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Tila's Relationship with Casey

Publicity Stunt

1/13/2010 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila's relationship with Casey Johnson was nothing more than a publicity stunt ... this, from Casey's own mouth in the weeks before her death.

We've learned two of Casey's friends have come forward and said they each received separate calls from the late Johnson & Johnson heiress saying her relationship with Tila was "all for show." The friends say Casey told them she had met Tila only 3 days before the infamous engagement video.

The friends say Casey made it very clear ... she and Tila were not together. And here's the thing ... a friend says Tila was in the room when Casey made the calls.

Tila is now saying she wants custody of Casey's daughter. FYI, she has no legal standing to even make a case.


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It makes me ill that anyone would feel sorry for this Tila girl. She only knew Casey for a month or less. And Casey was dead for a few days before this girl even found out about it.....If they were so close, why didn't she go over there to see what was going on?

Tila is pathetic.

1706 days ago


26. To call Tila a whore would give actual whore's a bad name. That bitch is twisted!
Posted at 6:25PM on Jan 13th 2010 by Scott

No Scott, she is not twisted. She is straight buckets of crazy!

1706 days ago


Okay I've had enough of this lying excuse for a human being and you all giving her every and any moment she wants of publicity - Get the story right.

Anyone notice (hint hint LOS ANGELES POLICE DO YOUR JOB!) that the card Tila first showed was dated December 27th noting it was given to her upon her return home. Tila has been making herself look more and more obvious since day one of this unfortunate death. The videos she shot for Radar Online were the most incriminating yet. Again, first he card... Her fake cry, gasping, mumbling is acting 101 for bad acting as in "not to do". It was so pushed. Watch how long it took for one real tear to drop, which was probably because make-up finally got in there. She was clearly with Casey when she died, and she ran, because drugs were involved-period. Cause she is a drug attic herself. How I can be the only one to see this is completely insane. I think Joe Francis knows also! Pathetic.

Her story constantly changes as to what date she came home etc etc etc... Hey Tila - If you've been estranged from your sister for so long why are you two in this picture six months ago having a great time:

That she is so far gone to know all this - yet easily put on this show - and no one doing their job in the media calling her on this bs - while she also has the gall to take it so far to throw daggers at the deceased's family - and say she will apply for custody of the child (obviously for money) It is so sickening that this girl could be so... There isn't even a word disgusting enough in the dictionary. I hope they arrest her. If they don't - Los Angeles residents should honestly file a complaint with the police commissioner.

We constantly question why these people die so young - yet we never hold any enablers responsible!

1706 days ago


By the way - didn't she first say and tell police her and casey had a fight which is why they hadn't spoken???!!!

1706 days ago


If you watch her CNN interview with Jane, she says this is not true!

1704 days ago


this is bs

274 days ago
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