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Leno and NBC Strike 1 Hour 'Tonight' Deal

1/14/2010 10:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno has made a new deal with NBC, which gives him "The Tonight Show" from 11:35 - 12:35 ... sources tell TMZ.

As we first reported, under the contract Jay had been working under, he was guaranteed the 10 PM hour. By moving him to 11:35, NBC was in breach of his contract and needed to negotiate a new deal. That is now done, sources tell TMZ.

So Conan O'Brien is out, and Jay is restored.

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Leno is a dirt-bag .. that expressed, this history will be forgotten .. I hope Comcast cleans out the top 2 execs when they get control. Zucker out first, then Gaspin 2nd -- to bye-bye land.

Conan O'Brien is not super great talent, but his deal was a deal. Leno is a tired unfunny. However, many car collectors are well aware of how Jay Leno scammed an old man in NYC out of 80% of the value of car Leno lusted for. Leno's a crook.

1650 days ago


Stupid is as stupid dose
N B C is going to loose more viewers then ever. Leno has lost more viewers than N B C will ever admit good luck with no one watching this ahole.
Conan needs to take this once powerful network for all it may be worth if anything how long has N B C gone without a hit show much longer if they keep the fools who are runing things. I haven't watch for meny years and won't.

1650 days ago

The Gorz    

Good. I'm glad. The only people Conan attracts are the white trash morons who watch white trash television like pro wrestling and Married with Children. Jay Leno is for us - the normal, civilized people. Conan O'Brien's humor is too low-class and too trashy for late night. He would be much better on public access where his sick humor is more acceptable.

Long live Jay Leno! Goodbye to the worst piece of garbage entertainer ever!

1650 days ago


If I ever meet Jeff Zucker and his renfield Leno, I'm going to punch them both in the nuts!

1650 days ago


I don't agree that Conan "stole" The Tonight Show but even if that is true Leno is simply not funny, he has dumbed down humor and I think that attracts certain viewers but Conan is HILARIOUS and 100 times more talented. I can only hope we'll be able to see him soon on FOX!

1650 days ago


NBC is out of their MINDs!!!!! Conan is the most talented person on that network BY FAR.

Jay leno is officially the biggest douche EVER! I'm never watching NBC latenight again.

I'll shove one of his stupid old cars where the sun don't shine.

1650 days ago


I'm not team Leno, Conan, Letterman, or Kimmel, however, Conan's Tonight Show was third in the ratings, behind Nightline. If all these posters are anti-Leno and team Conan, where was their support for him on the Tonight Show as it slowly tanked. Sounds like a bit of hypocrisy. Craig Ferguson is the best and most inventive of them all. Watch Craig's monologue, then watch the rest and you will see what I mean.

1650 days ago


We as fans need to BOYCOTT NBC. Watch your news on another network and get your olympic coverage from the internet. Please send an e-mail to the sponsors of the tonight show and let them know that you will boycott them if Conan is taken off of NBC in his contracted time slot.Subway is one of the biggest sponsors. Please look for the BOYCOTT WEBSITES coming soon. Jay Leno is a bully and a HACK. Jeff Zucker will pay...LETS SHOW NBC HOW A PISSED ON AUDIENCE REACTS.....BOYCOTT NBC!!! DESTROY NBC!!!

1650 days ago


Has anybody noticed that Jay Leno's articulation has gotten materially worse lately? He can no longer get through a monologue without horrid mispronounciations, mistakenly placed syllables in words, slurred words to the point that one must actively try to "translate" what the heck he is trying to say. Has anyone not noticed this about Jay!? The man is way past his prime! Seriously Jay, bow out gracefully like a man and start doing a nightly Vegas show instead.

1650 days ago

Chelsea K    

Jay Leno SUCKS. Poor Conan.

1650 days ago


I love when people say Conan screwed up, when in fact he didn't. I started watching the Tonight Show w/ CONAN not jay. Jay was not funny, Letterman is funnier than him and thats a stretch. I will follow Conan to his new network, when and if he gets one! But I can't really boycott NBC all together, I have to watch Nightly News w/ Brian!!

1650 days ago


I haven't watch talk shows since the day's of Johnny Carson, Johnny wanted Dave which I can't stand at all can't stand talk shows, Johnny must be laughing his ass off, RIP. I have 400 channels and the T&A movie channels, so I don't need to watch them, have been following this though. There is a 10% unemploment rate, we could be attacked at any moment, that's what I worry about, people need to get real worried about these two.

1650 days ago


Wow. Jay is pretty low to deal with those evil executives. What a corporate shill.

1650 days ago

Jay is the undisputed "King of Late Night" on NBC and shouldn't of had to step down until he's good and ready. He deserves "The Tonight Show" back...unless he does another stupid "Great White Moments in Black History."

1650 days ago

Mr. Coffee    

Down with the Chin!

1650 days ago
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