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NBC to Conan O'Brien -- The Choice Is Yours

1/8/2010 8:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NBC has given Conan O'Brien the option to either do his show from midnight to 1 or leave the network, sources tell TMZ.

Conan Obrien and Jay Leno

As TMZ first reported, after the Olympics, Jay Leno will get his 11:30 PM time period back. We're told network execs have told Conan they will let him decide if he wants the midnight to 1:00 AM time slot. If he does, Leno's show will only be a half hour. If Conan walks, Leno will get a full hour, informed sources tell TMZ.

Our sources say Conan has not decided what he wants. We do know he's pissed, because he was given no advanced warning this was coming. Conan's people told NBC they are considering the offer. Translation: Mr. O'Brien -- I have Rupert Murdoch on line one, Stephen McPherson on line two, John Landgraf on line three, Jeff Wachtel on line four ...

We're told if Conan gets another offer, even though NBC could block the move, they will let him go and give Leno the full hour.

Stay tuned ...

FOX on Conan O'Brien -- We're Not Saying No...

Conan O'BrienConan O'Brien may have a late night option if the NBC thing doesn't work out -- TMZ has learned FOX isn't exactly backing away from the idea of bringing him to their network.

As we first reported, NBC is giving Conan the option of taking the midnight spot after Jay Leno, should he so choose.

But a source at FOX -- a logical landing point should Conan become a free agent -- tells TMZ that while they are "always interested in late night" and always "looking to bring great talent to FOX," Conan is still under contract with NBC, so FOX will "just have to see" what happens.

It's not a no.

One possible selling point FOX can make to Conan -- they can offer him an 11:00 PM time slot ... 35 full minutes before Jay or David Letterman take the air.

Madonna & Sean Penn -- The Secret Dinner Date

Madonna must have tucked Jesus into bed early last night, because she had an extremely long dinner date with another man ... a man she used to be married to ... a man by the name of Sean Penn.

Madonna: Click to watch
The couple, who had a volatile marriage from 1985-1989, hit up the Alain Ducasse restaurant at the St Regis Hotel where they spent more than three hours dining together.

FYI -- Madonna went home alone.

The Proclaimers: 'Memba Them?!

The twin brothers Craig and Charlie Reid made up the band "The Proclaimers" and became famous for their song "I'm Gonna Be(500 Miles)." Guess what they look like now!

Kids Being Kids

Hammin' it up for the cameras usually runs in the family. Check out these celebuspawns giving us a show.

Launch Photos

Kabbalah-Bling -- Totally Strung Out!

Once Madonna strapped one on, the little red bracelets became more popular than Ed Hardy shirts at a poser party! Check out who's rockin' the string!

Red Red Twine - Launch Photos

Hollywood's Puppets and Muppets

Have some of LA's biggest stars gotten their signature look from a fuzzy friends?

The Reader

From "Oh, The Places You'll Go" to "Odyssey" books are a great way to escape from the mundane.

Dustin Hoffman


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Who was the brain who hatched this Leno prime time conan tonight show in the first place ? Doomed from the start.

1747 days ago


Conan is just too hip for the oldsters who manage to stay awake until 11:30 pm.

1747 days ago


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1747 days ago


conan is stuipid one nite on the toniht show he had a guy stripper on his dek un dressing what a dork get him off before he ruins nbc

1747 days ago


coanan is a dork he has ruined what used to be excelent

1747 days ago

Aboona Joe    

Conan had "no advanced warning this was coming"? I can see the guy's dense, but THAT dense? This was the worst decision I can remember NBC ever taking -- and everything's been tanking since, including [I'm sure] Late Nite. Conan ought to leave quietly and do something he's good at -- whatever that might be. [It's sure not comedy or even entertainment.] NBC, turn the clock back to the "Night Before Conan" and put Leno where he belongs -- and do it NOW!

1747 days ago



1747 days ago


NBC hasn't throught this through they need to take the pill and keep Jay Leno at 10:00PM until the fall they have no backup plan and what are they going to put on at 10:00PM as they have no shows. This wasn't throught through very well.

1747 days ago


I really like Jay and always have Conan is agreat host but he has that Eastern type of aggressive humor. I can relate more to Jay sorry Conan welcome back Jay!!!!!

1747 days ago


Jay Leno is single handedly bringing down NBC.

1747 days ago


When leno took leave and then relocated himself to 10 p.m., disaster was on the horizon. First of all, Conan could NEVER carry the 11:30 slot ... he barely carried the late late night thing. They should have known that, and probably did .. but wanted to do something to stir the soup. It's sad for Conan, but he too should have been aware. Ratings tell it all. The biggest problem of why Leno's new slot failed -- his new format sucks (they were immediately told about placement of band, lazy "lay on a stool" band leader, can't even remember his name: oh yeh, Kevin. BORING! SINGER: BORING/SCREAMING/LOUD .....
His prior show wasn't broken, but apparently he wanted changed. Tested the waters and found out ...
it ain't gonna work! So, Conan's the victim, but had his chance.
Jimmie Fallon is a surprisingly entertaining guy ... fresh and funny. Had difficult time getting started, now he's smoothing out. Conan - BORING, predictable, forced interaction. The best thing we've had so far is Johnny Carson - natural talent and ability to carry a show like this (with partner Ed McMahan) ... creative, spontaneous, FUNNY ... UNpredicaqtor ....pure talent.
Their stuff wasn't STUPID .. their stuff was FUNNY. TODAY'S comedy involves too much stupid, ignorant and just plain dumb.
Leno's old show needs to come back ... stop the idiotic information gathering by fill-in un-professionals. Leno's "jay walking" ... good, funny. He's good at it - they are NOT.
Keep good guests, good interview .. stop the stupid car racing mentality and get on with entertaining us.

1747 days ago


NBC must be running on empty from the neck up. Conan should never have been moved to take Leno's spot, he's out of his league. The clown who made the decision to make the switch should be fired and NBC should hire someone with at least a little CLASS, this whole thing was handled poorly at best and not telling Conan before is proof of all of the above.

1747 days ago


Who cares, NBC doesn't exist in my world.

1747 days ago


Conan can join Dan Rather at NPR's employment office, waiting for Daniel Schorr to die.

1747 days ago

Old Timer    

Glad to see Conan going, never liked him on the late late show let alone the Tonight Show this guy is a dork. Bring back Johnny Carson's method of putting on a show, that's entertainment and good laughs!!!!

1747 days ago
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