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Alcohol a Factor ...

But Not for Charlie Sheen

12/26/2009 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Brooke Mueller was legally drunk when she called 911 on Charlie Sheen ... and, we've learned, Brooke has fessed up that her allegation was phony.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller
Sources say authorities gave both Charlie and Brooke blood alcohol tests. Brooke registered a .13 while Charlie registered a .04. By the way, the 911 call came in at 8:34 AM on Christmas day.

We're also told Brooke recanted her story to a female officer just before the bail hearing, telling the cop she was drunk when she made the 911 call. Nevertheless, law enforcement sources say police will still pursue the case -- at least for now.

We've also learned Sheen has hired well-known Colorado attorney Richard Cummins to represent him.

Cops responded to the 911 call, arrived at the home and Sheen was arrested after Brooke claimed he assaulted her. Charlie was booked for two felonies and one misdemeanor relating to domestic violence.

As we first reported, Sheen told law enforcement Brooke was the aggressor and he was just trying to defend himself.

Charlie's next court date is set for February 8.


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Why is Brooke drinking that early in the morning with twin babies? That's really disgusting.

1700 days ago


I guess only lesbians are capable of being the aggressor in domestic violence. The statistic for lesbian violence female/female is greater than male/female. Yes, women are just as capable of violence as men. The stats reveal that 3 of 10 times women commit violence against men. These women must be lesbians? If a women gets physical with a man, then it's emotional. So, when a woman attacks a man, he cannot defend himself, because his defense will be seen as violence against a woman. What do you call a woman who attacks a man and calls the police? A victim. What do you call a man who beats a woman? Arrested. Did Charlie force his wife to drink too much? Yes, he's a man. Why are men held accountable for a woman's bad behavior? Because women are victims? Does not hold women to the same standard as men? Men do not report domestic violence because, the on scene officer has been trained to find violence against the woman.

P.S. The largest population of domestic violence victims are children. The violence is initiated by mom 8 out of 10 times. Have you been a victim of domestic violence? Why would the police leave this drunk bitch home with her kids? Oh yeah, the children are being nurtured by the nanny, no problem. Do you have a nanny?

1700 days ago


Hey #2.....Does poo, poo for brains ring a bell?

1700 days ago


Throw her in jail where she belongs.

1700 days ago


Brooke Mueller should have been / be arrested for wasting police time. The fact that their twin babies were left in her care with a .13 alcohol level is surprising to say the least. She better think twice before pulling such a stunt again. Charlie Sheen, get out now and make certain you get custody of your children. Stop marrying these psycho women! Brooke is on the same level as your previous psycho wife, Denise Richards!

1700 days ago



1700 days ago


His wife attacks him, is clearly drunk and yet he has to sit in a jail cell during the Christmas holiday. Why do law enforcement always assume the man is in the wrong? He wasn't the drunk one and they believe her!!! This b*tch just ruined Christmas for her whole family. Yes, I'm sure non-talented, parasite drama queen Denise Richards is eating this up. Her reality show was a joke. Even with her taking off her clothes, swinging her hair back & forth and constantly trashing Charlie, it still failed miserably because he wouldn't allow her to exploit his children on national tv.

1700 days ago


To Jos #138: Yes, Denise Richards is posting under several different names on here.

She is still more than a little angry/crazy/insane!

Someone should investigate Denise and her connection to Heidi Fleiss.

Denise worked for Heidi as a "call girl" and that is how she met Charlie... when he was into hookers.

TMZ look into this!

1700 days ago


Impressive personal history:

Sheen and his girlfriend Paula Profit had a daughter, Cassandra Jade Estevez (born December 12, 1984). In 1990, Sheen accidentally shot his then-fiancee, Kelly Preston, in the arm; a minor wound needing two stitches. The relationship ended shortly thereafter. In 1995, Sheen married Donna Peele. The marriage lasted a little more than a year, from September 3, 1995 to November 19, 1996. Sheen's long-term relationship with former pornographic actress Ginger Lynn in the late 1990s garnered much media attention. He was also involved for a time with former pornographic actress Heather Hunter.

On May 20, 1998, Sheen tried injecting cocaine, accidentally giving himself an overdose. He was hospitalized, but discharged from the hospital soon afterward. His father Martin Sheen issued a public appeal for fans to pray for him and reported him for violation of parole. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and Charlie was sent to rehab.

On June 15, 2002, he married actress Denise Richards after meeting her while filming Good Advice in 2001. They have two daughters, Sam J. Sheen (born March 9, 2004) and Lola Rose Sheen (born June 1, 2005). In March 2005, while she was still pregnant with their daughter Lola, Richards filed for divorce from Sheen, accusing Sheen of abusing drugs and alcohol and threatening Richards with violence. Sheen and Richards' divorce was official on November 30, 2006. Sheen and Richards were engaged in an acrimonious custody dispute over their two daughters, but have since made peace with each other, with Sheen stating in April 2009 that "we had to do what’s best for the girls".

On May 30, 2008, Sheen married Brooke Mueller (also known as Brooke Allen), a real estate investor. This was the third marriage for Sheen and the first for Mueller. The couple's twins, Bob and Max, were born on March 14, 2009.

Sheen was arrested on charges of domestic violence against Mueller on December 25, 2009. Pending charges include felony second-degree assault and menacing, both felonies, along with criminal mischief, a misdemeanor. He was released from the Pitkin County Jail after posting an $8,500 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on February 8, 2010

1700 days ago



Posted at 11:41AM on Dec 26th 2009 by F. Lea Bailea

Charlie's got more money than his dad. He's been one of the highest paid actors on tv for the last 5 years. Emilio's got his own dough too.

1700 days ago


Hey sport......I hear Amy Winehouse is available and fertile....Go for a kwiki divorce, and make another swift choice, before someone scoops her up!

1700 days ago


153. Hey sport......I hear Amy Winehouse is available and fertile....Go for a kwiki divorce, and make another swift choice, before someone scoops her up!

Posted at 11:51AM on Dec 26th 2009 by kATCH 22

Charlie likes blondes, so Amy Whackhouse is out. How about Courtney Love, Britney Spears or one of Tiger Woods' ex-whores? Of course Madonna is way too old, so she's not a candidate either. LOL

1700 days ago


WHO cares we should not give them any attention at all...

1700 days ago


Charlie should've walked out the door - he' a man w/$$$ Could've taken his butt somwhere else in Aspen to continue the Christmas AM Party...what an idiot.

1700 days ago
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