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Cher -- Somebody Buy My Hawaiian Home!

12/23/2009 1:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cher is throwing her ridiculously awesome Hawaiian bachelorette pad on the auction block ... and it could be yours, if you've got roughly $10 million layin' around.

Cher's home: Click to launch
The 8,821 square-foot home, which sits on the Kona-Kohala Coast of Hawaii, is expected to fetch somewhere between $8-$12 million when it goes up for auction in January. Fact is, the homes in the area where Cher's house sits plunged in value over the last year ... these were $20+ million before the economy tanked.

The residence has an infinity pool and spa, four "bungalow living suites," a "media bungalow" with a bar, ocean views and sits right off the Four Seasons' golf course.

Save up all of your tears ... and your cash.


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London not England    

I'll take it!

You take a check!?!?!?

1764 days ago

Real Man    

I have NEVER understood why uneducated individuals in show business make so damn much money? I guess because uneducated people spend their money to watch and listen to these fools!!!

1764 days ago

London not England    

Maybe Chaz and his girlfriend can reside there?!?!?!?!

1764 days ago


Well, our "sainted" President plays with monopoly money so, let that celeb buy it!

1764 days ago


I would love to live there.

1764 days ago


I'd be all over this if I had $10 to spare.

1764 days ago


I'd be all over this if I had $10M to spare...

1764 days ago

London not England    

"Well, our "sainted" President plays with monopoly money so, let that celeb buy it!"...?

I find it interesting that George W.F#*K Head can play with "LIVES" SENDING thousands of young men and women to DIE for a PHONY WAR... Which MANY many, many person in his own White House have talked about, and written books about; but the First Black President to come "CLOSE" to making a Law to give everyone in the Land HEALTH INSURANCE....gets mocked....?

Very misguided.....and VERY interesting....?????

or is it just because he's Black?

1764 days ago

London not England    

"Well, our "sainted" President plays with monopoly money so, let that celeb buy it!"...?
#9-Dee Goddard

Oh...and let's NOT forget The Bush's FANCY Wedding they their Drunken Daughter....I guess that's okay too?!?!?!
While Some people's daughters will NEVER get married due to the FACT that THEIR DEAD Due to PHONY WMD WAR....

or Not having Health coverage for a pre-existing condition.....but as long as the Black Guy can't do anything right ...right?!?!?!

Hypocritical Bastards

1764 days ago


Sell it to her "SON" birds of a feather, freaks together!!!

1764 days ago

maria tortilla    

why why why why why why why Kevin. *sigh* you just dont get it do you
*sigh* its not about a black president, its about someone having an opinion. so what, now anybody that disagrees with the prez is racist???? So are you racist against white people. white people cant do anything right.

that song is getting old and pretty fast if you ask me. We have a black president of the united states for crying out loud. If you cant be proud of that then you are a lost cause. geez, please open your eyes. you only see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear

btw most of america thought George W was a horrible Prez and didnt do anything right incase you have been under a rock , oh and in case you havent noticed, he is

now I anticipate your stupid comment which I know you are fuming about right now as you read this, lol

how did this turn into a race thing anyway, lol

thanks for the laughs Kev!
well, this killed a couple of minutes until I am off work :)

1764 days ago


I've been there, it's called Hualalai. It's more beautiful than it looks and the staff are the nicest people in the world. (Don't sell, Cher!)

1764 days ago


WOW ! That's Beautiful ! Breath taking!

1764 days ago


who is "cher" ? WTF! what's a, cher?

1764 days ago

who dat    

Worth whatever the market will bare. Real estate will continue to decline. 7 mil tops.

1764 days ago
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