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Tiger Woods' Mom Goes Loco

12/19/2009 12:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kultida Woods, mother of Tiger Woods, took time out from trying to avoid stories about her son yesterday to hit up a local El Pollo Loco.


Clearly Tiger's mom also enjoys side dishes.

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No wonder that goof wanted privacy for himself and parents...she is something to look at...good grief...his daddy had to be "GI horny" to have brought her home from the Go Go Bar he met her at in Thailand while on R n R in Viet Nam while a Green Beret.

No wonder that boy is as confused as he is...she was a go go dancer and he was horny GI...look at what they produced...a sex machine no feeling golfing robot...dude dont even care about his own little kids.

He wants the HO his mommy was and his daddy pursued.

Ok Tiger, you got your wish...I'm sure your Mom is glad her privacy is now open to the public.

dont you even feel something for her? where in the world is any remaining self respect with you? We got duped by the whole thing.

Now you so horny.

1770 days ago


I have compared Tiger to Mike Tyson in some of my posts. I saw clips of his interview with Oprah today, and it appears that he has turned his life around. Tiger could take a page out of his book and learn a thing or two.

I hope that Elin and Tiger spend Christmas with their children because that would be a beginning to what is going to be a long road to saving this marriage. Remember Yogi Berra saying......that it ain't over until it is over.

If she leaves him, she is as guilty as he is about breaking marital vows. "For better or worse, in sickness and in health"....they need to take a step back and see if they can take a crisis and turn it into an opportunity.

1770 days ago

You're Killing Me Larry    

Lets see, Tiger is reportedly going looney-tunes on a couch, clutching a blankie eating CAP 'N CRUNCH cereal and watching reruns of ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE...and the old girl decides to go for a broiled chicken run out in California?

Why do I think Tiger Woods and his mother aren't that close?

1770 days ago


Tiger looks EXACTLY like his mom!!! I think he's a jerk!!

1770 days ago

dallas boy    

You know, I wouldn't be the least surprised if Tiger's behavior was learned from this father. The old man probably banged his share of women while the old lady put up with it. The apple never falls far from the tree.

1770 days ago


thats not tiger wood's mom thats friggin Kim Jon Ill!

1770 days ago


Tiger Wood's mom is Kim Jong Il!

1770 days ago


I think the #1 heckler line Tiger hears when he returns to the Tour will be, in falsetto pidgin, "me so horny."

1770 days ago

melvin polatnick    

The opportunity to make love to a blond blue eyed beauty is the driving force behind Capitalism. Slim blondes are white Goddesses programmed to capture wealthy Gods. Many successful black athletes were vulnerable to her touch. Tiger melted like butter from the white heat.

1770 days ago


I feel sorry for Kultida Woods. She only has one son, one daughter in law and two grandkids. And the son goes and messes the whole relationship up by being a selfish egotistical fool. I have to wonder if Elin will even stay in contact with Kultida. Nice going Tiger!

1770 days ago


Whats Next..Please dont tell me he had a bad childhood. That excuse is getting old. Some people with alot of money think they can live anyway they want and buy thier way out. Im sure it works for a while but the truth always come out. I bet alot of cheaters stop texting thier mistress after this story. Thats a sure way to get busted.

1770 days ago


How is tiger woods different from any NBA/NFL or baseball star? Most of them have multiple girlfriends.

I can only say he has poor taste in women from Elin on down.

1770 days ago


i would bet a 1000 that tiger is a product of his environment,upbringing
A dsf parentin childhood Sh edef looks controllig and then some, ,They both conrolled him as i have read, He didnt have moral upbringing,b line, or a chance for his own idenity. to put it simply he was screwed up a mammas boy, he was trying to prove himslef as somebody important, had to feed his ego all the time and his sexual fantasies by his sexual partners, . golf was a front to seem classy, so mom and dad your acctble as all parents are for the most part i blame his greedy parents, manipualting his life, Get the whole backgrounf on his parents , They small to high heaven, sabatoging him to be a sinful sick sicko. . .

1770 days ago


and i needed to add, tiger go into deep counsling to find yousself a real life again, ,win back respect, andmust get God into your life, and into into spirutlaity, God will forgive you and get away from your mom for a long ahile shea the perpetrator, controlling your life as so many other dsf parents, Caring about God rules is your answer,to be a new man, will save you if you go to church ,, well proven by millions of people, this is the only key for your new life ,direction you have Thers nothing else, Find a great church abd go in dsguise to be left alone, buy a Bible at Borders, read in privacy on your stupd big yatch sell the damn thing, and doante the money to the starving children and homelees familys not the hookers, ,, You have no concept of being a moral man, your vacant , how were you broght up tiger . get to the chirch asap,sell your silly show off homes and boat donate it ,be a respect man bedfroin you go to Hell

1770 days ago

Letter Daveman    

Now I know why Earl Woods ran around and chased other women....

1770 days ago
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