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Lakers Refuse to Fold on Card Game Policy

1/16/2010 2:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Los Angeles Lakers refuse to let one gun-toting moron ruin their in-flight gambling time -- the team has made it clear they will not ban card games in the wake of the Gilbert Arenas incident.

After the New Jersey Nets decided to put the kibosh on all in-flight games of chance -- including cards, dominoes and dice games -- a rep for the Los Angeles Lakers told us they will not be following suit.

The Lakers rep claims, "We feel that players have had card games on flights for decades and that if you have people who are responsible and handle themselves appropriately (which we feel our players do) then the card games can be a fun and healthy release for them."

Also, the Lakers have won 15 championships since 1946 -- and have had zero armed confrontations in their locker room ... so, if it ain't broke ...

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exclusive.. first.

1739 days ago


ZERO armed confrontations?! LOL, TMZ where do u get your info?! Pretty sure ESPN had multiple ex-Lakers say there were multiple incidents back in the day... journalism sure has gotten lazy, incorrect, and just plain wrong in the last 10 years. Someone should do a story on journalism schools today, lol.

1739 days ago


Geeze...what the hell is happening to the USA??
Can't even frikkin' play cards or dominoes?? How twisted and totally unrealistic. What next...no speaking out loud??

1739 days ago


Jerry Bus (lakers owner) is a big time high stakes poker player. I've seen him at the Bicycle and Commerce casino's in LA more times than I can remember. I can imagine why he'd stand behind his players' right to play poker anytime they aren't on the court.

1739 days ago


Isn't Jay-z part owner of the NJ Nets? Talk about irony. I'm sure more rappers have been caught with guns than NBA players. Maybe they should ban rap.

1739 days ago


Not surprising, their owner is a big time poker player.

1739 days ago


For cryin' out loud, they shouldn't HAVE to ban card games! Jeez, are these grown adults or kids who have to have their toys taken away from them??

1738 days ago


really now? ban cards? seriously? when can the world finally grow up and be a big boy?

1738 days ago


I'm glad to see at least some Americans don't panic like little girls when there is one incident, and ban the underlying activity for everyone.

1 Shoe bomber... for years, people have to take their shoes off
1 Underwear bomber... full body scans
Panic, panic, panic... it's your national credo. Let the bad guys win all the time.

The Lakers have some guts, don't blame everyone for what one or two idiots did.

1738 days ago

Deborah Ffrench    

Namaste to all.

Any needlessly negative comments or ad hominem attacks on anyone on this site cited as being in my name are fraudulent.

I always post under my own name and am only interested in intelligent, informed debate.


1737 days ago

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