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Leno and NBC Strike 1 Hour 'Tonight' Deal

1/14/2010 10:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno has made a new deal with NBC, which gives him "The Tonight Show" from 11:35 - 12:35 ... sources tell TMZ.

As we first reported, under the contract Jay had been working under, he was guaranteed the 10 PM hour. By moving him to 11:35, NBC was in breach of his contract and needed to negotiate a new deal. That is now done, sources tell TMZ.

So Conan O'Brien is out, and Jay is restored.

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don't understand why celebrities put us through the whole retiring ordeal with teary goodbyes and putting us through memory lane retrospectives when they just come back When Jay Leno announced his retirement it was ..Jay's last year, Jay's last episode .. if you are going to retire....

1751 days ago


Yeah! So glad to hear that Jay Leno will be returning to his rightful home. Conan's brand of humour is not my cup of tea. I'm sure he will make a HUGE problem for the network at this time which is unfortunate. I didn't find him funny before. He is even less funny now. GO AWAY PEACEFULLY, CONAN!! GO AWAY!!

1751 days ago


Ugh. I hate Leno. He used to be cool 15 years ago, and now he's nothing but a big douche. FAIL!

1751 days ago


Boo. Fail NBC.

1751 days ago


It's a raw deal to ask Conan to move to 12:30am BUT COME ON CONAN! Be grateful you have a job in this grim economy. Don't be petty, because your decision will put your whole staff in the unemployment line. $80 million to move back one hour. JUST DO IT! whine, whine, whine

1751 days ago


It's funny if all the late night hosts start ripping each other on their shows. Much more interesting than political jokes and skits!

1751 days ago


Leno is a db. He said he was going to retire six years ago and he should stick to that. These shows are usually on too late for me but I will fall asleep with Conan on just so he gets the ratings!

1751 days ago

Donnie Howard    

I am a Leno fan, and personally I never thought Conan was funny. I found most of his stuff to be pretty corny. People talking about how Conan is getting a raw deal, well........ Jay got the raw deal first. He was in first place consistently and was pretty much pushed out the door against his will for Conan. Conan sure didn't care about Leno getting a raw deal back then and being forced out of a job he loved and was successful at, so why should Jay care if Conan is getting a raw deal now?

1751 days ago


As I said in another post, ABC reported this morning that the NBC exec who orchestrated Conan's move to the Tonight Show went to Harvard with Conan, wrote for the Harvard Lampoon with Conan, and has been Conan's friend for decades. It looks suspicious to me.

1751 days ago


Why all the Jay bashing? Jay really didn't do anything wrong. First of all, he didn't retire, NBC pushed him out when they made a promise to Conan to give him the Tonight Show whether or not Jay wanted to leave. Jay is coming back due to Conan not wanting to change times (which I agree with, btw). Seems to me Conan is the cry-baby cause he can't have the "toy" he's wanted and didn't want to wait till Jay retired. As those who love the jerk that is called president say to those that don't like his governing ways, "Get over it!"

1751 days ago


Such royally unfair and classless moves by NBC to Conan!! Will MISS WATCHING HIS SHOW SO MUCH. He's brilliant so I look forward to his next move. Move to cable! Do it!

1751 days ago


this sucks jay should have seen this coming from the moment they ask him to do the 10p.m. show, as for conan leave n.b.c. and take another the 11p.m. show that fox will offer u and only take 2 to 3 million a year so that n.b.c still has to pay u the rest of your contract stick it to them

1751 days ago


First of all, Conan is a fool who only THINKS he is funny. I cannot stand him & wouldn't watch him if I were to get paid for it. I have watched Leno more in his earlier timeslot and I will miss that. Lord knows it is a challange to find anything else on TV that is worth watching! As for you who think you are hurting Leno and NBC by watching a different network, unless you are a Nielson household, it makes no difference in the world. Your tuning in or not doesn't count in the slightest.

1751 days ago


I actually still thought Jay would do the honorable thing and bow out... wrong! Come back to NYC Conan, we miss you... and wherever you go, we're there!

1751 days ago


Leno suks bwallz

1751 days ago
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