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Michael Jackson's FBI File to be Released

12/19/2009 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Federal Bureau of Investigation will release 333 pages of Michael Jackson's formerly-classified file on Monday morning. Can we interest you in a little light reading?

The documents will relate to his 1993 and 2004 child molestation cases -- as well as any case Michael Jackson was the victim of ... including threats and extortion attempts. Nothing about Dr. Conrad Murray or Michael's death will be in the files.

Our guess -- the extortion attempts will be the most interesting.

The FBI did a similar thing back in October concerning files involving Anna Nicole Smith and a possible plot to kill the son of her 89-year-old husband, J. Howard Marshall II.


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It's about time the truth will finally be told! Then everyone will get to see the stupidity poor Michael had to go through.

1769 days ago



1769 days ago


Good morning board how is everyone today.I wonder why the FBI would release this file.

1769 days ago


now that i got that outta my system ...

definitely looking forward to having a read

1769 days ago


The man is dead, why bring all this past stuff up now. It isn't going to brung him back or get justic for him. :-(

1769 days ago


Oh Oh! We're about to view some stuff now!

1769 days ago


I'm sure that someone made sure that the most incriminating stuff has been either removed or redacted. After all we wouldn't want to embarrass a dead,child-raping, pill-popping, drug-shooting, self-hating, Jesus-juice-drinking POS like MJ.

1769 days ago

Whop der it is    

This crap is getting old already. He's dead. I guess TMZ you want another Saturday smack-down with MJ Nuts who think everyone is a hater if they do not agree with them

1769 days ago


what does a child molestation trial have to do with here and now

1769 days ago

the peoples court    

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1769 days ago


I can't improve on that.

1769 days ago


Hello, Debbie, it will be interesting to see what is in the files. I´ll read for sure.

1769 days ago



1769 days ago


My opinion Michael didnt harm any child. The father that extorted money from Michael got what he deserved, hes dead now!MFer is six feet under! If any of you know anything about predators/pedophiles, they are gonna harm all children just not someone elese. Michael didnt harm his children. To me they look healthy and happy, well adjusted children. Very smart and intelligent children, they are not children of sexual abuse!
I think a lot of people took advantage of Michael, the reason for it cause he wanted to trust everyone, its sad that people have to be so patheci and take his Michael, they couldnt get off their own lazy good for nothing asses and make their own money, they had to steal it from Michael.
Hopefully the Jackson family will be filing a civil suit against the good ole doc Murray.

1769 days ago

Deirdre B Pride    

It will definitely clear his name. I read the court detail thingy.I can't remember what it's called. They were lying on him. Think about it. If someone molested ur child, would that money close ur mouth up? I would have made sure he was locked up and then sued the hell out of his estate. They were lying.........

1769 days ago
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