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Photog Makes Snap Decision

on Lohan Lawsuit

1/10/2010 6:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's a good thing Lindsay Lohan knows a few good lawyers -- because the photog who claims he was almost killed by LiLo's driver this weekend is already talking lawsuit.

TMZ spoke with the photog -- not one of ours -- who told us, "Of course I'm going to sue them ... but I don't care about the money."

As we previously reported, Lohan's driver is a person of interest in a criminal assault with a deadly weapon investigation.

The photog claims he is "lucky to be alive" -- especially because the driver was wearing sunglasses while driving in a dark alley.

The photog added, "I want to press charges so badly ... she's going to jail."


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Jon Doe    

I love how everyone here bashes the paps. But it's the paps you get your precious photos to post on TMZ, how ironic?

1742 days ago



1745 days ago


This dude is just looking for money. Come on fatty, you see a car coming at you, you have to use your senses. Get the hell out of the way, idiot.

1745 days ago


That fat F@$% needs to realize he put himself in dangers way. While it was reckless of the driver, the situation would not have occured if they had not been hoarding around the car. This is why the paparazzi need to be CONTROLLED!

1745 days ago


What a gross pig. You hound these "celebs," following dangerously close, then cry when they almost hit you. Get me on that jury.

1745 days ago


ughh seriously? He was close enough to the MOVING CAR to realize that the driver was wearing sunglasses, which means his fat@s$ should've realized that he needed to get out of the way. I hate how these people think that they have the right to safety when they're the ones throwing themselves all over the place to sell a picture of a celebrity. Talk about living a PATHETIC life. He lives off of the money he makes from taking pictures of someone just trying to live their life.

1745 days ago


He needs to take his fat azz and sit down somewhere.

He was standing further back from the car then the other paps, he had plenty of time to move.

1745 days ago

dirty diana    

yup, the fat f%^k is looking for an easy way out.... and dumbass if you didn't have all those cameras flashing in their face, they wouldn't be wearing sunglasses, dumb ass!!!!

1745 days ago


I don't know why he's talkin' sue her, sue her. Many people are saying that the paparazzo(don't know if it was this particular guy) came up to the car and started obstructing the car's path and setting off the flashes in the driver's eyes.

On another thread, someone was asking about laws. All I know is that not too long ago, someone was trying to get a law passed that says you have to stay 100 feet away from whoever you're photographing, but I don't know if the law passed or not. I don't think it did.

1745 days ago


I agree with num 3., I do not care about stars think its overrated, but I live in bererly Hills and the papar. are unbearable they run red light they endanger everybody around them they jum in front of your car, they push.... its ridiculous he is suing if they didnt start driving they woulkd never leave....

1745 days ago


SHE'S going to jail? She wasn't driving, idiot! Photogs need to learn to stay out of the way.

1745 days ago


She's not going to jail and prosecutors won't seek charges against the driver. She was wearing sunglasses because the paparazzi's flashes are blinding. He's the reason why she's wearing glasses and he's the reason why he got ran over. Lindsay had nothing to do with the 'incident' and could only be sued if she's the legal owner of the car - but the lawsuit would be dismissed without prejudice.

1745 days ago


To me, it sounds like this guy is reaching.
He has issues. It seems like he has unresolved issues that he's somehow bringing into this attempted fiasco.

1745 days ago


Are you guys insane? Just because there is a fat paparazzi in front of your car who won't move DOES NOT make it okay to run him down! Is he an idiot? Yes. Should he end up with a nice settlement? Of course he should, he got run over for christ's sake. That's like a paparazzi telling Sean Penn that he banged his mother and then suing for getting is ass kicked. Was the pap dumb for saying it? Yes. Was he asking for it? Of course. Does he still deserve to get paid? Definitely. This is an easy settlement.

1745 days ago


He pissed his pants and was crying , need I say more about his stellar character ???

1745 days ago
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