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'West Wing' Star Votes No on Prison Plan

1/18/2010 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joshua MalinaJoshua Malina from "The West Wing" has no problem with a firehouse in his neighborhood -- but he's a little nervous about plans to turn it into a makeshift prison. Can ya blame him?

Malibu is considering a plan to have Fire Camp 8 house 80-100 inmates in the near future. Malina tells TMZ he found out about the plan on Saturday after he found a flier taped to his mailbox. We're guessing it goes something like this: "Dear resident, Have you have ever wanted to live near a bunch of convicted felons? Well now's your chance!"

But seriously ... Malina tells TMZ, "The fire camp is a quarter of a mile from my home. My kids and their friends bike, skateboard, run, and play here. That will all change if a jail opens in our midst. It is deeply disturbing to think that such an extreme decision would be made without any interaction with the residents here."

The fire camp tells us 24 fire camps in Los Angeles County currently house inmates and they are still "looking into what camp to house the inmates."


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As long as any prison/jail is in someone elses backyard its okay,
He's kinda a star, ya know.

1684 days ago


I bet this prick voted Obama.

1684 days ago



1685 days ago



1685 days ago


See, it's all about the Benjamins($$).
Eventually, it all comes full circle.

1685 days ago

Vera Yell    

The Inner Critic

1685 days ago


For my knowledge most inmates are low level offendors and also really do help fires!!! I know from a neighbor whos son is in one and it is good therapy and helps so don't judge people, they are giving back to society

1685 days ago


Nothing to be worried about, in my opinion. As George Carlin once said... If an inmate escapes prison, what do you think he's going to do? Hang around? Check real estate trends? No. The point of breaking out is to get as far away as humanly possible.

1685 days ago


i dont know why they are so concerned, these are low level inmates. I would be more concerned with all the parolees roaming around los angeles !!!!!!!!!!!

Thats the reality

1685 days ago

Tye Tanikk    

I can sympathize with him... I wouldnt want it near my home either. But, in this case of it being some actor on a know it all liberal tv show, I say Ha-Ha.
They push this kinda crap on tv where everyone is equal and everyone deserves the best in life. Well... now he can see firsthand why regular folks see hollywood as out of touch with the garbage they push. Turn About is fair play... yes, no?

1685 days ago


These are all NON-VIOLENT offenders who have been model prisoners and given a chance to participate in a strictly controlled program that helps the community and entire state at large. Not only do they respond to wildland fires within the county and state, but perform maintenance on trails, fire roads, and brush areas. The program is strictly controlled by the California Dept of Corrections and the Firefighters, and the incentives to the inmates to do well are numerous. Perhaps the biggest one that keeps the men and women inline is the simple policy that if a single member steps out of line for what ever reason, the ENTIRE crew will be sent back to general population.

These are not thugs who were put in jail for assualt, murderers, rapists, or other violent offenders. Many simply had troubles with drugs, and the camps, outdoor living, hard work, and the chance to help the community has been the best thing for them to get their lives back on track and away from the bad influences found in their neighborhoods and in the general population of the jails.

One thing worth noting, MANY of the former inmates who participated in the camp program later go on to join the California Dept of Forestry and other Forestry agencies due to their experience and training. Unlike municipal agencies, CALFIRE has no background check and does not prohibit former felons from becoming firefighters since so many of their numbers come from the success stories of the states inmate camp program.

1685 days ago

D from L.A.    

The inmates in these camps are low-risk, non-violent offenders. They not only help when there is a fire, but also do road crew, they are a huge help to the fire departments when there is a fire. I guess, maybe when Malibu has another fire sometime in the future and the fire departments get stretched, who are these residents going to be glad was there to help out?? Fire camps. Malina needs to be better informed before spouting things that will cause undue fear.

1685 days ago


I don't blame Malina one bit for not wanting inmate -- low-leve offenders or not -- near his kids. Sounds like a good, concerned, protective dad to me!

1685 days ago


The rich do not like it when the inmates and convicts are in "thier" neighbourhood. It is okay to put them in the poverty stricken ends where the kids skate and play just not where the rich live. Is this what this guy is saying? P.S the people living in the poverty areas do pay thier taxes as well as these people. I am glad it is going in thier neighbourhood, let them deal with it for awhile maybe then something constructive would be done.

1685 days ago


What an Idiot, they aren't going to put murderers or child molesters there. Joshua, where do you want them to put the inmates? Probably any where other than Malibu will be fine with you.

1685 days ago
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