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Jay vs. Conan -- It Gets Personal

1/14/2010 3:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The late night battle rages on -- and last night, Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien both took shots at each other and slammed NBC during their opening monologues.

Leno & O'Brien: Click to watch
Jay said the situation at the network was more "dynfunctional" than the Gosselins, while Coco said you can achieve "anything you want in life ... unless Jay Leno wants it too."

So the question is ...


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Conan, quite your little girlie whining, you had more time to establish your show at 11:30 than Leno did at 10:00, suck it up, it's business. The network knows where the money is and it's not with O'brien. He still does the same old stupid crap he did on Late Night, it's juvenile and boring - especially in his opening. What's with that stupid 'trademark' rooster hair, isn't it time for a big-boy haircut? I'll be glad to see him go, buh-bye.

1743 days ago

roy nutters    

I'm With COCO

1743 days ago


Hey everyone, notice how Leno's "joke" was NOT AT ALL FUNNY, while Conan's was? Leno, notice how much funnier Conan is for you?

That is why we hate you.

1743 days ago


I find it strange that Conan, a funny man, is surprised at what is happening. They kicked Jay Leno out, to make room for Conan, and Lenos rating were better than Letterman. Conan was not upset about pushing Leno out. Now, when the shoe is on the other foot, he is kicking up a storm. Now I understand why Lettermen is joining in, he is a old, acerbic bitter man. He let the sex thing come forward for attention in hopes of making his rating go up. But come on Conan, you did a bad thing, now Karma is coming back at you. Man up!!!

1743 days ago


Conan is starting to sound like a bitter whiny baby. Just like Letterman.

1743 days ago


jay leno is a doucher. period.. hes not even funny.. which should be cruicial in a COMEDY show.. im sorry i may not have my own show but even i can be funnier than his corny ass.. damn nerds...

1743 days ago


The tonight show has been a comedy show for soooo long and then take away the comedy for Conan to do his pull up his pants thing is just silly, people want a bit of a laugh when they're winding down.

It's sad to see a 47 year old guy trying to do anything to get somebody to laugh and he doesn't even get a groan.

1743 days ago


Jay Leno is the true victim in this whole mess, he was forced into retirement so that Conan wouldn't leave NBC years ago. He never asked for any of this mess!! I do feel bad for Conan, but it is not Jay Leno's fault!!!

1743 days ago


Conan's ratings tanked shortly after he took over the Tonight Show. In his previous gig, following Jay, he was losing to the opposition too. NBC made a mistake when it promised him the TS 5 years ago, and should have reneged on that deal, rather than going through the current mess.

Honestly, after 15 years of doing this, you'd think Conan would be sick of coming out and standing there sucking up for more applause, and then saying "we have a great show tonight" in 5 different ways. There's 3 minutes gone, almost every night. Boring.

I hope Conan finds a home on ABC or Fox, mostly for the sake of his staff, who uprooted from the East coast, but I won't be watching him.

1743 days ago


Ehh? Conan was looking to host a show on a earlier timeslot after it was announced in 2004 that Leno got a new 5-years deal.
Conans contract was until 2006 but NBC promised to him that he would take over Tonight Show after Leno in 09. So he signed a new contract to host Late night between 06-09 and then Tonight Show 09-11.

Leno was going back to his roots, as he said, doing stand-up. But when 09 got closer he started to think of staying as a talkshow-host. So NBC got to do a panic-signing do prevent other networks hiring him.
And so he got a prime-time show because it was already a full-schedule.
So again was Leno´s show earlier then Conan.
Now when Leno FAILED attract enough viewers, so does Conan have to push-back HIS show (First time in Tonight Shows history) to his old Late night timeslot. Which mean that Fallon and Daly also have to have a later timeslot.
Conan BEAT Letterman in the latest ratings, it took him 7 months. It took Leno 18 months do the same thing

Conan have done great, it´s Leno that failed. And now everyone gets f*cked up because of him.

1743 days ago


Leno is an ass. As it's been pointed out, Leno was given 2 years of having poor ratings to get his footing as the Tonight Show host. I like how he's acting like it's poor him that he has to take Conan's job away.

1743 days ago


Jay AGREED to retire. Noone "forced" him to do it. Now he wants his old show back because his new show was terrible and got cancelled? The show completely unoriginal, it was the exact same show! It was like having 2 Tonight Shows on. NBC split their audience and then acted surprised when ratings were down on both shows DUH. And I don't see Conan trying to get Fallon booted off the Late Show so he can have it back. Leno needs to go away, he is not relevant or funny anymore. Leno sucks.

1743 days ago


Hey Conan. Stop crying and complaining and take some of that elitist Harvard grad millions you are making and show some humanistic character in yourself by donating for the relief efforts in Haiti. Get some perspective and quit acting immature.

I don't hate Conan at all. I wish he and his family all the best but seriously, he needs to stop this greedy elite mentality and start spending some of that money on the most horrific devastation with the Haiti earthquake.

Jay Leno did FREE concerts to those suffering from job losses in Detroit with the collapse of the auto industry. Jay Leno has the right perspective on life.

Man Up Conan. Help others for a change instead of simply looking out for your own self!!

1743 days ago


Has anyone else noticed how bitter and angry the Leno followers are? Reminds me of my grandparents when the store runs out of their brand of applesauce. Bunch of old whiney, no sence of humor my life sux people. Should try to watch Conan, maybe put a smile on their faces since he's the funniest mofo on the planet!

1743 days ago

moe l.    

Conan was never very funny. Leno told way better jokes. And now that Conan's not getting his way, he's throwing a tantrum. Conan's just confirming that NBC did at least one thing right by kicking him down the stairs.

1743 days ago
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