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Report: Tiger Woods Let Cops Check for Injuries

1/1/2010 3:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods allowed Florida State troopers to examine his upper body for injuries during a meeting with them last month, this according to WESH in Florida.

Tiger lifted up his shirt, says the station, during the December 1 meeting so that troopers could see if he had any additional injuries after his SUV crash.

As we previously reported, the only injury Tiger suffered, according to cops, was a "fat lip."


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He would have gotten more than that from me, like a blimp circling the next Masters saying "TIGER IS A CHEATING JERK"

1754 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

He`s still hiding?No balls at all!

1754 days ago


He's LUCKY that's all he got! Imagine if Elin knew about the other 13! LOL.........

1754 days ago


A fat lip for a "Fat Head'.

1754 days ago


Leave the man alone. You've done enough already. Please stop.

1754 days ago


Who cares?!

Tiger will still be a money maker when he returns and everybody will be WATCHING HIM play golf.

@Maisy: why waste a blimp on advertising that TIGER IS A JERK?
Try to INVESTIGATE HOW YOU CAN BE #16............MEN AND WOMEN DO THIS SH%T ALL DAY LONG! I am sure you know someone who has messed around! Life goes on! by 12th HO-LE

1754 days ago


Your all invited to a party!

Everyone--please come!!!! Thank you.

1754 days ago


The cops searched and searched for an ounce of integrity...none found. No surprise. Nike wake the hell up and dump his black lying ass.

1754 days ago

Bobo Frog    

No sympathy anymore.

1754 days ago


Yes, there were hateful comments projected towards his beautiful wife and the mother of their children. As Tiger Woods stated in his press release, she was/is innocent of any personal harm to him (before/during/after the awareness of his affairs) though was smeared by the ridiculous tabloids and mainstream media and, hopefully, she/they will sue at the appropriate time. Didn't he state in his press release she was innocent and courageous?

With that said, however, I hope she (really) takes a wood and a nine-iron to the heads of Uglitel and the rest of the pigs if they ever cross her path (sounds like an ingenious idea to me as a woman/wife/mother).

May Grace and Allred receive the karma they so richly deserve this year. Both have become aging sleezebag attorneys and an insult to the origins of feminism and the legal community.

Leave Elin Woods and Tiger Woods (plus their beautiful children) and their mothers alone during 2010.

1754 days ago


I understand TMZ, it is New Year, slow day as a celebrities I guess you needed to dig in and find something to keep your readers in tune. But guess what?

....WE ARE BORED TO DEATH ON TIGER'S STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1754 days ago


Leave the man alone? What man? Do you mean Lion Cheetah? He is no man and he does not deserve to be left alone. When he is left alone he makes bad decisions...considering he may have given his wife herpes, AIDS etc Why isn't giving your spouse v.d. consider domestic violence??? Again he doesn't deserve to be left alone.

1754 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

6. Leave the man alone. You've done enough already. Please stop.

Posted at 1:38PM on Jan 1st 2010 by Mzcelebrity Not tell he stop`s hiding.He`s a wimp,an lied to the country.Stand up an be a man tiger!

1754 days ago


If the media is so good at what they do why wasn't this reported before now? All the reports that I had heard said Tiger had not met with the police. As a matter of fact a big deal was made about it which added fuel to the fire that his wife had beat him up so badly he couldn't face the police. I wish you guys would check things out a little more before reporting. I know there is a rush to get the story out there first, but it's situations like this that make people question media credibility.

1754 days ago


He lifted his shirt for law enforcement? Was it a female officer?????

1754 days ago
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