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Sweaty, Glistening

... Sexy?

1/6/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Based on this video alone -- forget the 14 kids and the craziness etc. -- Nadya Suleman may have finally qualified for MILF status ... right?

With sweat pouring down her surprisingly toned body, the mother of fourteen threw on a revealing top and some spandex pants and hit an L.A. gym well past midnight earlier this morning.

The question is ...


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Ok TMZ I am watching you...u just dropped my post...tell me why was I right about TMZ/HARVEY? MY POST WAS COMPETELY CLEAN.

1710 days ago

Mad Max    

I totally would plow her. The vagina does not have nearly as much wear and tear due to the c-section

1715 days ago


she is a sociopath. No time spent with kids, lie after lie exposed. what r all the rite 2 lifers gonna do now to help support her fridg full?

1715 days ago


tell alls by the 'voluteers' are about to get half a mil. won't that be funny?. octo lies, they tell truth n make more...justice!

1715 days ago



1715 days ago


Let's see,what should I do?I love kids so much I wanted 14 of them,now they are here,should I.....stay home at night in case one of them wake up and need me?... Get some sleep so I can wake up early in the morning to spend time with them before my mani-pedi appointment?...Clean up that "haunted room"?...Read a book on raising autistic,and challenged children?...Read a book to the older ones?...Oh! I have a great idea,I'll go to the gym,after all the nannies are here if the kids wake up,and tomorrow I can sleep till 10,grab a shower and some starbucks on my way to the nail salon,the maid will be here tomorrow to clean,I have great teachers for my autistic and ADHD kids,(THANK YOU STATE OF CALIFORNIA!),the older ones can't really read very well,but hey, they can sure look at the pictures!,and when people see me exercising maybe they will think that is how I got in shape,instead of realizing that I spent thousands on my tummy-tuck,he-he

1713 days ago


...i know there's a lot of issues with her.. but c'mon , you people are a bunch of haters. so what if she wants to look better. if she doesn't do it, who's gonna' do it for her? you people? the way Jaz (#9). trust me. she don't need food stamps. you're paying for it. like or not. we all are. with all the news you see, all the magazines you read and all the times you click into this site. so there!
in my opinion, she's actually very smart. got more money than me, that's for sure.

1713 days ago


I think she is HOT as hell!!!

1713 days ago


can see why she has 14 kids

1712 days ago


If the RED FLAGS aren't flying here they should be. This is a major catastrophy waiting to happen. Where are the do gooders while this idiot uses these children, this sure is a poster for abortion...........Oh no let them be born to an idiot and then never help them escape. I haven't seen anyone concerned for these poor children that are willing to get them out of that mess and give them decent homes. They will end up dead at the very least one on these days when she finally goes off the deep end!!!!!!!!!!!

1637 days ago


this whole thing just makes me so sad. This woman is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Shes real, not some plastic surgery done up all slutty bleach blonde little girl with no respect for herself. Shes a woman who has had children, one of the most beautiful things on this earth, and she still looks more amazing than the average. It's so sad that she feels she needs to sell herself short and disrespect herself and her children just so someone will tell her shes beautiful. And yet she still gets torn down. I honestly don't undeerstand why everyone finds er so unatractive. She has a beautiful face and an amazing body all things considered. I think its really just the little boy's immaturity you all seem to have when it comes to women and sex. So disrespectful.

835 days ago
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