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NBC to Conan O'Brien -- The Choice Is Yours

1/8/2010 9:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NBC has given Conan O'Brien the option to either do his show from midnight to 1 or leave the network, sources tell TMZ.

Conan Obrien and Jay Leno

As TMZ first reported, after the Olympics, Jay Leno will get his 11:30 PM time period back. We're told network execs have told Conan they will let him decide if he wants the midnight to 1:00 AM time slot. If he does, Leno's show will only be a half hour. If Conan walks, Leno will get a full hour, informed sources tell TMZ.

Our sources say Conan has not decided what he wants. We do know he's pissed, because he was given no advanced warning this was coming. Conan's people told NBC they are considering the offer. Translation: Mr. O'Brien -- I have Rupert Murdoch on line one, Stephen McPherson on line two, John Landgraf on line three, Jeff Wachtel on line four ...

We're told if Conan gets another offer, even though NBC could block the move, they will let him go and give Leno the full hour.

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Conan should tell them all to kiss his bony befreckled arse and take his show where it will get a little more appreciation.

1712 days ago


Conan just needed more time. i believe he would've won over more viwers, but jay, o'brien and letterman all had shows that were very established in their time slots, it was a change evryone was going to have to get used to. jay and letterman had been in their time slot for ovver a decade,people had to adjust to the change and six months is not going to do it. you cant expect people to chnage fromsomething that had been going on for years immediately. lots of show struggle in the beginning, they have to hit their stride. where will conan go now?

1712 days ago


Wow, Jay proves himself once again to be a backstabbing jerk, which is funny because he presents himself as a dopey everyman. He did it to Letterman back when Carson retired and now he's weaseling his way back into what is now rightfully Conan's. And it's his fault because his new show sucked so bad that there was no lead-in audience for Conan. And my god, Conan is 100 times funnier than Jay ever was. And I used to be a dyed in the wool Letterman fan, but his show has become painful to watch. I loved Dave but I can't hang in there with him any more. I think Conan should pack up and go elsewhere and make everyone look bad. Good luck deserve much better than this and I hope you stick it to them all.

1712 days ago


I hope Conan quits, if not then he's a wimp!

1712 days ago


The end of Leno and NBC of late night for a long while. I loved Conan on his original show. Havennt watched him on the tonight show much, but have caught Jays new show, and it sucks. NBS is doing the same thing to Conan that they did to Letterman. They promised him the Tonight show, then slip in and give it to Jay, thats why his is on CBS now. I think he will take the 12 to 1 slot, and Jay's show will slowly die. I hope Conan has a contract that if he is bumped and dropped he can sue and sue for alot.

1712 days ago


Just bring things back to normal. Leno gets the Tonight Show back, Conan gets Late Night back and $40 million for breaching his contract and give Fallon Carson Dailys hour.

1712 days ago


What a horrible, despicable human being Jay Leno is. He already sabotaged Conan, has stolen his guests and now is forcing Conan out. Conan has been nothing but gracious to him and the network, was forced to move to LA and now they stab him in the back.

Jay Leno and Jeff Zucker can both rot in hell. If this happens, Conan fans should boycott NBC!

1712 days ago


They should just fire both of these idiots and give the Tonight Show to Chelsea Handler. She's hilarious.

1712 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

I side with Conan.. How dare Jay make people suffer because of "his" ego driven mistake. Conan is more likeable.. Jay wanted his own show, and got second thoughts after Conan moved his whole family out here to L.A. I think Jay should take the back seat,and eat s#*t!...Both are Comedians,but Conan has a past of good writing with the Simpsons,etc,extremely friendly. Best to not screw up his life because Leno got a big head.. Leno,go suck it.

1712 days ago


Is NBC that locked into a contract with Jay that they would keep him over Conan?
I read the postings of Jay's monologue on his show tonight (won't watch him, can't stand him). His comments weren't jokes about a false rumor, they were attacks and threats towards NBC. The same thing he did about a year ago when the rumor was that NBC was going to cancel him then. Is NBC that weak that they would bow down to him after threats like that... a second time? Is Leno that pompous that he actually thinks another network would beg him to come to them? His 10pm show has consistently been last in ratings; his guests are nothing - the guests he gets are there promoting stuff that is old and just released on DVD. The one guest he did get that had something new to promote (James Cameron) made Jay his last stop, after Conan and everyone else. Hell, Cameron had already done interviews on the local cable access shows and his movie had been out nearly a week, before he hit Jay's show.
Jay is washed up. No one cares... not the viewers, not even the celebs who need to promote their new movies. Let him go, NBC. If he does go somewhere else, let it be their lost revenue.
But if Conan chooses to go, he will get picked up and he will do excellent at any other network. NBC knows this, that's why they will try to block it, even though they'll let him go. Conan will win that legal battle, too.
Right now, NBC is in trouble. This past year, Conan and Fallon were the only things they had going for them.
Go Conan. I'm not a big fan of yours, but by God, I'll be a strong supporter!!!!

1712 days ago


Please remove #57's comment. Chelsea Handler? Idiot.

1712 days ago


The whole situation is pretty disgusting. If NBC didn't want to let Leno go, they shouldn't have. Now they've tainted everyone's reputation. Way to think ahead NBC.
And Conan, please bow out and find another network. Maybe Comedy Central will be interested?

1712 days ago


Everything will go back to how it was previously.........Leno will do an hour at 11:30 and Conan will bolt to FOX for a new show....and god I hope he changes the lame ass format and brings something better than what Letterman, Leno and previously Conan has brought and puts on something FRESH!!!!

Oh, and Conan will get bank too!!

1712 days ago


Remove my comment? What a fascist you are, Jen. Do you often advocate for censorship? No wonder you don't get Chelsea's humor, as it is clearly YOU who is the idiot. I feel sorry for you.

1712 days ago


@ No trailer trash:

You've got to be kidding me. You mean you find "Iron Jay" and "Mr. Brain" to be high comedy? Jay used to be funny when he was a relatively unknown standup making appearances on "Late Night With David Letterman" years ago. His comedy on the Tonight Show was so broad and watered down for the masses it was unbearable to watch. Conan's sketches are not all winners, but at least he still seems to have the hunger that Jay lost long ago.

I, for one, would rather see Conan on later in the evening. I found him funnier on "Late Night" when he didn't have to worry about offending the sensitive masses. I guess "Gun-Toting NASCAR Jesus" doesn't play too well at 11:30.

1712 days ago
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