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Tiger Woods Spotted in NYC -- Trump Connection

1/3/2010 2:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsThere are a slew of photogs gathered outside the Trump International Hotel in New York City -- all because of a rumor Tiger Woods is inside.

The story goes like this: Tiger checked in on New Year's Day and booked a block of rooms under an assumed name. He allegedly replaced hotel security with his own detail, locking down an entire floor.

This morning, we're told, Tiger had the gym locked down from 4:00-6:00 AM.

So here's where it gets hard to swallow ... Tiger has allegedly been seen going in and out of the hotel with a leggy blonde. He also, allegedly, ordered up 20 bottles of vodka and 15 cases of Red Bull to his hotel room ... after two more women showed up to his room.

Sound like Tiger to you? Us neither.


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Thanks TMZ, and the poster with the flight info. I believe it's him. It's hard to believe ANYONE ever admired this guy, for the juvenille way he's acted ever since the Enquirer busted him just over a month ago.

1661 days ago

Norah Carmichael    

where are our fav TMZ pappers with the photos of tiger??

1661 days ago


If he was my hubby he would be dead and buried in the back yard. Since no one has seen Cheeta since Tksgvg maybe he is!

1661 days ago

PR Guy    

Maybe it's Van Morrison.

1661 days ago



At no point will Tiger have less than you in every aspect of life LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stop hating you loser and get over it.
Its time to let the man rebuild.

How do you guys conjure up fresh hate for this story?
I would think you'd be all hated out by now. Not being a hater I guess I'll never get it.

Posted at 3:40PM on Jan 3rd 2010 by Really Doe

Let the man REBUILD?

Rebuild what? A new line-up of holes that he can stick it in? Gross.

1661 days ago


What the hell is wrong with this guy? He's acting like Britney before her parents conservatorship.

1661 days ago


I think Tiger is with his family. I can't believe he would miss his son's first Christmas. Just my opinion. Even though Elin is hating him right now I don't think she would keep him from his kids during Christmas.

1661 days ago


Sounds like BS. Probably a publicity stunt by the Donald...anything to keep the Trump name in the news. No one believes that Tiger is going to be seen around town with a leggy blonde (who isn't his wife), while he is trying to restore his image...give me a break. This is such a non-story. Move on TMZ.

1661 days ago

Sexual Mac    

Tiger and Trump. Sound about right, Both incredible losers!
Hope they both catch aids and die.

1661 days ago


Tiger is there, I know a door man that works there, and Tiger is in the hotel.

1661 days ago

The Retro Pet Rock    

All of Tiger's Ho's are fine. Better to pay up front than later (ie. divorce) LOL

1661 days ago


This is a lie.Tiger is not in NYC as reported.He is somewhere on his yacht trying to treat the bruises and black eyes he received in the domestic violence wrap on thanksgiving.His wife needs to be arrested for what she did to him as he surely would have been if the situation was reversed.If she was that pissed she should have filed for divorce.Instead the ex-nanny is just like the rest,she wants more money.Tiger was a fool to think she was trying to work through anything with him except re do the prenup.MEN DON'T TELL...I wonder if this is the first time she beat him? People who get abused don't tell on their abusers,instead they take up for them,just like he did.Most people are enjoying this and it's not funny.He should admit the abuse,divorce her,pay the original prenup of 20 million and move on.

1661 days ago

Sexual Mac    

Yes baby!

1661 days ago


What is this statement suposed to meen?
Sound like Tiger to you? Us neither.
Help yes it sounds like tiger woods!!!

1661 days ago


Tiger cometh! Go have a GREAT time you deserve it buddy. Ladies quit your trash talk. it's sooooo lame!!!

1661 days ago
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