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Joan Rivers 'Held Hostage' in Costa Rica

1/4/2010 3:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joan Rivers claims she was "held hostage" by airport security in Costa Rica yesterday -- all because of a name from her past.

Joan Rivers 'Held Hostage' in Costa Rica

The drama unfolded after an airport official checked out Joan's passport and became suspicious when he noticed it read "Joan Rosenberg AKA Joan Rivers."

Joan claims she tried explaining her late husband's name was Ed Rosenberg -- but the official found the whole thing fishy and gave away her seat on a flight back to Newark. Joan was pissed.

We're told police were called to the scene -- but Joan never got her seat back.

Rivers claims she was forced to put herself up in a hotel overnight to wait for another flight out this morning.

We're told the passport situation was eventually resolved and this morning Joan got on a plane -- but as you could imagine ... she ain't happy about it.


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Couldn't have happened to a nicer person!

1717 days ago


Fire that stupid airport person. HOW STUPID CAN THEY BE? Everyone knows who Joan Rivers is. Hell I knew Rosenberg is her real last name. Wish I was on the same flight, I would have told the person off and then get kicked off the flight and be able to spend a good drink and dinner with Joan. Love you Joan. You are the best!

1717 days ago


Joan Rivers is a classy lady. She is kind and gracious. In the past, I have worked on several crew/support teams around her and she was nothing like the awful loud-mouth person you people say she is. She is a comedian from an era when her style of humor was edgy. You have probably never even been close to her.

My take on this mess is that the airport worker was a young person. Young people today are uneducated and sometimes just plain idiots who get hired on grounds of affirmative action.

1717 days ago


Jake, first off this was Costa Rican Government that held her, so I am not sure what this has to do with Obama??? And if Obama's Government treats everyone equal regardless of the amount of money, fame or power you have, than I'll take it!

Yes! I would be furious if my seat was given away. However, we don't know the whole story and it is highly likely that Joan's big mouth is what really got her in trouble. I imagine she started belittling the security person as they were just doing their job. I mean that is her style!

1717 days ago


The security does their job and people still kvetch.

1717 days ago


80 year old woman detained a few hours in Costa Rica. How is this a story?

1717 days ago

you just don't get it    


will be among the first to spout off that Obama is not doing enough when the next terrorist attack succeeds.

1717 days ago


Guess it aint so funny when its on the other side, eh, Joan? Well, I'm laughing. You think you are above the rest. Now you know you are not. Get used to it.

1717 days ago

Trooper Tom    

I don't think many people outside the US know who the heck this old hag is and probably could care less. She is a has been and no amount of plastic surgery can make a bit of difference to a sad old woman who has nothinh left to do except attack other people with her derogatory remarks. Her tomb stone should read here lies a nasty old plastic bitch

1717 days ago



1717 days ago


She had both her real and stage name on her passport plus she is super-recognizable!!! Nobody else looks like Joan Rivers! And they could have just checked Wikipedia. I mean, what name is she supposed to use? They are beyond clueless at the San Jose, Costa Rica airport. A friend of mine smuggled IN drugs. They looked at his white powder and asked what it was and he said "potassium" and they let him right through.

1717 days ago


Karma pure and simple karma.

1717 days ago


haha! what a burn! now see what it feels like to be profiled!

1717 days ago


She looks just like her daughter UGLY, she had no right to speak of Michael Jackson the way she did, who does she think she is? Walking around looking like madame.

Madame was a ugly puppet on one of the shows and Joan Rivers is the splitting image of her.

1717 days ago

J C    

Joan needs to realize that in this day and age She has to get her credentials in order and not rely on being recognized by some poor security guy in Costa Rica who doesn't follow American showbiz if She wants to fly internationally.
Is recognizing stars a job prerequisite?

1716 days ago
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