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Michael Lohan: I'm No Vagina Punter!

12/29/2009 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is adamant that he's never laid a single toe on his ex-fiancee's no no special zone -- claiming Erin Muller's allegations that he abused her over a two year span is "patently untrue."

Lohan's lawyer is on the attack, claiming Erin made the whole thing up -- after Mike "terminated" their engagement.

As TMZ first reported, Erin made the allegations in legal documents she filed yesterday in NY, in which she asked the judge to drop Michael's harassment lawsuit against her. In the docs, Erin claimed Mike once kicked her in the vagina.

But Team Lohan is refusing to back down, claiming Erin's story is a "desperate attempt to dismiss the allegations against her."


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1695 days ago


DUH...just DUH.

1760 days ago


COME ON TMZ. You can do better than that. how about......

"Lohan is NO PUNE PUNTER!!!" lol much funnier.
"Lohan says he did not Punt the Muff"
"Lohan says he he likes the labia"

1760 days ago


wonder why anyone connected to a celeb makes news.

1760 days ago


next time, try kicking her in the face. break the nose. it's the female equivalent of balls.

1760 days ago

its me    

ugh!! get him off of here! hes worst then watching Paris Hilton!!!

we need privacy laws . BM Death Certificate should not be on here for the world to see! where is our privacy these days?! its not right. you can go to a party , store ANYWHERE and people can take videos of you without you knowing it and then you see yourself on you tube or somewhere else! America has no privacy anymore. NONE! its not right.

1760 days ago


Why is this news? Why is Michael Lohan a celebrity?

TMZ, if this is a slow news day - did you know that Bristol Palin has filed her sole-custody Petition at the Court Clerk's window?
On second thought, Alaska is too cold this time of year for TMZ to send it's paparazzi out to stalk the Palins.

1760 days ago


If he was abusing her for 2 years why did she stay with him for so long??? It couldn't possibly be for the $$ or fame????

1760 days ago

Nancy "O"    

I always refer to the vagina as a "Fire Crotch"...thanks to Michael's ummm...talented daughter! Great family!

1760 days ago


You can't get kicked in the vagina. It's more likely that she got kicked in the vulva.

1760 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Cause Jesus loves it when you kick a woman in the crotch and abuse them mercilessly! I hope your old cell husband still has that mop handle ready to service you when you go back to jail! And be sure to take that thieving junkie daughter with you!

1760 days ago


Incorrect markko. You can get kicked in the Vagina. Even though the contact was to the Vulva the kick can cause bruising and contusion to the vagina, and other organs for that matter. Saying you can't get kicked in the Vagina is like saying you can't get kicked in the stomach, only the epidermis (skin) that is the outer protective layer around the stomach, but of course a third grader knows that a strong enough blow can protrude the skin and cause damage to the stomach, kidney(s), liver and such. If you think your argument holds water than the same argument could be made that she was not kicked in the Vulva she was kicked in the jeans or underwear or whatever she happened to be wearing.

1760 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

He should hook up with someone who can handle herself, like Elin, Tiger's ex.

1760 days ago


Anyone who is a Lohan, dates a Lohan, likes a Lohan or gives a crap about a Lohan is an idiot and a retard. I say that with all due respect, which is NONE. For those of you stuck with the Lohan name, but are not related to Lindsay and her parents, I apologize and exclude you from these remarks. Of course, if was MY last name, I'd be considering changing it to something less distasteful that would distance me from these Smegma, Cancer, Toejam or something like that. Hey, better than being mistaken for a member of THAT family. I think, anyway.

1760 days ago


This guy's certifiable. Can't someone have him committed to a padded room somewhere? Certainly off the printed page. He's become a ridiculous caricature of a human being. Enough publicity. Never write about him again and see what happens.

1760 days ago
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