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Battles It Out

in Small Claims Court

1/6/2010 4:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe just went head-to-head with a photographer who claims she defamed him by allegedly lying about an altercation between them in July -- and the case is now in the hands of a judge.

Moments ago in Lancaster, Ca. court, freelance photographer Ed Frommer accused Rowe of slander, libel and defamation -- and wants $7,500 in damages.

Rowe testified Frommer hounded her, repeatedly trespassing on her property, and denies defaming the dude.

The judge took the case under submission.


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I hope she wins.

He was obviously lying. First he said he couldn't get work and later claimed he was hired by the AP. Bitch please!

1729 days ago


That little piss ant photog needs to be put in his place, good luck Deb

1729 days ago


Never been a big fan of Debbie, but I hope she wins this one. He contridicted himself by saying no one would hire him and then told of being hired. He could not produce any evidence of what he was worth, (hard to put a price on a pile of dung).
Go Debbie, I hope the judge awards him NOTHING.

1729 days ago


This guy says he is a videographer then he says a paparazzi, there is a big difference, and which one are you? I watched the hole thing and it seems that all he wants is money (if he does win which I hope he does not he needs to get himself some teeth). Also he said on the news the day after the incident that his arm was hurt but the next day he was fine. This guy is a looser that is why he can't get work.

1729 days ago


Go Debbie let MJ push you around with excessively restricted agreements regarding your biological children and now its time to put an end to the stalking paparazzi who have started violating your wounded heart and personal privacy, too!

1729 days ago


Go Debbie!!

1729 days ago


HEY DEBBIE!!!!!! Please keep your eye on Michael Jackson's Children. They are living in SHARK INFESTED JACKSON WATERS!!!!!!!Protect them babies......

1729 days ago


7,500 Is the limit in small court so I hope he wins f this biotch

1729 days ago


Good luck Debbie, this razzy doesn't make any money if he wants damages for a ..scratch. Ridiculous.
Once you're done with this , go after the children, saw prince the other day he looks like he hasn't had a bath and a hair cut in a long time, those kids are used only for their money nobody takes care of them. The 'nanny' looks like she's been picked up at the street corner. The children have a terrible entourage.
Hope this gangsters let you see your children by now. If not, sue them.
This family is horrible.

1729 days ago


Good thing she didnt lose it and kick his ass like she wanted to. Why cant they just leave her alone. She doesnt share personal info. so whats the point of stacking her day and nite. She is in grief like everybody else. Her children lost thier father and Im sure her emotions were high that day this thing happened. This guy just wants money. I hope she wins and the judge puts a restraining order out to keep him away from her. Debbie hope everything with the kids work out. THanks for giving MJ the best years of his life by giving him children to enjoy and love and have a family like he always wanted.

1729 days ago


Thank goodness...this is a woman who does NOT want to be in the public eye. When she was married to the most famous man on earth for his 45 years in the public she didn't go out and give interviews blabbing his stuff. Hasn't even since. Others have...even under contract not to. Leave her alone. Maybe one day she WILL bless us with info we'd love to hear to let us into the real Michael. But, in the meantime GO Debbie...stick up for yourself and get in there and protect the kids that Michael can't now. You did it for him and bless you for that...but now they are parentless..just keep and eye open.

1728 days ago


I not a fan of Debbie but I do hope she wins this! and for those people talking trash about MJs children geez leave them alone! There is nothing wrong with the Jackson's! We are not in their family we only see and hear what the media wants us to! And the media is not and has not been very honstest when it comes to the Jackson family! MJ took very good care of his children,they are wonderful they look great! MJ didn't Debbie away,it was her choice to leave!

1725 days ago
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