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Kimmel's Brutal Leno Beatdown

On Jay's Show!

1/15/2010 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jimmy Kimmel completely destroyed Jay Leno on his own show last night -- constantly ripping the talk show host apart for taking back the 11:35 PM time slot.

Trust us, this gets pretty damn awkward/awesome.


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Bobo Frog    

According to TMZ, Jay Leno's semen is thick and frothy, and has a very bad odor. The blonde ditzy TMZ girl claims that smell is characteristic of a lifelong syphilis infection.

1705 days ago


I think Kimmel's comment about Conan and him having families so please leave their shows alone says volumes. Kimmel does sound very afraid of Jay and knows he can't compete with him.

There's no such thing as "one size fits all" humor. Different people laugh at different things, and even people in the same age group don't always find the same things funny. Even married people don't always find the same things funny.

The fact of the matter is that if Conan's humor is tailored for a certain age group and that age group isn't interested in watching him in any great numbers, why are some ranting about another age group not watching him and blaming them for his failure? That argument doesn't make any sense to me.

It could just be that the age group Conan is looking for have other things to do like get to bed at 11:30 so they can get to work in the morning.

1705 days ago

Palm Springs    

This was completely staged. It's pretty obvious this was gone over before aitr-time or Jay would NOT have kept up with his line of questioning.

1705 days ago

The Answer    

If Kimmel was funny he wouldn't have to resort to attacks.

1705 days ago

Mr. A    

Jay is the hardest working man in show biz. Cut him some slack. He is a good man and I have seen him around Burbank and been to his shows. Just like in any profession, if you bring in the money, guess who gets the axe?

1705 days ago


I don't understand how everybody thinks Jay is in the wrong. Jay was moved to 10pm so they can put Conan on at 11:35. That was NBC's doing, no one else. Did Conan say "Oh no, I could not do that to Jay" No! He took it, and now the reverse is happening. They are putting Jay in the 11:35 time slot. So Conan, you were the mistress. NBC went back to the wife. What made you think what happened to Jay could not happen to you??? I like Jay, but the 10pm show was not good. I'm glad he's back. So goodbye mistress. The one thing this whole mess has done for me is discovering 2 more wonderful comics that I never watched before. Jimmy Kimmel and Craig Ferguson. They are absolutely hysterical. I love them both and will now have to watch all 3. Jay, Jimmy and Craig. If Craig were on a little earlier, I think he would blow everyone out of the water.

1705 days ago


Conan's tanked because his age group is from about 8 to 10 year olds..they might find him 10:00

glad to hear Jay is back..

1705 days ago


Yeah, haha Jimmy was funny but also was being a jerk. Like someone else said, Jay's not the bad guy here. It's NBC. Jay's a good guy, never had any bad press. This whole thing is disaster and terrible for Conan but Jay did not cause it.

1705 days ago


Jimmy is dumb! I don't watch these shows anymore since after the late Johnny Carson retired. He was best and funny. Jay Leno is better than O'Brien. O'Brien wasn't doing too good because of poor performance and the tv rating are very low. It was NBC that did the hired O'Brien in the first place ad let Leno go. It is NBC's fault. Shame on Hollywood!

1705 days ago


At the end of the day it is always about the money. The Tonight Show has been the biggest money maker on NBC for years and years. Money is made on ad sales and ad rates are based on ratings. When "Coco" took over from Jay (not Leno's choice - Zucker was the guy) the ratings dropped like a fat turd out of a skinny dog. The smug Letterman never beat Leno in the rating with Leno being view in about 40% more homes. For late night that's huge. Say what you want, but even Leno's 10pm show draws more views that Conan and Letterman do now. It's about the $$$$$

1705 days ago


To # 106 & 107. Well said. Bravo!!

1705 days ago


We don't even need Jay and Conan....we can just watch Jimmy.

1705 days ago


That was seriously funny.

1705 days ago


If you remember Jay was going to retire and he picked O'Brien to replace him years ago. O'Brien moves to Ca. Now Jay has changed his mind again and if this doesn't go as he planed what then. I for one will not watch.

1705 days ago


To BayouMan:
You have it completely wrong. Letterman's show makes the most in ad revenue and always has. Leno's Tonight Show only led Letterman in the ratings by about a half a ratings point, but Letterman always had much better demographics: younger, more affluent, more educated, A county, etc. so CBS was always able to charge more for Letterman than NBC could for Leno.

1705 days ago
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