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Is That You, Elin Nordegren?

1/2/2010 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So here's the thing -- one of Tiger Woods' neighbors tells us he saw Elin Nordegren walking a dog near the couple's home in Florida on Thursday. But here's a photo of Elin (or her twin sister, perhaps?) taken in Switzerland today, where people say she's been for the past week.


Question is ...


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I hope she divorces Tiger...AND FINDS HERSELF A NICE FAITHFUL MAN... They ARE out there...

1653 days ago

Deep Digger    

tiger fans are actually buying her vacation and cloths. it is oxymoron to support tiger but trash elin. majority of your money goes to sponsors. they are not going to pay tiger $100M unless they make $200M. the rest of the money is split between tiger, wife, kids and his hos.

rachel's silicons might be funded by tiger fans too. since there is no news from rachel, she was finally paid. i wonder if gloria will keep talking.

support tiger, support his harem

1653 days ago


When you compare this pic with the one of Elin below - you can see a difference in the nose. I think it's her sister.

1653 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

ROL has the scoop, it is her.

Go to Radar.

1653 days ago


Who gives a rat's rosy hole if she was walking her dog or not?!?

1653 days ago


She is wearing the little diamond stud earrings that Elin wears in so many pics... I think it's her.

1653 days ago

Bernadette Johnson    

Elin knew what she was getting herself into. It is all about Money with her or being on the Red Carpet! Perhaps if they dig a little deaper they might just fine something on her. Tiger is a human being regardless. Companies that are dropping him is worry about themselves. It's putting more strain on him. Elin spending $8,000.00 a night at a ski resort that is just crazy.What kind of money was she spending before Tiger. NOW! Its all about her. And as for the haters. Is your Marriage based on Love or Money. Elin is for Money why buy another home when you have one in Fla. Her's it's based on Money and how much can I spend. Its not mine free for all.

1653 days ago


Whether it's her or twin, any woman who can look that feminine in a ski hat and sans make-up is beautiful.

1653 days ago


"Love is blind" so stop accusing her of knowing "what she was getting into...". No dignified and honorable woman who is committed in partnership and emotionally in love with their spouse (as she has been for six or seven years) marries a man knowing he is cheating on her. Tiger Woods had a network of sordid helpers to assist him in feeding his addiction. "Off with the heads" of the Uglitels, et al.

1653 days ago


looks like your garden variety golddigger. gotta check under her nails to be sure, though.

1653 days ago


WHO THE HE11 CARES??????????????

Really TMZ, honestly really?????????????????

Tiger this and tiger that
What are you trying to do, BORE US TO DEATH?

1653 days ago


Let's see....a picture versus someone's word.

C'mon it's Investigation 101, you believe a picture before you believe an "eye witness".

1653 days ago


TMZ needs to add a "who cares" option on these stupid polls

1653 days ago


It's Josefin. Elin left on Friday afternoon

1653 days ago


Swedish girls are smokin hot. Tiger shoulda stuck with Elin.

1653 days ago
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