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Charlie, Brooke -- Crazy Little Thing Called Love

12/30/2009 6:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's lawyer has now formally asked the judge in the domestic violence case to dismiss the order keeping Charlie and wife Brooke Mueller from having contact with each other.

Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller

We broke the story that Brooke wants back with Charlie and would like the protective order 86'd. Brooke, along with her lawyer, Yale Galanter, joined in Charlie's motion.

The prosecutor will have to weigh in before the judge makes his decision. Prosecutor Arnold Mordkin tells TMZ he will be guided by what will best protect Brooke -- i.e., he was noncommittal.


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Next time maybe she will not call the police when all it took was to sleep it off and give it some time to go by. If Sheen is abusive, just walk out. Let him go. Otherwise, settle your problems privately.

1758 days ago


*** Thirty Mile Zone ****

33. lol Rofl too funny !!!

1758 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

It would be beneficial for Charlie if he meditated for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day, and during that time visualize ROG-G-BIV over his head. He's an outstanding patriot.

1758 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

It would be beneficial for Charlie if he meditated for at least 5
to 10 minutes each day, and visualized ROY-G-BIV over his head. He's an outstanding patriot.

1758 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

Hey Brooke - it is an insult to Bimbos everywhere to refer to you as a Bimbo, when you should really be classified as a sub-bimbo. However, since its the season of good tidings, you deserve some help in advancing to become a full fledged bimbo. Therefore go here for further instructions >>>>>>>>>>

1758 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

Charlie Sheen - An Outstanding Patriot, Charlie Sheen - An Outstanding Patriot, Charlie Sheen - An Outstanding Patriot >>>>>>>>

1758 days ago


Yeah, a couple of threats and anyone would recant...but that is the way this bozo does things.

1758 days ago


Sheen residence Christmas Night, what really happened

1758 days ago

Typo Queen    

What gets on my nerves is that eveyone will support him and kiss his a*% but When Chris Brown reached out for support everyone dropped him. Tell me what's the difference? Domestic Violence is domestic Violence. Next thing you know he will be in a Oscar winning movie and will win for best actor. This just makes me sick!!

1758 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

I am all for people changing. These people are not changing.
Charlie has not changed totally for the better since 1988.
Brooke is trying to trap Charlie with the reconcillation. They will divorce by the end of the year, Dec. 2010.
Next year at this time, you'll see.

Also,Brooke cannot stop the legal process that is in motion.
Too late. She and Charlie should have handled their problem differently.

They were at a Christmas Eve dinner and clearly has some drinks, Brooke, way to many, and they were not getting along. Why did not anyone there step in. Friends talk to friends when there is a situation that is cleary going to end up bad.

1758 days ago


Lets face it...if Charlie Sheen was an Engineer making $60,000 a year - the bastard would have been kicked to the curb. Careful "Mrs. Sheen"...being a fame whore can cost you!

1758 days ago


better copy, Charlie Sheen, Christmas night - the video

1758 days ago


omg, this is going to turn into a media circus just like the rihanna and chris brown case. What kind of example would Brooke be setting if she stays in this marriage?

1758 days ago

mike mcclaren    

These people are so quick to come to a conclusion that this is charilies fault. First, she was so drunk that walking would have been questionable, second, no one knows at this point if in fact anything happened. And Third, Colorado is a State full of DA that are nuts, will do anything to get in the news. This is a screwed up State. You have real crime going on in Denver and Colorade Spings and is like this little town DA's feel left out. And how can a local small town Judge issue an order that is going to be reconized by other states?

1757 days ago

Higher truths    

1. Reports that Denise and Brooke were recently hanging out together in Brentwood.
2. Mueller has her own arrested past.
3. $$$$$$$
4. O.J.'s former lawyer?
5. She did not seem afraid on 911 tape.
6. Sheen is innocent until convicted.
7. 9-1-1 truther gets a 9-1-1 on Saturnalia( xmas day)
8. Brooke is out partying in Aspen clubs looking pert and happy
9. Denise photo op.Threatens to spill more. Trying to save flagging reality show she should have never gotten.
10. A lot of propogandaizing trolls posting against Sheen. Porque?
11. News says Brooke drinking and suffers post partum depression( although does not look like it)
12. Why rent the house in Colorado a state with strict Dv laws?
13. Arresting cop tried to contact osama and has youtube vidoes of his housekeeping staff and others.

Wake up sheeple.

1757 days ago
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