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Christina Aguilera Involved in Car Accident

12/22/2009 10:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Christina Aguilera was involved in a minor car accident in West Hollywood moments ago.

According to witnesses at the scene ... Aguilera was riding shotgun in her own Range Rover -- which was being driven by her assistant -- when her SUV rear-ended another vehicle. As you can see in the photos of Aguilera's SUV above, the damage is minor -- we're also told no one complained of injuries.

Aguilera left the scene with her bodyguard shortly after the accident -- her assistant stayed behind with the SUV.

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1712 days ago


Bodyguard and assistant? I thought she was unemployed.

1712 days ago


I'm amazed that we have gotten to the point that unless you are constantly in someone's face, you aren't a celebrity. Christina is currently filming a movie and that's why she pushed her album back, because she didn't want to hold up film production for her to promote the album (you see, unlike Britney, Christina actually goes around and PROMOTES her albums BEFORE the tour like artists are supposed to) or stop promoting her album (which apparently has gotten lots of people in the biz stoked) to film.

Unlike Britney who is known for scandal and drama as much as (probably more than) her actual career, Christina has said multiple times that she wants to be known for her artistic output. She takes breaks of a few years to actually LIVE life and have something different to talk about in the next album. That's probably Britney's problem, while Christina went off and lived life, Britney kept working and stayed in the bubble.

I'm glad the accident isn't serious and that everyone is okay.

1712 days ago


Come on now TMZ, bet your not disclosing the real truth here. Just like with Brad Pitt on his motorcycle. OBVIOUSLY paparazzi, including yourself, was there to take the photos. So I'm imagining paparazzi played a role in the accident. NOTICE no other vehicle involved people? Her bodyguard escorting her away from the scene? All tell tale signs paparazzi was involved here.

1712 days ago


44. Christina career dead due to lack of work she's the most laziest pop star ever,3 CDs in 11 year has put her career on life support and what fans she has left are angry. What happen to the fall release of her album?Christina could have been big like Beyonce and Britney.

Posted at 11:20PM on Dec 22nd 2009 by Bob
Christina has released SIX CDs, not three.
1) Christina Aguilera
2) Mi Reflejo
3) My Kind of Christmas
4) Stripped
5) Back to Basics
6) Keeps Gettin' Better (Greatest Hits)

Her 7th will be released in early 2010. They're probably holding it until the hype around Gaga's Fame Monster CD and single Bad Romance dies down.

1712 days ago


Ugly little troll.

1712 days ago


Nice comment, Modelspiceboi!

These kiddies are always like "Haha, Britney sells more, she's on top of the charts".... well, duh. That kind of fame is what makes people crazy. She is like the "Wacko Jacko" of our generation.

Christina totally could've played the game. She could've consistently pumped out the singles, pumped out the albums every single year, hired whatever songwriter is "hot" at the time to write her a hit. This is what Britney does. She is not an inspiring artist. And with her lackluster performances down in Australia... she does not strike me as a person who is really doing it for the people.

It's funny how people call Christina irrelevant..... as they are taking the time to comment on her. ;-) IRONY! Hello... lol. How odd people are threatened by someone who is "selling so little."

1712 days ago


From solarnavigator

Rankin has called Christina Aguilera a “diva from hell”.

The legendary photographer – who has shot a string of celebrities, including Kate Moss, Madonna and Lindsay Lohan – worked with the ‘Beautiful’ singer in 2007, and claims it was not enjoyable.

He explained to Britain’s Closer magazine: “Christina was a diva from hell and pure torture to be around. She’s so self-obsessed.”

Rankin alleges the now 28-year-old star was concerned about being photographed by paparazzi, and constantly had minders with her.

He said: “She insisted her chauffeur drive her indoors into the studio so she wasn’t papped – even though there was nobody outside. Then she crashed my after-party and her bodyguard stood outside the bathroom shouting. ‘Nobody but Christina uses this toilet!’ She’s a joke!”

1712 days ago

christopher Clover    

want to see stupid? watch this guy on youtube. cclover31

1712 days ago


Nobody is wearing a seatbelt.

1712 days ago

George William Gockel    

I am happy for Christina Aguilera that she was not driving at the time.

1712 days ago


Her bodyguard thinks he is as much a celebrity as she does...

1452 days ago
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