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John C. Reilly Can't Catch a Break

1/1/2010 8:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bathing beauty John C. Reilly stuffed his beach bod into a wetsuit and attempted to ride the waves Wednesday while vacationing in Hawaii with his family.

John C. Reilly

Sometimes it's hard to just go with the flow.


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Choo Choo    

Ashton Chi--Thanks for your posting. Evan Wright's HELLA NATION is one of my favorite journalism collections. I especially enjoy the coverage of Wingnut and anarchy in the US. I think a paperback edition is coming out soon. Just saw the new cover (less eye-catching in my opinion than the original hardcover). Regardless, I'm going to pick it up and make it a permanent addition on my bookshelf.

1703 days ago

dirty diana    

please, your making us want to vomit first thing in the new year, thanks. love tmz!!!

1756 days ago


First? Damn slow computer probably not.

1756 days ago


A normal man of his age. Everyone -shut the heck up and go back to your booze and trailers.

1756 days ago


Brule's rules:

When you go surfing wear a surfboard leash so you don't loose it dummy!

1755 days ago

Ashton Chi    

John C. Reilly can't catch a break because, unlike most people, he works so much. That's why he can't catch a break. What do you want? Celebrities who spend most of their time looking in the mirror and getting plastic surgery or dieting. JOHN C. REILLY is a true artist and an actor who not only works to pay his bills in some pretty goofy movies, but who also stars to critical acclaim on the stage, and gives back to other actors by doing Brules Rules. His body looks like a man's who works and who loves to spend time with his family, eating, living, rough-housing. He doesn't waste time taking surfing lessons or getting massages in Hawaii. He is with his family, not posing for us. And you can bet he's reading a book when he lies on that awesome bear belly. Let's hope he's reading my current favorite author, Evan Wright. Hella Nation or his first book Generation Kill. That was made into an HBO movie. I love Alex Skarsgaard, of course, but with John C. Reilly had been cast in the HBO series as one of the commanders who just couldn't give the marines a break, but who eventually let them bring the wounded Iraqi boy in for medical care. You people with comments about bodies don't know that John C. Reily is AN ARTIST, AN INTELLECTUAL, AND SOMEONE WHO OBVIOUSLY LOVES EVERY MINUTE HE CAN SPEND WITH HIS FAMILY!!!

1755 days ago


Ashton-Well said. I second that emotion ! I love John C. Riley. He is talented and smart, not superficial. Lots of people on here are in Middle School-hence the immature comments based on the plastic look.

1755 days ago


Reilly rocks. All you haters are idiots who wouldn't know talent if it hit you over the head.

1755 days ago


What a slob. Time to cut back on the food and start a physical training program.

1755 days ago


When someone is trying to enjoy themselves, why are you sticking a camera up their *ss?

1755 days ago


Being a little chubby is one thing, but he makes enough money to buy some sh*t that fits. He looks like a three year old that aint got no sense. Besides TMZ posts mess like this of women everyday; men can stand a little criticism too.

1755 days ago


I agree with what #5 said, john c. reilly is an awesome actor I thought he was great ever since I saw him in "boogie nights",so why dont all of you superficial wannabees make comments about the kardashians!!! and also he was great with conan a couple years ago when conan did his show from chicago and they sang "the night chicago died" together,that was awesome and hullarios!!! did anyone see that? peace out ro-yo .

1755 days ago


im not complainng on that pic:) damn i wish i was at that beach dont be hating on him

1129 days ago


he looks soo good in that i wish i was their ill be grabing alot of john c reilly

1089 days ago


man if only i was there ill be riding something hard his name is john c reilly

1084 days ago

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