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Kimmel's Brutal Leno Beatdown

On Jay's Show!

1/15/2010 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jimmy Kimmel completely destroyed Jay Leno on his own show last night -- constantly ripping the talk show host apart for taking back the 11:35 PM time slot.

Trust us, this gets pretty damn awkward/awesome.


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Come on people! Jay was forced out. Johnny left because he wanted to. Jay has always said he wanted to stay and it fell on deaf ears. I never thought Conan would be good for the Tonight Show. His brand of humor doesn't work for that show.

I look forward to see Jay back on the Tonight Show. I'll start watching again. As for his prime time show, it had to go. I never thought this type of show would work during that time slot from the beginning.

Later Conan!

1709 days ago


I don't think the whole thing was scripted. Kimmel redirected every question to insult Jay. It was bad form and very bad taste on Kimmel's part.

It does seem to me that both Kimmel and Letterman are afraid to see Jay's return to the 11:35 slot. They've been getting the benefit of O'Brien being in that slot and don't want it to change.

1709 days ago


Leno is the funniest one & NBC is the bad guy, not Leno. With the exception of Letterman, I like the others but I don't consider them that funny. Why they don't get rid of Jeff Zucker or whatever is name is, he's the CEO, & has been responsible for the disaster on NBC. He pushed Leno out when he was king of late night. Can you get any dumber than that?

1709 days ago


I love Jay and loved him at 10pm. Kimmel is still a wanna be and I thought his behavior was uncalled for. He needs to get a life. It's not about how much money someone has, it's about who the people want to watch. Boo hoo Jimmy.

1709 days ago


Good for Jimmy! Team Conan all the way.

1709 days ago

Get ready for Jay's new music video: I Got F&%ked by Jimmy Kimmel.

1709 days ago

Mr B    

That was brave and so true!
Leno lost my support and Kimmel is my new hero!
Go Kimmel! A man that stand up for his friends.

1709 days ago


it wasnt that serious. certainly not a brutal beatdown they are both comedians, jay was expecting jimmy to do that, and jimmy was expecting to do that, everyone on late night is exploiting this whole debacle for ratings.

1709 days ago


Can someone explain to me why Jay is the bad guy here? All he's guilty of is being a team player. He gave up his show when asked...took a huge risk moving to primetime and has been raked across the coals for it...and is now moving back to late night AS ASKED. He didn't force Conan out and he's not the reason Conan flopped. Saying the weak lead in from his show is the reason for Conan's failure is bogus. NBC's primetime lineup has sucked for the last few years and yet Jay drew a huge late night audience (#1 in ratings) even then. Conan was never the right fit for The Tonight Show and that was NBC's mistake, not Jay's. Conan failed all on his own. Stop vilifying Jay.

1709 days ago


That was horrible to watch, Jimmy was completely unprofessional and not at all funny. Jay has taken jabs at NBC, but Conan has attacked Jay personally and now he has his buddies doing the fighting for him. NBC screwed up here by promising the show to Conan five years ago. Conan showed what he's made of when he agreed then to pull the rug from under Jay. Ten minutes into the first show with Conan, I switched the channel. Even if Jay doesn''t go back to late night, I hope Conan and his lame humor leaves.

1709 days ago


Conon needs to get back to work. Nobody like a sore loser with million of unworked pay to play with. - Life is not fair, so roll with the punches.

1709 days ago


I dont know if most of that was scripted and jay knew it was coming but its made to be all jays fault, NBC forced him to say he wanted to retire 5 years ago in order to keep conan at NBC and when the 5 years came, he was still number one and was like I'm not ready to leave, so they feared he'd go to another network and gave him another show, conan, of course failed, who actually thought he would do good in that spot, and now their just giving the show back to jay, I mean its not jays fault that conans show tanked, he cant survive in that spot conan has a very limited fanbase and he is really not even that funny. I am not really concerned about either too much anyways but those are the facts.

1709 days ago

S D M F    

The problem with Jay Leno is he doesn't have an origianl thought in his head. I wonder during this off time how much more material he will steal from Howard Stern?

Jay Walking; Chicken football picks all stolen from Howard Stern!

1709 days ago

Scott Marks    

You would never have seen that mean drunk Johnny Carson invite Joey Bishop on his show.

1709 days ago


Well if you are a fan of Jimmy Kimmel then you already know there is no class there. It wasn't even funny. Jay set him up for the questions so who is the funny guy.. Say bye, bye to coco and Jimmy doesn't have much of a show he has to chim is to try and get a few ratings.. Coco and Letterman are crying everynight. I don't watch either of them.. Jimmy Fallon is funnier than CoCo and Letterman.. He will do better following Leno then he is with Conan.. No one watching CoCo. All the people watching. Where were you when crying COCO needed you.. your getting on the COCO train now..

Big deal.
thank god NBC corrected a wrong.. welcome back Leno.. The sooner the better..

1709 days ago
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