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Gerard Butler Gets Off for Pap Scuffle

1/5/2010 5:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gerard ButlerGerard Butler is in the clear over that whole dust-up he had with a photog back in 2008.

A judge dismissed a misdemeanor battery charge today. Butler got into it with a pap after a premiere party in October 2008. Butler had claimed the photog had followed him around all night.

He could have gotten six months in jail if convicted.


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"He's a lady's mack... with a cooler filled with six packs... he couldn't get any fatter, cause he's... Gerard Butler" *trombone*

1753 days ago


Gerard is a man's man too:

From a Movieline interview:

Gerard Butler - I'm not gay, I'm not straight, I'm just me!

Gerard Butler has played many heroic characters throughout his career. Dracula. Attila. The Phantom Of The Opera. And very soon, Beowulf. Yet being a real-life hero, he realises, isn’t so easy.
Gerard Butler’s life story is by no means a fairy-tale.
“When I was 16 I had terrible panic attacks about dying. At 24, I thought dying might be a relief."
Apparently, Gerard Butler’s pearl-white smile hides some dark truths.
Abandoned by his father from birth, Gerard Butler endured a rocky childhood that eventually manifested itself into a rebellious period during which the young Glaswegian dabbled with alcohol and drugs.
Gerard now admits he feels happier in himself. He says: "During some of the most miserable periods of my life, people thought I was very happy. And now that I'm actually happier, I don't have to show it. I'm more comfortable with myself."
Almost to demonstrate that, Gerard Butler has gone where many of his peer actors would never venture by giving candid and open interviews.
“My fans now know about my struggles,” he insists, referring to his failed attempts to quit smoking (he is alleged to smoke 60 cigarettes a day!) and his inability to sustain a relationship.
One aspect of himself that he is not yet fully able comprehend is his sexuality. “I talk about my sexuality,” he says, “But it’s always glossed over. People seem to shy away from the issue. Whenever it is discussed, its distended and exaggerated. Gerard Butler is gay. No I’m not. I don’t know myself what I am so it can be bewildering to see that being plugged. I have been in relationships with women. And men. That doesn’t make me gay. That doesn’t make me straight. Its hard enough to go through these things in my mind without being scrutinised about it so there are times when you want to close the door and say my sexuality is my own personal business”
For now, Gerard can enjoy a small level of anonymity. During the release of Tomb Raider 2, Gerard even managed to sneak into a preview screening at the Lowes Theater on 34th Street. "I was late, so I had to find a seat at the side, couldn't see." However, he did get to see the fans reactions. "I really enjoyed it!" he admits.
Most likely that anonymity will dissipate with the release of Schumacher’s highly-anticipated- ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ but Gerard remains confident he can take it in his stride.
“At the end of the day, I’ll deal with it as it comes. I have enjoyed living an almost Earnest-like lifestyle- being able to attend movie premieres one minute and walking around London without being smothered the next. But everything has to change… eventually”
For the meantime, Gerard Butler has a lot to look forward to. Asked how he feels about the implications of his role in The Phantom Of The Opera, Gerard replies "Frightening and exciting." A paradox just like Gerard himself.

1753 days ago


Now he should put all of his focus on getting back into shape!! He has really let himself go since 300!!! Gerard, what are you thinking?!?!?!?!

1753 days ago


Good for him. I am thrilled. those photo dudes get away with too much. there should be a fan club for hunting them down.

1753 days ago


Gerard Butler is HOT!!!

1753 days ago


Maybe the Paps should back off cause looks like the judges arent pressing charges for anyone who does something to them now its about time paps back off let people live their lives geeeez!!

1753 days ago

Jay Cleary    

Who in the hell is Gerard Butler?

1753 days ago


Gerad should of beat the crap out of that person !!( even though I dont like violence lol ) Most paparazzis are totally wrong in the way they get the photos... If I were famous, I would probably go crazy by how much they ( paparazzi ) get away with and expect the stars to have to put up with it.... Its absolutely ridiculous !

1753 days ago


#8, you are right, who is this guy? If this guy spent less time on the paparazzi circuit and more time on concentrating on his miniscule acting talents then maybe he could have more a broader career and become a household name. His acting and his accents are not getting better. Strange, yes. Better, no. His fandom excuses his lack of talent, the new gut, and the childish antics as his senstive side. This guy in actuality is nowhere near senstive with his over the top antics. A certain overuse of the F word comes to mind.
To Gerard please put his issue behind you and let's move on please concentrate on making your career better. This gentleman also needs to make better acting choices and take more risks. This what an actor/producer should do. See careers of Warren Beatty, George Clooney, and other successful acting pictures.

1753 days ago

Urha Khunt    

He is the MAN! I would take him hard (muscles), soft and cuddly anyway baby! I would prefer him HARD though!!!!!!! He he he.....

1753 days ago


Gerard can get away with anything- he is God.

1753 days ago

ronna in l-town    

why are calling paparazzi Paps? what the hell, a pap is a papsmear, when i hear Pap, i think of a woman's gynecological exam, please stop using Pap as a shorter version of paparrazi, its freakin sick

1753 days ago



1753 days ago


wow i take fat two a verry sexy man from greg moore at the jersy shore wildwood nj

1753 days ago


Who the hell is Gerard Butler, and why on Earth should anyone care...

1753 days ago
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