saying heyyy woody..just as he is about to make a putt..i
would pay 3 grand just to see it ..or better yet,,how are the kids
you never get to see anymore daddy
more tiger woods jokes.
1.tiger goes to see this movie and says hey thats not me
2.tiger sees this movie and says hey these girls can cant
be true
3.tiger goes to see this movie and goes hey..these girls and screw
and chew gum at the same time,.,,where were these girls when i was a
4.tiger asks his wife to take him back,,and she goes back where
5.tiger offers his wife a new truck so she can run over him

1738 days ago


I love some of you men with this flipit attitude about his cheating, you say oh so what? What is the big deal?

The big deal is:

He's married
He could possibly get some kind of STD and bring it to me
He has made an ass out of me
He has choosen to put our family through Hell
He wanted skanks instead of me
We have children that will be affected
He STILL is acting like a fool hanging out with groups of women
He has no loyalty toward me
He says he loves me and then bones others

So, when you morons want to think what the big deal is, now you know. Would you want your Mother or say sister to have endure all of what Elin has to? Or how about yourseleves, what if your wife played around like Tiger has?

How would you feel? Like sh!t, case closed.

1738 days ago


What I find amusing is how some of these people writing these comments are trying to be funny.

You aren't. From the amount of thought put into some of them I find it unbelievable they could figure out how to operate a toilet when they were younger without drowning themselves.

1738 days ago


The more I read and see, I realize it all cannot be BS. This guy is a total jerk. His wife should leave his arse, take her part of the money, for which she has earned living with his sorry butt, and move on with her life. She can get someone far more better than TIGER SKANK. I hope she is tested. I thought Tiger was a nice guy. He's nothing but a smelly piece of Skank. All that nasty.... Ewwww! All those women better get tested, as well.

1738 days ago


Number 109, you are so right. TIGER SKANK! Ewwwwwwwwwwww!

1738 days ago


He was texting the pharmacy to see if his VD medication could be picked up after the concert.

1738 days ago

Lady Z    

I'm sure Elin knew what a creep he was when she married him. This behavior of his is not something he has just started doing. BTW, Elin signed a prenup so she is NOT getting "50 million". Sux for her.

1738 days ago

H Lim    

It's incredible how non-sense you guys are doing !! If he is with his wife, is he not allowed to text ??? Putting malice in everything is stupidity, trying to make issues out of everything is plain crap.

1738 days ago


Cut the guy some slack, he is half black afterall. Infidelity and making as many babies as possible is in their DNA.

1738 days ago
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