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Brittany Murphy Leaves Will

12/21/2009 8:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany MurphyTMZ has learned Brittany Murphy had a will when she died -- a will she executed before she met husband Simon Monjack.

Sources say the will left her estate to her mother, Sharon Murphy.

The house Brittany owned and died in was held in trust -- a trust created several years before she met Monjack. He is not listed on the title.

We do not know if Murphy amended her will after she was married. So far we have no evidence Murphy drafted a codicil (amendment) to the will.


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Wow, that's really freaky that she left her estate to her mother and not to her husband. Very telling.

1733 days ago


first off lie detector her husband im sorry but like everyone else hes weird & looks like he set her up & she died & good that her mom gets everything since she sold everything to move them for her to get work & i bet shes in so much pain right now & i wish her all the luck in the world knowing her daughters in a better place...

i hate that britany had alot of talent but because she didnt do sexual or nudity she didnt make it as far as some people hoped i always wanted her to get that big role that made her a household name....but not in death....r.i.p

1733 days ago


i hope he gets every penny she has. he deserves it after being a faithful, loving husband.

1733 days ago


Isn't that proff enough he certainly didn't marry her for her money. I wish the media would stop harrassing this man.
This paranoia is weird. I even read that he was looking for a green card! A Brit! What for?

1733 days ago

Valerie Milchick    


SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm Discussed with what I have been reading !!!!!!!!!

Stop and think ....... Everyone of you have a someone that you love & care about in your life.
How would you feel if you read such bad things about someone you loved ?
I was friends with Sharon and Brittany both. I named my daughter after her. It makes me SO,SO, VERY ANGRY that you are all so COLD HEARTED . Not only has Sharon lost her only child but her best-friend. Simon has lost his wife !!!!!! I can't even begin to think how much pain they both are in.
There's a saying what goes around comes around !
To all of you that can't say anything nice. Well you better look out because it will come back around 10 fold on you.
I can only hope!!!!!!!
Leave them alone let them mourn the loss of Brittany. Better yet let us all do it.
Rest in peace Britt your loved !

1733 days ago


Hope you happy everyday

1733 days ago


Wish you happy every day joyfully

1733 days ago

david brown    

said it beofe & i'll say it again, another loss of good talent, can't specualte if hubby was involved, but if he was he's paying now, will forever, not a threat, just knowledge, anyone feels guilty when someone close to them dies like this, sad tragic end to a beautiful young lady!

1733 days ago

AM Hood    

I am glad Brittany;s mom was not left out of the will as Joe Jackson was left out of Michael s will. Because, regardless of the relationship with parents at death they are still your parent and should be acknowledged in some way to show appreciation. They brought you in the world and you would not be who you are with out them.Most parent's do the best they can with the knowledge their have-usually what they learned from their parents

1732 days ago

Kitty Knows Best    

#18 I totally agree with you. I liked Brittany Murphy. I even have a song of hers in my Nano. When I heard the news (early evening TV news) I was stunned. I'm glad she wasn't a pill fiend. It's sad she died @ the age of 32 but at least she lived her dream and was happily married. My heart goes out to her spouse and family.

1731 days ago


She was way to pretty for him. Seems like she settled. However, love is blind.

1730 days ago
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