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'West Wing' Star Votes No on Prison Plan

1/18/2010 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joshua MalinaJoshua Malina from "The West Wing" has no problem with a firehouse in his neighborhood -- but he's a little nervous about plans to turn it into a makeshift prison. Can ya blame him?

Malibu is considering a plan to have Fire Camp 8 house 80-100 inmates in the near future. Malina tells TMZ he found out about the plan on Saturday after he found a flier taped to his mailbox. We're guessing it goes something like this: "Dear resident, Have you have ever wanted to live near a bunch of convicted felons? Well now's your chance!"

But seriously ... Malina tells TMZ, "The fire camp is a quarter of a mile from my home. My kids and their friends bike, skateboard, run, and play here. That will all change if a jail opens in our midst. It is deeply disturbing to think that such an extreme decision would be made without any interaction with the residents here."

The fire camp tells us 24 fire camps in Los Angeles County currently house inmates and they are still "looking into what camp to house the inmates."


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He doesn't say there's anything special about Malibu. Don't put words in the man's mouth. he's like any other daddy that doesn't want their kids growing up near some sort of halfway house or prison facility.

1709 days ago

Victoria Smy    

YOU people are ridiculous. This guy didn't say one word about rich or poor. he said he doesn't want inmates near his kids. DO YOU? IN fact all he really sayss is that this kind of thing should not be decided without talking to the community. HE is absolutely right. Good for him.

1709 days ago


I thought he was the guy from House Party. As for the inmates, any parents in their right mind would be concerned, it is only natural.

1709 days ago


Understandable that he thinks b/c he's rich he's exempt from living near a prison. Where does he think they go when they're put in prison/jail? To Mars? They have to be somewhere and they are always in SOMEONES backyard. If they don't like it PROTEST IT!!!

1709 days ago

blanket jackson    

who can blame him? i wouldnt want 80-100 black guys living near me either!

1709 days ago


He'd rather they put these prisoners in a low class neighborhood so that he and his friends and families can feel safe. I guess he's thinking.....'hey! they already have crime in those areas that have minorities so what's a few criminals going to do?' This guy is a jerk. I hope they move them on his street.

1709 days ago


yeqh his kids will be a bad influence on the inmates..we all know how hollywood children are..spoiled little brats who cheat,steal, drugs and skateboard..typical i dont wnat them in my backyard bullcrap...hopefully they will build a child molestors jail right next door to him.. ha ha

1709 days ago


Geee.....if only we had a state-of-the art prison far away from law abiding citizens and their families. Say for instances, in Cuba. Oh well, one can only dream we'd have that much sense one day.....

1709 days ago


He'll cry his eyes out until there's a brush fire and these guys keep his house from burning down.

1709 days ago


This is part of Obama's closing Gitmo plan... we move the detainees to Malibu..

1709 days ago


Just more liberal hypocrisy. They bitch and moan about what everyone else should be doing until it's put at their own doorstep.

1709 days ago


I think you guys may be confusing the actor with a role he played. He was on WEST WING, but where have you ever seen him complaining about GITMO or anything like that?

1709 days ago


I'm not sure what all the indignation in many of these comments is about. He sounds like a concerned parent who hoped local communities would be kept informed by local government. What is so hypocritical or unreasonable about that? It seems the residents in this neighborhood haven't been given a chance to understand who these inmates are, what their status is, and what this all means for their neighborhood. I don't see anything here that suggests Malina imagines he deserves special treatment. What parent or resident wouldn't want their local representative to keep them informed if a prison camp were being created in their neighborhood?

1709 days ago


Oh for Pete's sake, I lived around the corner from Camp 8 for years. They have been housing low-level offenders for a long time, not a thing has happened except fire protection and weed abatement. People are so ignorant--one flyer with mis-information, and they're off and screaming.

1709 days ago


Gonna be funny next time Malibu catches fire and this guy is begging for help when it could have been right down the street, but isn't.

1709 days ago
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