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Bench Warrant Out for 'Real Housewife'

12/22/2009 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lynne CurtinOne of the "Real Housewives of Orange County" is officially a wanted woman -- accused of blowing off a judge in a million dollar legal battle.

Lynne Curtin and her husband Frank were supposed to appear in a Southern California courtroom yesterday to answer questions relating to a $1.2 million judgment they were ordered to pay to a former business partner -- but the couple completely bailed on the proceedings.

Now a judge in Riverside County, CA has issued a bench warrant for both Lynne and Frank's arrest.

It's been a rough year for Lynne's fam -- as TMZ previously reported, they were also evicted from their home back in August for not paying rent.


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Dam, Lynn is the only normal one of the bunch. I'm sorry to hear she's in trouble. Though she can now change her intro: "it doesn't matter how much money you have, it matters how you look spending it".

Doesn't look like she has much to spend now. And that mother/daughter surgery was the worst. I really really wish she hadn't done that. Sends such a wrong message to the young woman in this world.

1768 days ago

Not an OC Housewife    

I saw Lynn last night at our health club in Aliso Viejo and she did not look too concerned about anything... maybe this is just another publicity stunt...

1768 days ago


are you kidding me?????? what's wrong with these people! they can't pay their rent and get evicted, but she gets a facelift and the daughter gets a nose job. seriously are they in complete denial!!

1768 days ago


She should of had surgery on her mouth.

1768 days ago


These "Housewives" are very skilled at conning people into thinking one thing when actually, the reality is something completely different.

If Lynne "didn't look too concerned" its because she's skilled at covering up a $1.2M debt. Incredible.

1768 days ago


Does being on Television rob you of your soul?I hate to judge but maybe being on TV went to this lady and her families heads!
I have a real show for this lady, the fugitive

1768 days ago


When will all these sleazy stupid reality stars go away? Shame on the likes of Bravo and TLC for inflicting this garbage on an already crumbling culture - they are several steps below pornographers.

1768 days ago


I thought she went to rehab? Oh, my bad. That was Steven Tyler.

1767 days ago


Out of the entire "Real" Housewives Franchise the only one who has any dignity, class & brains in one is Bethenny Frankel of RHW of NY.
And she's not even a housewife. Engaged & expecting now but the woman while often in the midst of some of the highest drama on her show, is a totally independent, smart, savvy business woman.
She makes them all look pathetic. Even in the midst of cat fights she is the only one of these women who never says a thing behind someone's back she doesn't say to their face (a trait I admire)

And unlike every other one she has done it all alone. Branded herself & produced a name that she will never sell out.

I could write a book on what is phony and repulsive in almost all the rest. And why even the fairly intelligent ones who behave with some level of decorum still would be nowhere if not for a husband or ex husband's wallet.
The only one from the original (OC) who had any dignity was never mean or bitchy, always stood up for the underdog, was funny and of all of them not only didn't ride a husband's coattails anywhere she over came a pathetic mental case of a husband & raised three wonderful kids despite having a loser husband lurking around putting her down and that was Jeanna and now she's gotten smart and quit to go out and earn an honest living. Too much self respect to be a part of that bunch of attention starved, drama queens of the OC. She will be missed.

NJ, Atlanta. Not a single redeemable character in either bunch except for the talented class act, Candy Burress. The rest all phonies. Professional dancers & hookers riding some poor dumb bastard's wallet (and often someone else's husband) to fame.
The NJ tribe is the most disgusting representative of everything that gives Italians a bad name. I should know. I am Italian and know all too well the type. Pigs who couldn't form a proper sentence with a gun held to their heads.

I look forward to the season's start of NY just to see what Bethenny "Skinnygirl" Frankel's season goes like now that her Margarita's are selling, and she's got a bun in the oven.

As for the Real Horsewives of OC...Hope for a major recasting next year. They should lose everyone but Gretchen and start over. She's the only other one on that show who has class though of course with the kinds of looks that will always cause people to say negative things about her.

