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Report: Tiger Woods Let Cops Check for Injuries

1/1/2010 3:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods allowed Florida State troopers to examine his upper body for injuries during a meeting with them last month, this according to WESH in Florida.

Tiger lifted up his shirt, says the station, during the December 1 meeting so that troopers could see if he had any additional injuries after his SUV crash.

As we previously reported, the only injury Tiger suffered, according to cops, was a "fat lip."


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I'm not a big fan of Tiger's, b4 was because of him playing practice rounds at 6:30 a.m. at the majors so to beat the fans to the course & leave at 8:30 a.m. b4 anyone could see him on the course, the fans that pay his winnings that is,.....but now, I have a whole new reason to dislike him, because of the total disrespect he shows to his wife & kids,.... & now, everything has changed over night,...the Lord has arrived & revenge will be sweet,.. all those golf fans he use to leave hanging at practice rounds & when he skipped out after tournaments w/out doing interviews & always hurried away from the audiences, unlike Jack, Arnie & every other golf pro & anyone w/any class at all,...they will all have the last laugh if Tiger ever plays in another golf tournament,....that is if Augusta even allows him on the course again,......even if he does play again, every sham he use to pull will be haunting him x's a million........should be funny, will be more hilarious than tin cup, caddy shack & happy gilmore all in one......have fun Tiger....maybe u will hang for interviews now & treat everyone w/more deserved respect !!!!!!!!!!!

1754 days ago


hey it doesnt matter what tiger woods did.....its getting so old...its a new year...

1754 days ago


yeah ok

Black women may single mothers but so are so many white women, and the number is high with them. Please don't even try to say black women are raising babies by themselves. I work at a very prestigious company, and there are so many white women raising their children alone. They are jealous of me because I have a husband and we notice we have 3 children. Neither of us have any outside kids.

There are many white women more than you want to believe that are raising kids by themselves. I had a white girl cry to me and tell me she wish she could have the things that I did. How she grew up poor white trash and how she doesn't even know her father. No Lie. Please you better look around and stop listening to news reports because and statistics because statistically white women ain't doing that great in that arena

1754 days ago


yeah ok

oh and i forgot to mention the large number of white girls and women that are having babies by black men, and then they leave them. One white girl at my job is married to a black man who already has
two kids and this fool is helping him pay child support by working another job to help.

How desperate are white women to marry a man with kids, then pay his child support. He spotted a dummy.

1754 days ago


to #93

You are right there are a lot of black men in jail but there are also a lot of white men their too.
You know there are some black men in jail because through out history a WHITE WOMAN was effing him then cried rape. I am sure you know what I am talking about.
White women have been effing black men for years because they wanted that Big Black Stick then cried rape. White women have killed their children then blamed it on the black man to only have been exposed themselves.
I wouldn't trust a white women to cook my food.
What i noticed is that there are a lot of WHITE Men Kidnapping, raping, and are SERIAL KILLERS. There are so many white men on that list of abusers i don't know what to do. Damn Pigs

1754 days ago

dirty diana    

rocky i am back, and thanks for your concern but i am fine. also i will be on here as much as i want, but this is getting old, after all it's about tiger and his wife, NOT black against white. so get used to it and be ready for me cuz i am here to stay.

1753 days ago

reggie agu    

I have an article titled, "IN DEFENCE OF TIGER WOODS: HE MAY HAVE BEEN CONDUCTING A RESEARCH," that I'd want to send to TMZ. So, can I have their contact e-mail address to enable me forward it to them. Thanks! Reggie Agu.

1753 days ago


If Elin could swing better, he'd have more than a fat lip. I'm sure Tiger didn't realize his own clubs could be used for this purpose. LOL> I bet he has flash backs every time he tees off now. How cool would that be to see him flinch every time someone raises their club..

1753 days ago


3:32 PM I am laughing. Elin is a beautiful example of Norse ancestry. Blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin and slender. Perhaps you are incapable of appreciating this but should be aware that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
As to your reference to "pure black blood." There were cross migrations from Europe, Arabia and Asia into and out of Africa for hundreds of years resulting in interesting mixtures of people across the continent. You'd know this if you took some anthropology or history classes.

1753 days ago

Sasha Ann    

Men like Tiger are not to be respected as we once respected him...
What the heck was Tiger thinking? Tiger was only thiking about himself; this is sad... He had the golf world in his hands; but traded it for cheap thrills... This is a "low life" chracteristic that Tiger has displayed... I don't even like tigers anymore... lol.... It is so ture to say that "All men are Dogs"... Thanks Tiger for being another dog in the world... Ugh!

1751 days ago


It will be great to watch Masters Golf Tournament - Monday Practice Round,i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.

1638 days ago
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