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'The Tonight Show' with Jay Leno ... The Sequel

1/12/2010 9:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay LenoJay Leno will get his one-hour show back, and it will be called "The Tonight Show".... sources tell TMZ.

We're told NBC honchos still have to sit down with Jay's rep and put the finishing touches on a new deal, but NBC has signed off on the plan if Conan O'Brien leaves ... and Conan has made it clear that he's leaving the network, and not on good terms.

O'Brien took several cheap shots at Leno in his blistering letter, denigrating Leno's show as a "comedy program."

Sources tell TMZ Jay and Conan have not spoken with each other since NBC announced the switch.

It's looking increasingly like Conan may be making a deal with Fox for a late night show from 11:00 PM to midnight.


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Looks like in this case, the Big Chin wins!

1682 days ago


executives at NBC sure are smart, LOL! where did NBC find these executives? they sure have a bright future,LOL!

1682 days ago


SNICKER, your comment lacks any humor, and is about as stale as Jays jokes. By the minority of comments here, it actually seems to me all the trailer trash denizens are following Leno.

1682 days ago


I don't get it..Leno tanks at his new time slot before the local news programs, so Conan loses his job being successful after the local news??....I think Leno must have something on NBC to pull this heist off..he should be ashamed and no one should watch him back on The Tonight show..I won't for one..NBC has lost a loyal viewer in me.not that they care.

1682 days ago


It took Leno a good 2 years or more to gain an audience against Letterman, who kicked his ass for those two years as the King of late night TV. NBC didn't give Conan a fair chance. They gave him a poor lead in (Leno's show which got horrible ratings doing the exact same tired schtick he did on the Tonight Show) and only 7 months. NBC pulled a big stinky, and so did Leno. I will follow wherever Conan goes and boycott Leno.

1682 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

Good for Jay who showed the real class in all this.

Let Coco go to Fox which what he should have done in the first place instead of trying to hijack the Tonight Show from Jay.

Fox can dry his wittle eyes and blow his wittle nose for him.

Good luck, Coco, with your new right wing conservative buds. I'm sure that won't try to censor your political humor...cough. cough.

1682 days ago


I'm an old woman who sees both sides of this debacle and likes both Conan and Leno.
The story: Leno was told to leave approximately 6 years ago to make room for CoCo to appease the little boy demographics which I'm not part of. He agreed to make room for demographics' sake. He was #1 in ratings then. When he left he was #1 in ratings. CoCo came in and was given a mere 7 months to become number 1. Not enough time. It's my understanding, and I believe I'm correct, that during the Leno Tonight Show era, Leno did not cash any of his paychecks. Enough people came out with this info and Leno did confirm it one night. That counts for a great deal of loyalty to NBC which is why he's getting the job back. They are both being played by NBC but neither of them are bad guys.
Harvey, if you and your staff know of the unpaid paychecks, please post this info.

1682 days ago


More Drama at 10 P.M. for N.B.C.

1682 days ago


Yay!!! for Jay Leno!!!

Please visit in support of Jay Leno's return to The Tonight Show!!!

Also don't forget to sign the petition for the same cause!

1682 days ago


maybe the executives at NBC can help Obama with the economy,LMAO.

1682 days ago


"and Conan's made it clear that he's leaving".

I hope you're not basing the rest of the article on that assumption, because if you think that, you haven't read Conan's piece.

What is *says* is "If you want Jay, you're going to have to loudly, publicly, kick me the hell out. The only thing you *can't* do is push Tonight back into tomorrow."

Everyone else is quite clear on that; even Nikki, who took a couple of writethrus to figure it out.

1682 days ago


All you Cocoheads blaming Jay Leno saying Conan has more class forget how Conan and the NBC execs walked into Leno's office and told him Conan was taking over The Tonight Show when Leno was #1 in the ratings. Jay NEVER wanted to leave, he was forced to do so and all during the transition Jay was a standup guy, he didn't say a negative thing about Conan! And this BS Conan is putting out about not getting a fair chance? He had 6 YEARS to get prepared and when Jay gave him the show, he laid an egg on the first night! There is a reason Conan was a writer for the Simpsons for only two seasons, because he's not funny!! NBC has now realized they show have shown him to door when he threatened to leave 6 years ago and they are putting things right. The only bad thing is Jay will have to work really hard to get back all the viewers he lost because of this whole debacle.

1682 days ago

TOO BAD SO SAD :-p    

Poster Lisa, you're clearly on crack. You really shouldn't be doing that stuff, it'll destroy braincells -- & u don't have any to spare LOL! 'nuff said

1682 days ago


i think it's crummy what happened to conan. if jay didnt work out with his new show it should be buhbye! i dont blame conan for leaving NBC (stands for Never Believe you Contract according to Jay). I like Jay, but guys...his show sunk, not Conan's.

1682 days ago


I believe that Jay Leno is an awful human being. Howard Stern has been right about Jay Leno.

1682 days ago
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