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Tiger's #1 Gal -- Free of Charge

1/17/2010 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' #1 mistress, Rachel Uchitel, never got paid a single penny ... at least not from the club throwing her birthday party later this month.

Rachel Uchitel
TMZ has learned Rachel will be celebrating her 35th at a club in Palm Beach, FL called 251 PB -- and though she's being billed on the flier as a "Celebrity Socialite," a la Paris Hilton, she's not charging them a cent to show.

We're told other celebrities are expected to attend ... though we're guessing Tiger won't be one of 'em.


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wow, This girl is Coyote Ugly, turning 35? What? Tricks per hour? Tiger should learn some value shopping: this is not a $300M -- $500M piece. $2 Dolla Ho don't make you Holla fo mo! She is a little ripe even for Florida.... Get her a roofie and take her to the Eastside. Next year she will be doin Haitians....

1677 days ago


Why are the stars going to be there? Are they looking for some action. She is just a regular person.

1677 days ago

Tiger Tale    

Is it just me, or does this come off as really pathetic?

When is he last time a "celebrity socialite" had to throw her own birthday party? I like all the special guests that have been invited. I got $5 that says there ain't no pro golfers showing up to this pity party.

1677 days ago

South Beach    

Pic used is about as cliche slutty as it can get. And tapping a pro athlete doesn't make one a "socialite", it makes one a "groupie". Yuk.

1677 days ago


Like Finn once said to Rachel on "Glee": "I'll try to say this as nicely as I possibly can, but you look like a sad clown hooker". What a hideous picture, the make-up, the hair, that 'attitude'... Sad indeed.

1677 days ago


In think she's pretty damn sexy. I'd do her over Paris Hilton any day. Paris has a pretty face but a terrible body. . . .Rachel's body rocks, and I think she's hot. Would Tiger be bangin' ugly chicks?. . . .I don't think so. It would be quite entertaining to see the pictures of everyone in here who say she's ugly.

Get over it, she never claimed to be Mother Theresa . . . she's not a prostitute, she's a party girl who was messing around with a married celebrity . . . . . SHOCKING!!

1677 days ago


WHY are bottom feeders like her called celebrities? Someone sleeps with a married man and she's suddenly considered a celebrity??? What an insult to real celebrities.

1677 days ago


She's a skanky ho!! She looks super trashy in that photo. Quit talking about this idiot TMZ.

1677 days ago


That term, Celebrity Socialite" can be applied to "almost" every actress in the HOLLYWOOD CIRCLE- They are all just play things, depending on who they are with at the time!!!

1677 days ago


I am not a fan of Tiger's wife. Perhaps he should swap her for Rachel.

1677 days ago


21. Now, #14 (She's a pig), if you are calling names on all the groupie girls who slept with you when you were a band drummer, don't you kinda think you need some kind of label, too? I mean, you were involved in the whole thing, weren't you?

I think your post was right on target, and I agree with what you said. Just wanted to add this bit about men seeming to get off free while the women are the ones blamed and called names for their actions. Let's do be evenhanded about this.

Posted at 4:28AM on Jan 17th 2010 by Lola

Thanks for your comment, Lola. You are right, I worded that poorly. But I remember, love and respect every one of those women, really I do. And yes, I was a slutty drummer-guy, I admit it. I was not married when I did that, none of them were either. There are basic differences. I even remember you, Lola...just kidding, a joke, sorry. But this Rachel woman--a sad case, very pathetic, has nothing going for her other that her whoreness. Or is it whoreosity? Either way. She's being celebrated for spreadin' her legs for a famous guy. Bet she's working on her master's degree--in another dimension.

1677 days ago


now she closes her legs .....

1677 days ago


Socialite? Wait, that's not how you spell Whore.

1677 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Socialite LMAO that puts a new spin on whore for sale

1677 days ago

Fred Farkel    

As usual... all you TMZ posters are crazy.

Rachel looks good.


And anyone who claims otherwise... I wish there was a way to post YOUR PICTURE and set the new standard of beauty.

Once they have a way to post the pictures of folks thaqt reply here on TMZ... let me be the first to guess that NO ONE WILL COMPLAIN ABOUT LOOKS ANYMORE.

Why you ask???

Because I suspect that each and everyone of you are BU TT UGLY.

1677 days ago
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