They're to two to watch. Bethenny of NY and Gretchen of OC. The rest are all trash, morons, and they all make asses out of their husbands.

Funny how the two who have class and always deport themselves like the sharp classy cookies they are, are single.

1767 days ago


Gretchen has class????? Geez, define class then. You call pictures all over the internet of her on the toilet and with vibrators class?? You call dating a guy who has a son dying of cancer and doesn't pay child support class???? You've got to be kidding.....

1767 days ago


Let's see, trip to Miami, check, face lift, check, mortgage...that can wait.

There is nothing "real" about any of those women, from their faces and boobs to their bank accounts. You ruin your credit to keep up the facade of maintaining a lifestyle that you can't afford. Umm, yeah, sounds good to me...NOT!

1767 days ago

dr fred    

they are all POSERS,
Vicki is making millions & guess what biz she is in ........

the insurance biz....

The most greedy corrupt organization in the country I bet she is against the "public option"

Grethcen is a high class whore,,lets see if she is msart with her $$$$ or will Slade suck it out of her

1767 days ago


Gretchen....class?!? Are you effing KIDDING? She's cute but she has teeth made twice as big as they should be. The only respect I have for her is that she has not gone to get fake "bubbies" as Teresa from NJ Housewives would say. I will never believe she "loved" that terminally ill old man for anything except the finer things in life that came her way by "dating" him. And Slade. Oh Holy Mother of God! Like Kathy Griffin said....I get crabs just THINKING about him. I remember on Season One how he want on and on about being a great Dad. Now I read one son has cancer and Slade (the name alone is sleazy) is about $75,000 behind in child support...and is not seeing his children. Class my ass. Gretchen & Slade: A Match Made in Trailer Park Heaven. Wait. Sorry. That was uncalled for. There are many decent hardworking people who live in trailer parks.

Vicky sells insurance and works day & night like a dog. She says she loves it & thrives on the pressure. I don't know exactly what she does in the industry....sell or what? She must be good at it because it is she who is the one who makes the uber-big bucks in the family. No wonder her husband, Don, is always smiling. Of the housewives, Vicki is the one who is doing great in a lousy economy. Those others who were in real estate are cutting coupons (or at least fired some of the servants). I don't like her whatsoever - a loud mouthed ego maniac - but you can't say the woman is living off some man's money. She's strong, takes no prisoners, tells it like it is. So although I don't "like" her, I do respect her for taking care of her family with everything she's got. She is trying to teach her children a high moral code and a good worth ethic. She found a man who is secure enough in himself that he does not try to hold her back (like Simon does to Tamra) and they have worked to strengthen their marriage. Damn. The more I write the more I like her. If she would just not WOO HOO so much I'd appreciate it. It ain't cute. Too loud & obnoxious for my taste.

Bethany is another strong business woman. Plus she is funny as hell. Candi in Atlanta - my favorite out of all the housewives. I read that she took in one (or was it two?) of her late boyfriend's children because the birth mother had "issues" of some sort. That puts her in a class of her own. It is a wonder she is on the show. Most of these kinds of reality shows don't want to include anybody who is a humanitarian and does good things for others.

The thing is: The "housewives" I like the best are the ones who are either not housewives at all or are the main breadwinner.

I hate myself for watching this crap....but it is like someone else said, intoxicating. "Prostitution whore"?!? Who says that?!? And to say it and flip a table at a fancy Jersey dining establishment. Priceless. Much better than the famous Atlanta wig pull. Lame Sheree. You needed to pull the wig off & knock over a large dumpster. Didn't you read your contract from Bravo? Amateur. So I watch the damn OC HWs to see if a couple of them get into a physical catfight & end up in a swimming pool ala the 80's show Dynasty. Make your children proud, ladies!

1767 days ago


Another case of living beyond your means.

1767 days ago


Does anyone else think she looks a bit like Steven Tyler?

1767 days ago
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