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Tiger Woods' Mom Goes Loco

12/19/2009 12:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kultida Woods, mother of Tiger Woods, took time out from trying to avoid stories about her son yesterday to hit up a local El Pollo Loco.


Clearly Tiger's mom also enjoys side dishes.

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tiger looks just like her! crazy.

1769 days ago


56. Why are white people in America so insecure?
Posted at 1:49PM on Dec 19th 2009 by wWhyoWhy

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/12/19/tiger-woods-mom-kultida-photo/4#comments#ixzz0aEE2Nn4h

That's an interesting question/hypothesis you propose. Why don't you enlighten us TMZ readers with your theories on why all white American's are insecure. I'm especially curious and interested as to what your question has to do with the Tiger conundrum I would love to hear your thoughts.

1769 days ago


Wow!. Tiger look much different. Hope he's ok. What would his Mum stank? I wanna' give a shout out to balls.

1769 days ago


LEAVE TIGER ALONE ? GET A GRIP!!! Its alright when Tiger does well, but when he does something bad, thats hands off, get real.
Like Jim Rome said: you cant have it both ways. When sponsors create this image of product, you buy it, you support it, you are part of this from a monetary issue as everyone else. If you dont like a product you complain to the company. Image is everything.
STUPIDITY isnt...........

1769 days ago


Mrs. Woods: Now that son has fallen off the wagon, get him some help and yourself. You raised him with Discipline, and that didnt work. Do yourself a favor, go see someone........

1769 days ago


Phillipines smells....they have no class, they stink..its sad to see what this Country is becoming because of them.

1769 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

and Team Kultida.

Hismomdid raise him correctly. Tigers, as an adult,amde very life changing poor choices.

Leaveher alon is correct.

The poor woman is angry and bewildrered at her son.

She is losing her beloved daughter-in-law.
Her precious grandkids are most likely going to move to Sweden and visit the U.S.A a few times a year.

At least his mother still has her strentgh to eat under this stress. Elin looks too thin right now with the stress.

1768 days ago


Lol... "side dishes"... good one, lol. But you should leave his Mom alone TMZ.

1768 days ago



12/20/09, 10:41:am

Tiger that was just nasty. N A S S T Y. Momma just mad her cash flow has a leak.

If your man is trash. Rake his a s s and take his cash. While you’re with him keep a stash, when the time is right leave his a s s .

1768 days ago


I agree with # 19, especially about the kids.. When the paps were asking Elin all those stupid questions as she was holding her child. That was TERRIBLE.Go after the one who did wrong, not the innocent ones.

1768 days ago


Tiger's Asian mother is a w.h.o.r.e….She began dating Tiger's father while he was married to his first wife. The first wife and Tiger's dad have three children together. When his grandchild (by first wife) wanted to start playing golf, Tiger's father was helping her but the current asian wife stepped in and made him stop.

Why would anyone try to stop a child from learning the sport of golf the way Tiger's mother did??? Because she knows she's a no good s.k.a.n.k and she didn't want Earl Woods around his own grandchildren.

Tiger's mother is a homewrecker! This is why she has kept quite about the current situation because she knows what she has done in the past and it will soon be publicized.

Tiger has earned his cheating ways honestly….He got it from his MOTHER and father…..His asian mother is a ho just like all the white women he has cheated with.

TMZ needs to do a story on Tiger's mother being a homewrecker and spreading her legs with Earl Woods (Tiger's dad) while he was married to another woman!

1768 days ago


Theres no doubt about it , so much money takes away reality.

its well known, it goes with the terrority, blocks God and morals out, leno so far, is the only one with principals, not as gulllible and immoral Kennedys britney its all on this site, , so this is how we learn to be better people to have the fear of God to be moral and christan and block this evil out were surrounded by, stalked by, for $$$ bars Hos lv, its all part of life, an sin , its universal, temptation for fun ,and games, its everywher, and dsf parents help provoke it .Dont play russian roultte God is watching and may strike you back as he did tigers career, was he on drugs too? wow are we ever gullible , at any rate,, the main judge is in charge, not us, for eternal life we have all sinned, and it wont stop, ever, and its still risisg at epedemic porportions on the intenet tv and movies, and if you are watching it and em to kids, , your a sick hypocrite, and just as immoral, so dont rant over tiger, , he shoud be saying how many politicns have screwd with high class hookers thats thier livlhood, jorden too metn his wife in a bar, an escort,, , thats what i heard dont know if its true,its was from a relative to another person, oh well been ther done that,. ,sex is hufge in was lust and lawyers like the xpres of this country how about that as an example, the ark boy,elvis and
its part of life and having big bucks Our big bucks and payoffs from the big cats,on the hill, , God would be turning over in his grave if he were in it, , blame adam and eve, and adv and marekting us to destruction and addictions, so now we shoukd look in the moirrr and read our Bibles to live theb only way to eternal life, hope i dont sound corny its a facr, madoff is paying his dues ed lay had an attack g ryan in prospon and disgrace fawell, cant think of them all,.daley should,be next,long overdo,, dont walk in their shoes pity them and let God take over as judge and Jury , dont be the judge,, check yourself out and morals inc me, i will too,i promise wheni look in the mirror , it all starts by educ moral role models, ty i willl lok in the miror even Elin should shes not perfect, Maybe better up bringing , but still not real perect,we are gullibile, lets get a life and staret erh new year wiht our health and wellnes objectives, as no 1, screw tw life, look out for no 1 health educ and longievty detox from alcohol and cig be healthier and well,for long term care, thier killing us by the millions, be wiser, look up toxic products com and citizensoutcry.org tysm

1768 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

643. What a jackoazz! Is that what Michael's fans really believe--that molestation is okay? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 1:48PM on Dec 20th 2009 by Passing through

YEP, THAT'S exactly what WE all believe...

Posted at 1:54PM on Dec 20th 2009 by @@@

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/12/19/michael-jackson-fbi-file-released/43#c24093342#ixzz0aFzI8QGu

1768 days ago


Oy! I see where he gets his good looks.

1768 days ago


A group of conspirators!

Has anyone questioned/investigated if Elin Woods, Jesper Parnevik, and all the mistresses planned this whole mess for money?

1. Elin Woods & Jesper Parnevik (compatriot)
2. Elin Nordegren moved from Sweeden to baby sit??? (Tall, attractive, young, white, blonde model, a baby sitter?)
3. Elin Nordegren was well known by the top golfers. They all wanted her. Why chose the less attractive golfer?
4. Elin Woods “pops” babies one after the other.
5. Jesper Parnevik is envious of Tiger Woods success and looks forward to woods failure. Parnevik planned all of this.
6. Tiger Woods is put into situations where he would meet these women to have an affair. Yes, of course Tiger could have said no, but we (women) know how to get a man, keep him, and drive him nuts (when we really want it).

His lawyers should look into this scenario. Elin Woods is not so innocent. I would not be surprised if Jesper Parnevik & Elin woods had an affair and planned this big mess.

Watch out Bernie Madoff you might have competition. The greatest fraud in history!

1768 days ago
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