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'The Tonight Show' with Jay Leno ... The Sequel

1/12/2010 9:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay LenoJay Leno will get his one-hour show back, and it will be called "The Tonight Show".... sources tell TMZ.

We're told NBC honchos still have to sit down with Jay's rep and put the finishing touches on a new deal, but NBC has signed off on the plan if Conan O'Brien leaves ... and Conan has made it clear that he's leaving the network, and not on good terms.

O'Brien took several cheap shots at Leno in his blistering letter, denigrating Leno's show as a "comedy program."

Sources tell TMZ Jay and Conan have not spoken with each other since NBC announced the switch.

It's looking increasingly like Conan may be making a deal with Fox for a late night show from 11:00 PM to midnight.


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Once again, Zucker and Leno manipulate the facts with TMZ's help. Jay Leno will be remembered as a back-stabber to everyone he ever worked with even listening in on executives phone calls. I hope Conan got some bucks for NBC breaking the contract for whiney azz Leno. How many times does Zucker get to fluck up too?

1723 days ago


What NBC and Jay are doing to Conan shows thier character and Conan is showing his. Go Conan, NBC and their decisions just suck.
No longer a Leno fan.

1723 days ago


I don't know why all of a sudden there is so many self-proclaimed Conan supporters when his ratings clearly pointed the opposite direction. Why don't you guys watch his show for once? Maybe you'll understand why he is getting bumped!

1723 days ago


13. Just a paranoid thought to throw on the pile. Is it possible Leno was always about not doing well at 10 and getting his spot back?

Starting months ago he's been quoted as saying if the 10'o'clock show doesn't work out he would be happy to go back to 11:30.


Ding, ding, ding! You just figuring out how manipulative Leno really is? Do some googling about his past reputation.

1723 days ago

the thing is    

Kevin, if the people here decide to support Conan, then so be it. It just so happens many here support him. Why does that bother you? You don't know what these people watch at home, so it's stupid to say they don't, or haven't watched Conan, because they obviously support him. Everyone is entitled to pick a side. You are just mad that they went against you. I don't like Leno, but I won't talk crap on anybody who does like him. Grow up bro.

1723 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    




A.N.Y.B.O.D.Y W.H.O S.A.Y.S H.E D.I.D, P.R.O.D.U.C.E O.N.E S.H.R.E.D O.F E.V.I.D.E.N.C.E O.R S.H.U.T Y.O.U.R F.U.*.*.I.N.G M.O.U.T.H.S

1723 days ago

Matt Phillips    


1723 days ago


Cheap shots? Did we read the same letter? Conan was as classy as can be.

1723 days ago


Zucker needs to be sh!t canned. NBC should be paying Conan millions. Stupid TMZ is taking potshots at Conan, twisting the story but yet, cannot find out if Conan was paid. Someone at tmz must be buddies with Zucker or Leno.

1723 days ago


A whole lot of stupid Leno/Conan bashing in here, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

@Conan taking cheap shots at Leno in his statement: Was TMZ reading the same letter that I was? If Leno's show isn't a comedy program, then what the hell is it?

@people saying Conan's low ratings make him less deserving of the Tonight Show: Here's a fact - Leno couldn't beat Letterman either in the beginning. It took a while for Leno to actually beat Letterman in the ratings, two years if I got my facts straight. Did anybody honestly expect a new person like Conan to beat Letterman after only SEVEN MONTHS on the air? Give him time, people. Apparently you were willing to give Leno the benefit of the doubt back then, why not Conan? You can say that Conan's humor only applies to younger audiences, but these are the people who are going to be watching TV 10-20 years from now.

@people saying it's all Leno's fault: It isn't. Blame the executives at NBC. Leno was CONSIDERING retirement five years ago. It was NBC's fault that they assumed he would retire in five years (and no, Conan had nothing to do with Leno's "retirement" plans) and it was NBC's fault that they stuffed him into the 10PM primetime slot because they didn't want to make a competitor out of him. All Leno's doing is coming along for the ride.

So if you want to blame anybody for this fiasco, blame NBC. Not Conan. Not Leno.

But I might as well take a side, so TEAM CONAN RULES!

1723 days ago

the thing is    

@S.T.F.U- Is this good enough, it quotes Jay ANNOUNCING HIS RETIREMENT in the first paragraph.

1723 days ago


"· Saw Jay Leno coming out of a Burbank bookstore in the Media District followed by a dude with a cellphone to his ear. I've seen Leno several times in the Valley, and he's always dressed the same - blue work shirt and jeans. The other dude talked into his cellphone as Leno signed a couple autographs. I was getting in my car next to his convertible antique-something, just as a homeless guy with a shopping cart and dog passed by, and Leno said, to his friend or to no one, "Jeff Zucker in six months." Why isn't he that funny in his monologue?" Jay Leno in 2005!!
Nice way to talk about his friend, Jeff.

1723 days ago


@"by the thing is", LOL, I wasn't mad at all. I'm just merely saying, all these "supporters" that came out of the woodwork don't really pull any real weight because Conan's ratings sucked big time. If it is because of a weak lead-in, then I question their ability to change channels. Bottomline is his ratings sucked. No excuses, just sucked. Make sense? Grow up kid.

1723 days ago

the thing is    

To make it easy for you, I put both links in the same message, yay!,,702402,00.html

Should I keep going, because there are many more links than these.

1723 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    

Hey, here you go. Where the f**k does Jay mention retirement. "Plan for my successor" ain't retirement. He had no choice. NBC FORCED him to have a successor.

Now STFU and go sit in the corner. You're to stupid to post any more.

1723 days ago
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