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Bengals Controlled Chris Henry's Cash Flow

12/20/2009 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It appears Chris Henry didn't trust himself with his own money -- TMZ has learned before his death, the football star gave the Cincinnati Bengals organization serious control over his often unstable personal finances.

Bengals Controlled Chris Henry's Cash Flow

During his last meeting with a wedding planning company, Henry's fiancee, Loleini Tonga, handed over two checks -- one for $500 and one for $1,305.02. But neither check came from Henry's own bank account -- the funds came from the Bengals organization and were signed by two team honchos.

When asked about the situation, team officials told us, "The wedding funds that were distributed were Chris' funds, from money that he had requested to have us oversee."

Henry was no stranger to money problems -- last year, his car was repossessed and his attorney famously declared him "broke." But when the Bengals re-signed Henry in 2008 -- it appears they were determined to resurrect him both on and off the field.

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Am I the only one who thinks Chris Henry looked like a woman ?

1732 days ago


Samantha, the American English word is indeed spelled "check."

Many words are spelled differently in American English than they are in the British English. (i.e. center vs. centre, color vs. colour, theater vs. theatre, etc., etc.)

Now who is "thick"? (That word is spelled the same, lol!)

15. God you Yanks are thick....It is cheque not check!!!!

Posted at 3:59AM on Dec 20th 2009 by Samantha

1732 days ago


TMZBoy, I don't think Chris Henry looked like a woman. He looked like an elf from Rivendell.

1732 days ago


R.I.P Chris Henry.

Glad to know you were trying to redeem yourself financially. This explains a great deal, the fiance' was trying to impress family & friends and Chris was trying to be responsible. The truck alone shows he wasn't trying to be flashy and spend foolishly anymore.

This is even more sad that he died so tragically.

1732 days ago



It's "cheque" in Britain.

It's "check" in the U.S.

1732 days ago


The check has not been redacted properly. A portion of the routing and/or account number can still be seen.

1732 days ago

Jamel T. Wilkins    


Oh wow... money problems...

Go thaaat way -> Twitter.com/JamelTWilkins

1732 days ago


10. $1800.00 is dirt cheap for a wedding anywhere today. I would have taken off in a truck and left him at the alter too. geez.. he had NFL payroll and 1800.00 got him bent out of shape?

Posted at 2:20AM on Dec 20th 2009 by Quiet

$1,800 was only for the pictures you nimrod.

Take your advice quiet and be quiet because you're a freaking idiot that doesn't know what they are talking about.

1732 days ago


LOL @ Samantha for running in and making an a$$ of herself.

1732 days ago


He had the maturity of a ten year old. What more can be said?

1732 days ago


No.2, this is not Canada..it is spelled "check not "checque"

1732 days ago


It takes a brain with a decent IQ to hold onto wealth. Ask Mike Tyson!

1732 days ago


I can see why Henry was getting ticked about the wedding plans since the gangsta girl fiance/baby momma was obviously going way over the top with all those braidsmaids and maids of honor, and that was probably only the tip of the iceberg. That much flash always = trash, and values in the wrong places. How old is this woman anyway? She writes like a middle schooler, though I know the lettering peculiarities are to signify that she's gangsta and proud of it.

Really sad and ironic if all that led up to the argument that preceded his death. He was having impulse control issues and so was she. Sounds like a highly volatile relationship that probably would not have lasted anyway over time.

I hope they put whatever assets or life insurance proceeds he has into a trust fund for those kids, because this woman might blow it all! Tragic all around.

1732 days ago


this shows he was really trying to make a change in his life and was being responsible. if half of this country would have been this responsible with their finances this country would not have had a melt down from all these idiots living beyond their means.

1732 days ago


He was trying to save money & she was trying to burn through it. The wrong person fell. She has three kids to raise & she wanted to waste a ton of money on one event that would last for a few hours. Trash is as trash does.

1732 days ago
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