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FBI Delays Release of MJ Extortion Documents

12/21/2009 3:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MIchael JacksonThe FBI will not release Michael Jackson documents relating to the molestation investigations as well as extortion attempts -- at least not today.

The 333 pages of formerly-classified documents were supposed to be released today but the snow in Washington D.C. has caused a delay of at least one day.

As for what's in the documents ... sources tell TMZ during the 1993 Michael Jackson child molestation investigation, the late great Johnnie Cochran contacted the FBI, claiming the accuser's family was trying to extort money from Jackson with false allegations. It's likely Cochran's contact with the agency will show up when the documents are released.


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did michael jackson died?

1732 days ago


Does this mean the pictures of Michael Jackson genitals will finally be public?

1732 days ago


Well, there's my answer. I was just wondering about this. I hear it will be before Christmas. However, that will be once again be delayed because the Jax clan will file about 20 motions in court r/e this, further eating into the kids inheritance.

I want to see the half that the FBI says will remain confidential, the other half will probably be a 'snooze-fest':)

1732 days ago


The FBI investigated and know that these people also tried to involve Jay Leno, and George Lopez in their attempts to get money and none of it worked. I wish none of this happened to Micheal and that he could be somewhere like the south of France with his kids enjoying the holidays. Will always love him.

1732 days ago

MJ's Fans

If you believe that MJ is alive and want to register your name with us letting Michael know that you'll be there for him, plz find the link to the petition in my profile. We are gathering Michael's soldiers of love. His loyal army of L.O.V.E. Be one!

1732 days ago


This is good because many of us (fans) knew about the extorting attempt by the boy's family (back in 1993) all along. The GQ magazine article, written by Mary Fischer, back then told the WHOLE STORY, and if you guys go to Youtube, you can hear the audio tape of the boy's dad and uncle planning to bring down Michael Jackson and destroy his career. This audio tape was played on CBS News. You can listen to it on Youtube. Just type in these words: Michael Jackson Extortion Scheme.

This is why I cannot understand why some people 100% think MJ was guilty when he wasn't charged and then these tapes.

1732 days ago


you guys just won't let the man rest, will you?

1732 days ago


Ahhhh...It's That Horrible Creepy Wacko Face Again.....Run.

1732 days ago


He was a child molesting drughead regardless of what day the files are released.

1732 days ago



1732 days ago


The molestation allegations WERE extortion attempts of the highest caliber. If my son were molested I sure as #^&@ wouldn't consult with two or more high profile CIVIL attorneys then push for a CIVIL settlement only to subsequently refuse to testify criminally despite having the option. Jordan Chandler was given every opportunity imaginable to testify against MJ and help secure his conviction from 1994 through 2005, he could have done so AND kept the money obtained in the civil case. And, to believe the Arvizos a decade later you have to also believe that they were in danger of being whisked away in a hot air balloon, that they were molested by Penney security guards after Gavin shoplifted, that they were molested by their father, that George Lopez stole their money, and that they were falsely imprisoned as the mother spent hundreds on bikini waxes around the country...

1732 days ago


That Was One U-G-L-Y Guy

1732 days ago

so wrong    

TMZ is full of sh@t, i wonder if these will ever be released. I hope they are, nut heads who believe any of this child molestation BS, just read the trial - court papers.

I hope these files are released, it will outline what really happened and all the BS extortion and threats that were alleged against Jackson! It's no wonder, even though Jackson filed a MOTION for a criminal trial, the grand jury wouldn't move forward with anything. It's no wonder, after the most expensive prosecuted case in US HISTORY, with over 70 investigators and the freak racist Sneddon flying all over the frickin' planet (spending $20Million+) trying to get something on Jackson, he got nothing, nothing, nothing. Jackson was acquitted on ALL charges.


1732 days ago


The photos won't be there - they were taken by the police, not the FBI. The police should have released them to the family by now. I'm glad nobody has put them on the Internet, and I hope it will never happen. It was a terribly humiliating experience for Michael Jackson and although I'm of course as curious as everyone else, I don't want to see them. Let him keep some integrity. Destroy them, or lock them up in a vault for the kids when they are 30 something and want to know about that horrible story.

1732 days ago

so wrong    

14. That Was One U-G-L-Y Guy

Posted at 1:46PM on Dec 21st 2009 by OhWell

Get a job or something, maybe then you can get your GED and go off to college so you can learn to spell and put a sentence (including syntax and grammar) together.

1732 days ago
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