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Casey Johnson's Funeral

1/12/2010 2:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Johnson's FuneralCasey Johnson's funeral was held today on the East Coast, family sources tell TMZ.

We broke the story that the Johnson & Johnson heiress died ... possibly late last month, though her body was found on January 4.

Sources say it's increasingly looking like Johnson's frail medical condition -- which included diabetes -- may have caused her death.

Casey Johnson's Funeral


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Find out the truth about Tila's pregnancy, and Tila herself, here:

1745 days ago


This is such a sad story - she did not live a perfect life - no one does. I cannot believe some of the disrespectful comments. It is sad any time anyone has falls into such a sad lifestyle.

1745 days ago

Terry Joe    

Whatever the cause of this girls death, I think it's a disgrace that she ever got hooked up with the likes of that dreadful Tila GoQuila (er, Tequila I mean). Until this story broke, I had no idea WHO Casey Johnson was; I asked my neighbor who this Tila was and she said she was a television reality 'star'. HA ! " You've got to be kidding", I repsonded to her..." On WHAT "?, I further questioned. That video of Casey and the Tila showing off that huge diamond ring was simply disgusting. If in fact Miss Tequila is a lesbian, then, she's a disgrace to the lesbian community!

1745 days ago

Pretty Ricky    

She treated life like it was a 24 hour party. She never really grew up and became a responsible adult. All her partying and not taking care of herself caught up with her. You can't abuse drugs and alcohol with an illness like diabetes.

1745 days ago


I really hope it comes out that her death was simply a complication from her medical conditions and not a prescription over-dose/combination situation. I would just hate to see yet ANOTHER celebrity death be a result of excessive enabling, but then when you've got all these shady characters like Howard K. Stern and Monjack and Dr. Conrad Murray on the loose there is always the risk of those sorts of deaths. Maybe a court will make an example of one of them and we won't have quite so many premature celebrity deaths.

1744 days ago

Drugs Kill    

Tila simply used the whole "It's sexy to be a lesbian" thing to get attention, whether it was cooked up by MTV or whatever. This trash would do ANYTHING to get her name on the airwaves/internet. Her Twitter page is simply DISGUSTING.

1744 days ago


Sad. Sucks, and shows that money and privilege doesn't always mean happiness and health. Another young girl dying, anyone dying is sad especially for those that loved her. Hate to say it, but doesn't seem like Tila Tequila did and that Tila will try to bank on this girl's death. Sad. Have you seen her press meetings lately? lame.

1744 days ago


Drug dealers in Los Angeles will have to sell to other rich drug addicts because one of their biggest clients bit the dust. The only ones feeling the real financial pinch are the drug dealers. Not like any charities are missing her support.

1744 days ago


I read over on EOnline that her parents cut off her phone so how is it that texts and voicemail worked? Who called and who text to verify this? Does a phone go to voice when it gets cut off? So many questions...

On Good Morning America the therapist said this kind of Tough Love that the Johnson's were using on Casey was definitely the wrong kind of Tough Love to be using because it is old school and they have found a better way and more successful ways at handling addicts. They said it could actually of been the cause of Casey's death.

In any event, this is truly one of the saddest story's Ive seen media report on a death. Just think, the Forbes 10th wealthiest family in the world and they couldn't figure out that what she really needed cost them nothing. You don't open your wallet for love, you give it from your heart. It's an emotion, you can't buy it. Her friends that are worth millions could not find the time to give it to her either. All she needed was love, real love, to feel loved and to give it. Casey couldn't get that love she so desperately deserved and needed, every person needs love to survive in life weather they think they do or not. Un-loved people are bitter, cold, ruthless etc., this story is so sad. Its amazing how the wealthiest people in the world are really the stupidest people in the world.

Rest in Peace Casey

1744 days ago


How sad that I immediately assume drugs were part of this story. After prescription drugs played a part in the deaths of so many celebrities (and psuedo-celebrities) in the past few years (Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy etc. etc. etc.), I can only hope that something will be done to make it harder for these celebrities and their sycophants to get their hands on and abuse prescription drugs. Hopefully when Howard Stern and the two doctors in the Anna Nicole Smith trial are found guilty, it will be the wake up call these people need!

1744 days ago
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