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Jon Cryer Threatened on 'Two and a Half Men' Set

1/16/2010 2:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon CryerSecurity flooded the set of "Two and a Half Men" on Friday after a threat was made against Jon Cryer.

Sources connected with the show tell us the threat was "significant." We're also told it involves the turbulent divorce with Jon's ex-wife.

Sources tell us the taping went on, but because of security concerns, there would be no audience.

The threat does not involve Charlie Sheen.

We spoke with Vicki Greene, lawyer for Sarah Trigger (Jon's ex) who said, "There's no reason in the world why Sarah would do anything like that."

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Can't stand him or Sheen, they're both creepy idiots. I was forced one time to watch their show, and it was a joke, horrible. I have NO idea what kind of people are watching these fools and giving them ratings. This shows that the type of people sitting on their asses watching these guy must be as moronic as them. This world is just too full of stupid, pathetic idiots; it's scary.

1744 days ago


It is sad that him and Charlie have terrible taste in women.

1744 days ago


What's ugly grandma sweaters . blogspot. com have to do with this Steve? Sheesh stay on topic. Two and and a 1/2 men are awesome- that's that

1744 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

notice the woman who made the treats was not charged by the police. Domestic violence laws are only used against men.

1744 days ago


damn poor zippy,wonder if he is a stupid in person as her appears to be ont eh show?

1744 days ago


I agree with you totally No.34 . two and half the most idiotic show on the tube. That Charlie gives me the creeps, and the rest of them , enough said.

1744 days ago


I don't get it.
A guy has a threat made against him and most of you are railing AGAINST him? Tell me, what did he do wrong? Marry a skank? OK, Now they are divorced so why is almost everyone against Jon?

1743 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

if Jon was woman we would care. domestic violence against men is funny.

1743 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Wonder if Jon Cryer is as obnoxious and creepy in real life as he is on the show? His character makes me want to punch him in the nose. Two and a Half Men is so nasty and over the top. Don't they have TV censors anymore? Jake is the best one on the show. What happened to Rose?

1743 days ago


"Sources tell us the taping went on, but because of security concerns, there was be no audience." I is impressed on because this grammer be gooder...sheesh- PROOFREAD much??

1743 days ago


who the hell cares if Beyonce gave a damn party to the Gadafi folk. What about Congress not listening to Brooksley Borne. If they had we wouldn't be in the economic mess. And if you don't want terrorism in America get out of the middle east and make artificial gas!

1743 days ago


WHAT! This dude is gayer than Judy Garland sittin on a rainbow. Married, come on, married to Ryan Seacrest sounds more like the truth.

1743 days ago


I think given this and Charlie's recent tabloid drama, that kid Jake needs to be removed from the home, but definitely NOT placed with that skanky grandma of his.

1742 days ago


Neither him or C. Sheen are that funny on the show. It's like an update of "The Odd Couple", only the two men are brothers living with one's kid. Berta is really the only funny character on the show.

1742 days ago


Poor Duckie.

1742 days ago
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